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IDG:  BTW, living in Idaho, I would think that youdr find kayaking more quad. friendly.  However, then you'd have to deal with shoulder injuries...
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Idaho guy, can you tell me anything about Coeur D'Alene? It's stock is recovering and there's apparently a great golf course near St George(?).

I truly hope you're doing well... my precusor for getting to 120* was the pool- I could move there and without fear of falling --that was the big deal.

Best regards to all (from the penultimate codger!)

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Me too @ the 2010 Winter Olympics

While volunteering as a ski patroller doing athlete first aid at Whistler Olympic Park I also ruptured my right Quad tendon. Embarassingly it was 9 days into the 2010 Winter Olympics happening when I fell down a set of stairs at a billet's house. So I missed the balance of the Olympics and the Paralympics which I was also going to do first aid for.

Interestingly I did not have much pain initially, was transferred from the local Squamish Hospital to one in North Vancouver (as per Olympic Protocol) and was operated on. Teh only pain was post surgery but I was on a pain pump so so long as I availed myself by pushing the button on schedual.

I too focused on getting the knee to bend to 90 degrees with NO WEIGHT BEARING a few weeks after surgery and took advantage of a weekly massage. 

At 5 weeks I am able to walk normally without a brace BUT am extreamely careful. I am due for my 6 week checkup with my surgeon but things are looking great.

Hope to be skiing again this winter


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Hi Gang:

Denis:  Sorry to hear of your injury, but welcome!  I sincerely hope you are ripping it up at Whistler/Blackcomb next winter.

MichaelGolfs:  I don't golf,so don't know anything about courses, and Couer d'Alene is about an 8 1/2 hour drive from Boise - so we don't hear much about it down here.  I can tell you that it is absolutely gorgeous in the summertime, but other than that, I've never spent much time there .. . .

ErDoc:  A guy can only have so many toys and so many outdoor sports hobbies . . . . .

Walked 1000 yards in the pool yesterday - a little sore and tender today, but I can feel the knee starting to come back!

Good luck all!

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6 week post-op visit today, then on to PT. Brace now locked at 50'. Flexion this time is almost 70', compared to around 15' when I started to rehab my first rupture. Signed up for the 2010 BEAR RUN on Sunday. It's July 7th putting me 18 weeks from the rupture on race day. It's only 5 miles but the 1540' climb at the end does make it a bear. I expect to walk a lot, but then I'm old anyway and this will give me 15 out of 16 runs. Had to sign up--the OS who fixed my foot is running, registration is limited to 800 and on 3-31 over 400 were signed up already.

I envy you guys waiting for ski season
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I am wondering if anyone had a feeling like their quad muscle had been shortened during the repair procedure?   When I started to do PT if felt like my quad was shortened which adversely affected my ability to bend my knee to get to the ROM expected.   I would also get some type of cramping in the quad just above the knee - two knots would form on both sides which would go away with a massage.  Once I was able to do a full pedal rotation on the exercise bike the cramps stopped and the feeling of a shortened muscle were no longer present.   Perhaps the muscle shrunk due to being in a cast for 4 weeks and locked at 0 degrees for another 2 weeks prior to starting PT.  Judging from all of the comments in this forum I have had the longest recovery period in history - but I am well on my way now (thanks to a manual manipulation and a procedure to remove scar tissue).   I will say that it is my perspective the OS has been just great - 2nd to no one.  Any insight related to the feeling of a shortened quad will be appreciated - Thanks!
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Hello everyone, I'm glad to see everyone is making progress.

Today is 16 weeks from the 2nd surgery and I had my last Dr. visit Monday. I have been released from care. He took a look at it, put me through a few tests for range and strength and said everything is going great. I have been cleared to do anything and everything except he told me to wait until 6 months until I play sports. Running and biking are fine. I think he just doesn't want me playing football or anything too intense yet.

The leg is doing great. It almost looks like the other knee except the muscles are smaller. I actually was taking it easy on the leg the last few weeks except for a lot of walking and stairs. I even went on vacation to Jamaica! Now it's time to do as triple H said (if you watched the video) "after 4 months it's balls to the wall" so I will really start pushing it now. Plus the weather has been nice so the mountain bike comes out this weekend!

