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Hi Everyone: I realized that it has been a while since I last checked in. Tomorrow will be 12 weeks since my QTR surgery. Yesterday I completed my last PT session. I have decided to work with my Chiropractor who also is a friend of mine. I felt like I was not getting that much help in PT. My ROM has grown to 120+ degrees and I feel my leg is getting stronger. I am able to climb stairs normally but like Michael above am scared going down normally. I need to continue building my quad up and increased ROM. My Chiropractor can help me in breaking down som scar tissue and he has a small gym that I can use to lift weights.
Like Michael above I too love Golf, but my OS does not want me swinging a club until July at the earliest and then only a driving range for a month.
Thanks for all the great lessons learned on this thread. I would have been lost without it. Have a great Holiday weekend.
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Michaelgolfs>>  Sorry to hear that you have recently joined our fine exclusive group.  IdahoGuy started something here that we all have come to embrace to help us get back to 100%

Well I am 7 weeks post op and I see my OS on Monday.  I was told by him that if I was as far as 110* he was going to open me back up to surgerically give me ROM.  I just hit 115* yesterday at PT and have one more day of PT to go before I see my OS.  I am hoping to get to 120* before I have to see him.  My leg  muscles are really starting to come back.  I can go up stairs slowly, but I am able to use my back weak leg leading so I am coming along, but just like Michaelgols, going down isn't so good.

I was wondering how long was it before the morning tightness was gone?  