MikeinMD - Yes basically they do shorten your quad muscle. Even if they don't trim anything they tie it tight to the patella (kneecap) or tie the 2 ends together tight if it was a tendon to tendon tear. Once you start stretching it enough (rotation on bike) then the muscle is starting to stretch to compensate. Keep stretching and you will recover full ROM.

Cdavant3 - 18 weeks seems a little aggressive to run 5 miles to me. Then again I'm not much of a runner so 5 miles would be a lot for me even before the injury. :) I have a goal of running a 5k in July and I will start training now. I can say that although at 16 weeks there is still some discomfort, it feels like a real leg now so if you were a runner before I would think that 5 miles is reasonable. Just don't start too soon. I've heard 8-12 weeks before the tendon is fully healed so wait at least until 12 weeks before you start with any impact on the leg. Smooth strength training should be fine to build up muscle until then.

Then again everyone's injury is different so trust your Dr. and PT more than what I say LOL!

Keep working on it everyone. Sooner or later you won't feel it anymore!

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Hi all;

7th week since surgery. 120* flexion but still stiff past 90*. Riding recumbent bike 35 mins and elliptical the same, alternate days.

ER Doc, I had my 3rd PT session today (with the head of the Dept., my usual gal  on vacation). He took me thru some different stuff and pointed out to me that I was 10* short on extension! He said it's very common and almost all patients with QTR are unaware of this condition (apparently it may be due to arthritis or minor misalignment of the tibia and femur due to trauma, surgery and incomplete stretching. He proceeded to put one of those rubber bands (blue) around the back of my knee and anchored the other end on a post (towel between band and rear of knee). The exercise is to flex the knee forward (injured knee only, opposite leg straight and uninvolved.). Then, straighten knee, hold for 5 seconds and repeat X20. My leg was quivering at 15 reps.

He said it's important to achieve maximum extension to attain strength and mobility (it's also supposed to help the knee slippage most of us encounter). He also stressed that it's important to work the hip flexors for the same reasons.

I hope this is of some help. This guy is very into core and pressure points and is the most knowledgeable PT I've run across after two back surgeries 9-lamintomy/foramenotomy on both sides 2008-09). Let me know if you have any questions-- I'm going again Weds 4/21.

IDguy: The PT also said the pool is the best because it doesn't reinforce the limp we might get from the force of hitting the surface walking on a treadmill or otherwise. You're the guru! When does the swelling abate??

With best wishes for rapid progress to all of you,

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Michaelgolfs:  Thanks for the info.  I don't know why my OS wants to wait until 12 wks. post-op before PT, but he does.  But I spend most of the time walking without the brace.  I've got great flexion, like you, with the extension lag that I'm told will resolve with PT.

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Dr. Peter;

My OS does many QTRs per year and confesses that he believes in being aggressive if the patient is/was athletic/fit and wants to return to fitness and do the necessary work therefore. He says too many of his peers follow the treatment for QTRs arising from idiopathic collapse as in diabetes/overweight situations where people step off a curb and rupture. This thread seems populated by fit exercise ski people highly motivated to recover and resume their passions--- my old basketball knees gave way 5 years ago and, alas, my New Balances were not for running again ( then age 66, osteoarthritis system wide). We fight on-- I work out 1-2 hrs day.and rue the day I have to quit.

You have indeed unearthed an unknown (to date) "by- product" of our injury which is, and can be, I am now told, a big deal in coordination and muscle recovery--- the lag is present and should be dealt with, albeit previously unnoticed by me-- I thought I was 180*. The guy today also said that the 10-15 degrees of lag I was unaware of is, in large part due to the swelling. My OS says icing is of negligible help after 72 hrs (I have found it only stiffens the quads and doesn't reduce swelling).

Peter, if you wish. I'll e-mail you a copy of some "safe" quad strengthening exercises my PTs suggest for home.They've helped me achieve almost parity with my uninjured leg

.My OS says it should be OK to play golf 3 mos post op.June 1st is the date! A guy I work out with (ex-jock like us) says the shakiness in stair descent, et al, continues for 6 mos to a year but thereafter we won't notice anything-- and he, like IDAguy has had two of these bastards!!

Sorry to ramble. Good luck.

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Hi Everyone

Well I wanted to report in on my progress. I am 14 weeks post op and made significant headway since changing my PT routine. As I previously reported I am now working with my Chiroparacter and his Kinesiologist. I have gone to 140* ROM and am climbing and descending stairs normally. I am on my Bike and increasing my time daily. I feel great and altho it is a little pricier than where I was before, I feel I am making huge strides. I see my OS the first week of May and hopefully that will be it. The Kniseoligist I am working with is young and agressive and is putting this 65 year old male thru his paces. Pain is minimal , but I can feel my quad gaining strength with the cycling and closed chain exercises she is pacing me with.

Take care and thanks for all the encouragement.

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7 Weeks since the second QTR surgery for me . . . .

Walked in the pool five out of the last seven days - between 1200 and 1800 yards each day.  Started walking backwards, sideways, and cross-legged while in the pool as well.  I can definitely feel the knee improving quickly!  From what I can tell, there is absolutely nothing better than walking in the pool for this injury . . . .  They still haven't let me do active ROM, but I do so anyways, and can easily get to the 90* they have me limited to for PROM.  I won't do any more, 'cuz it feels a little stiff when I do, and I don't want to risk yet another rupture.  

MichaelGolfs - you have got to be the hero of this thread!  Riding a bike already with 120* flexion?  We are at the same points after our surgeries, and you are way ahead of me in the "race to rehabilitation."  All others seem to be doing very well - glad to see that nobody seems to have big problems during rehab like others have had.

I'm supposed to get 30* of flexion in the brace tomorrow - I can't imagine that they want me to not bear any weight on it while using it with that flexion.  They still want me on the crutches full time, even in the brace, but I'm "peglegging" around quite a bit without the crutches now.  Seems like I am doing a lot better than the last time, and wish I could be more aggressive - but I understand the need to be cautious, and will follow the "spirit" of the OS's instructions, if not the letter.

The best to all of you, and remember, the best things in life aren't "things."

Idaho Guy
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Hello everyone, interesting to read of your progress. I'm now 9 weeks post op, and have now got (as of one week ago) 130 deg ROM. Do you think it's too soon for me to begin cycling again? It's 10 weeks today since my injury. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks. 
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Hello all who heal.

Idaguy; I'm certainly no hero-- more like something between a moron and a mope! I saw my OS 11 days after surgery; after removing the staples he tested my flex and it was 30* (with pain). He scheduled a visit for 4 wks thereafter and told me he expected me to get to 90*-- use the brace 100% but full standing support was OK and recommended. After 2 wks my back hurt because of the overcompensating gait with the stiff- legged  brace(back surgery in Oct '09) and my back became so painful I said screw the leg! I removed the brace, used an Ace- type bandage wrap (to remind me to be very careful).

All the while I would stretch/flex my leg many times a day going as far as I could and holding it for 2 mins-- then moving it one inch further. Distractions such as an up market and the Blackhawks helped!.

When I saw OS again (short of 6 weeks post op) he measured me at 105* and gave me an RX for PT with no restrictions and (welcome Chapmansheader-- "CH"), told me to start with the bike  (which I believe requires 100* or so to make a full peddle circuit).
I had been walking first in the  pool (see Idaguy 1st injury 3-'08) then on the treadmill. At that time I had no idea Idaguy had beenstruck again because I was till reading the old thread.

A week or so ago, a friend of mine with whom I work out told me he had a QTR 2 years ago and was doing fine at 5 weeks when he asked the OS (same as me) if he could remove the brace because he couldn't sleep. The Dr. said yes but replace it when he got up. Well, we all know what happens to semi-codgers in their 50s and beyond: my friend had to pee as happens 3-4 times per night, and got out of bed, tripped, fell and re-ruptured the quad. Had I known of those possible consequences, I probably would have been less aggressive-- although the OS told me the structure of the repair is very strong unless you do the same damn thing and fall badly again.

CH, I rode the Schwinn Areodyne after 3 weeks  (not using the injured leg ) and began using the recumbent bike (more back and scrotal friendly) as soon as I got to 105*. My OS said no problem and a good way for fluid ROM and strengthening/stamina. I ride every other day at a comfortable, slowly increasing load ( I'm up to 7 out of 20) for 30-35 mins followed by 15-20 mins on the ellitical which my PT says is a very good exercise for my back and legs.I walk on the treadmill on the other days. I'm determined to be out walking and carrying my bag at the course ni three months. We'll see...

Idaho guy-- you're the hero -- a purple heart, now with two clusters!!

Best wishes to all.


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Just an update ... Saw my OS today for my 6 week post surgery checkup ... I was in a full immobilizing brace which I have to admit for the last week or two has been bed-side so I could sleep as I returned to my desk job 75% time starting in week # 4, and 100% this week. 

At the checkup today my ROM was 120* and leg lifts were with out pain. I think my doc was surprised .. .;o)

He banned me from PT in week 4 because I achived 90* and the PT wanted to proceed with non weight bearing quad building ... NOT

My Doc has approved further flexation and quad building so I'm delighted to start on cycling and pool walking ASAP.

Thanks for all your support out there ... your personal stories are inspiring!

I'll report back with developments as things come up.

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Hi Chapmansheader -- With 130 degrees of ROM you should be able to do a full pedal stroke.  Have you been working on the exercise bike?   You'll want to be able to do a comfortable 30 min before going out on a real bike.  Pedaling on the bike will be easy, getting on and off will be tricky -- you'll find your balance will be off.    You'll feel it anytime that your injured leg receives any impact or unusual strain -- like stopping or starting.  I found it easier to use my regular bike shoes with cleats than trying to re-adjust to platform pedals - start with whatever you're used to.  The one thing my OS warned me against was standing up on the pedals.  I could do anything I wanted as long as I stayed seated.  It was around 15 or 16 weeks when the OS told me I could stand on the climbs - which puts much more strain on the injured knee.  Finally, make sure to do a good easy warm-up and ride in an easy gear and increase your cadence (speed of pedaling) to at least 80 rpm -- preferrably 85-90 rpm -- it will put much less strain on your knee.

I don't know how serious you are about cycling.  Once the OS said I could start riding outside I started with 20 min. flat rides on a dirt trail at very modest speed on a mountain bike.  By 16 weeks post-op I was back on the road riding 50 miles of moderaterately hilly terrain at a good pace.   At 24 weeks post-op I had worked up to 100 mile "century" rides.

I found bicycling to be a great way to start rebuilding my strength.  I'm an avid road cyclist, so getting back on the bike was a major milestone for me.   I'm now 14 months post-op and back to riding as hard and fast as before I had the injury.   Good luck with your first ride - and best wishes.
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                  Hi Wanasail, 
                  many thanks for your advice. I'm by no means as dedicated as you to cycling,    
                  maybe on a good day 20-25 miles is as far as i'd go. But I do find it keeps the 
                  weight down, and is an excellent way of "chilling out" I just think that since my 
                  injury this will be an excellent way to "fast track" (maybe thats the wrong way to 
                  put it) my recovery. Your words of wisdom have been noted, some of which have
                  probably spared me further injury. Thanks again! 
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7 weeks out. Brace locked at 50'--damn thing won't stay up. Flexion up from 70' last week to 95' today. Just rocking on the recumbent bike but a full rotation doesn't feel that far off. Next week for sure. Pts are tight about too much too soon, so I'll continue to be a good boy for a while. Only discomfort is at full flexion, none at all with leg lifts and so on. My other knee is another story--I refuse to use elevators and do several flights a day so my RQT rupture from 2005 is doing most of the work and feels like it. Don't forget your aspirin.
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Forgot to mention something I found very helpful with my last QTR--pants with zip off legs that convert to shorts--on either leg. Here's a sample on eBay now.


A lot of pants make it too easy for the brace to slide if you wear the brace outside anf the brace is impossible to adjust in public if you can get it inside. I picked up 4 pairs from various makers with my first go round and was happy to find I still had them. Unless I want the brace covered I leave the bottom section off so I can get to the velcro. Once recovered, they'll work OK for traveling when you might have a use for cargo shorts.
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I am 14 months post-op from my second surgery and saw my dr. for the last time this week.  He told me that after 14 months, I probably won't recover much more, which was disappointing to me.  My bad leg is only about 65% of the strength of my good leg, I still can not go downstairs well and at best, I can only jog extremely slowly, really just a faster walk with using my arms.  It took me a very long time to recover any strength in my leg.  After six months post-op I could only do 4 pounds on leg extensions.  Over the next seven months, I increased that from 4 to 66 pounds (my good leg is around 100).  But I have now stopped doing leg extensions.  As the weight increased it was causing me more and more knee pain, and as several here have pointed out, many drs and pts don't like OTR patients to do them.  Anyway, I am hopeful that my doctor is wrong, such that if I work hard I can get more of my strength back and hopefully, eventually be able to go downstairs normally and jog at a reasonable pace.  I have been doing lateral step-ups and they seem to help some.  But if anyone has any suggestions for other exercises that I might try, it would be much appreciated. 

Good luck to all in your recovery.
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Two Years -- Right Leg QTR

Injury Mar 6, 2008
Surgery Apr 3, 2008 (28 days after injury)

Greetings QTR fans, I hope everyone is doing well in spite of the QTR inconvenience.  IDG:  Sorry to hear that
you needed surgery again; good to hear it was successful.  It sounds like you will be in better shape in the long run. 

Two years since surgery my progress is roughly the same as it was six months ago.  Strength-wise I do leg
workouts once per week which consist of squats, leg presses, and calf raises.  I only notice discomfort at around
the 120 degree flexion.  Other than that I am not really limited with any exercises although the right leg still
feels different from pre-injury.  My current squat and leg press numbers are as follows:

2 x 15 (weightless)
1 x 15 45 lbs (just the bar)
1 x 10 95 lbs
1 x 10 135 lbs
1 x 10 185 lbs
1 x 10 225 lbs

Leg Press (45 degree):
1 x 12 360 lbs (4 plates per side)
1 x 12 450 lbs (5 plates per side)
1 x 12 450 lbs (6 plates per side)
1 x 12 540 lbs (7 plates per side)
1 x 12 630 lbs (8 plates per side)

My left leg is still much bigger and muscular than the right leg.  I have considered working the legs separately
but I think it is safer to work them together even thought the stronger leg sometimes compensates for the weaker
leg.  I am interested in any others' experience with bodybuilding after the injury.

To summarize my experience as well as some of the others posting on this site I recommend the following for anyone
recovering from this injury:

1. Get surgery as soon as possible after the injury. 
2. After surgery, follow the prescriptions given by your OS, but challenge him if they are too conservative. 
Fortunately my OS allowed for weight-bearing right after surgery and suitable ROM targets.  I think it is better
to do what is best for the long term with this injury.
3. Work hard on self-directed rehab as prescribed by your OS.
4. Do not blindly trust your PT.  It's okay to see a PT but this is a rare injury and there are several examples of PTs
that prescribed dangerous exercises that resulted in re-injury.  I recommend listening to PTs and then deciding for
yourself whether you want to do the prescribed exercise.  If you feel pressured to do an exercise that you are not
comfortable with then you should fire your PT and get a different one.
5. Do not do any bodybuilding exercises unless you get approval from your OS.  Also stay away from leg extensions --
this exercise puts too much stress on the quad tendon.

Best Regards,


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twiceruptured:  I just read your story.  I am very sorry to hear of your PE.  Good luck with your recovery.  If you have access to an elliptical trainer I think that might be a good exercise both for cardio and strength (if you turn up the resistence).  Also in the unlikely event that it breaks I don't think the elliptical would be as dangerous as a stairmaster. 

Coincidently I was in the gym yesterday and I saw a StepMill machine break in the middle of a woman's workout causing her to fall hard to the floor.  I guess safety mechanisms are not a priority for some of these machine manufacturers. 
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Duncan_CalgaryAB ,

I had QTR in my right leg in november, 2008.
Working the legs separately is a good idea. I worked hard last year with both legs, but my good leg, left, not withstood the effort, resulting in a achilles tendom rupture and new surgery.
My PT now is working with the legs separately. There is a natural tendency of the body to compensate for the bad part, protecting it. Then, I've done weight lifting separately with good results.

Best Regards,


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8 weeks out from the "re-repair" of the QTR on March 3rd.

Hello all - hope that you are all recovering well:

Twiceruptured:  I'd suggest lunges as a replacement for leg extensions:  Forward, backward and sideways.  If you have a hard time doing them in any direction, go work on them in a pool.  As you get stronger, add dumbbell weights to your routine.  Also, with my last QTR surgery, I was in much the same condition as you after 14 months - the absolute best strength building work I did was alpine skiing - I don't know if you can duplicate that activity, but perhaps hiking over rough terrain with poles might approximate it?  Another thought is perhaps swimming with fins on the feet?  I know I am just blindly stabbing . . . .

A little anecdote for you all about how closely we are all connected.  My wife is the director of a preschool at our local YMCA.  She has taught many kids over the years and is recognized by children and parents all over town.  Through her connections we have made many acquaintances and friends.  Well, it turns out that Jakster (who was active on this board for awhile after his injury) knows a couple that we have gotten to know through my wife's teaching activities - they met up at a college reunion, started discussing his injury, this website came up, and they made the connection.  What is it they say: everybody knows everybody else through six degrees of connection?

Went to the PT again yesterday - I only go once a week so that I can save my scarce PT health insurance benefits for use longer during the recovery period.  He got me to 110* ROM without much trouble at all.  He also had me on the leg press machine (at 3/4 weight), and a bicycle for ten minutes with the seat adjusted upwards.  I can start cycling on my own on a stationary bike, and start lifting on my own as well.  From my experience with knee injuries, once I hit this period of rehab, recovery goes very fast.  I continue to walk in the pool for a couple of thousand yards at least four times a week (including backwards, sideways, and figure 8 exercises as well).  All in all, it seems like rehab and recovery are going well and quickly for me.

Good luck to you all!  Hang in there . . . .

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I was hoping to get some advice from some other folks with similar experience.  I am almost 6 months out from my surgery (Nov 13th).  My ROM is great, but I have no strength in the leg.  If I lay on my back, I can barely extend my leg and it hasn't improved in weeks.   Also my knee is constantly the size of a very large grapefruit.

I recently had an MRI done to see what was going on.  The doctor said that it either did not completely re-attach or I had another small tear.  They gave me the option of continuing with PT to see if it gets better or I have to go back in for surgery.  Has anyone else had similar symptoms?  Will it actually continue to reattach with more time?  It's been 6 months!  I do not want to go through this again.
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I'm only a humble country doc (8 weeks today, 110', full circles on semi-recumbent bike) but 6 months after my 2005 RQT I was way past PT and running 10Ks. Most of us have been doing full extensions already. After 6 months the tissue has healed--and if it hasn't healed in attachment to your kneecap it won't attach if you give it six years. A torn muscle might heal if it's recent, but I can't imagine you could do that without a good bit of pain.

At six months your choices would be live with it like it is now or go for another look inside. If you aren't extendeding, your muscle is atrophying and after a while that never comes back. An MRI isn't a substitute for a look inside--mine was read as a "Partial" and when he could actually see it my OS found it to be "hanging by a thread."

Good luck.
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lgaggie96:  Do you remember any instances shortly after your surgery when your knee buckled or you did something that caused a lot of pain, that could have affected the repair?  My knee buckled twice, 2 wks. out, and although I had some extension, it was painful, and my repeat MRI showed a rerupture of my quad., requiring another surgery.  I now have nearly complete, painless extension, 10 wks. out.  So you might bite the bullet and go back in.

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Running 10Ks 6 months out?  Thanks for the info, that gives me an idea of where I am or where I'm not.  I thought this may be the case, but have just been in denial about the whole thing.  A second surgery will involve flying back to the states for the surgery.  I have to time this well, since my wife is also expecting in August and I only have so much vacation and medical leave time.
To answer the question about my knee buckling or an incident when I might have re-torn.  My knee did occasionally buckle when walking, but nothing that was extremely painful or that I would consider out of the ordinary for the injury.  If there was a re-tearing moment I would say it happened at the gym.  Early on some of the PT exercises were becoming easy, so I started going to the gym to do more exercises and to push it a little more.  I did some weighted leg extensions, which may have been a mistake.  It caused a lot of pain and it was almost a week before I could do any exercises or PT work after that incident.

I guess one other question I have is, would it hurt if I wait a month before getting it done?

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Where are you? This isn't brain surgery and if your insurance covers you outsides the states you might be fine to do it there. I've had patients do "Medical Tourism" when they didn't have coverage for surgical treatment--recently one in India and another in Costa Rica. Both surgeons were board certified, US trained docs and their hospitals were certified by the US JCAH as meeting the same standards as we expect back home. You'd probably have a longer wait in the UK or Canada.

At this point, another month won't make any difference. You could play your cards right and have a reason not to get up every time the new baby cries at 3 AM.
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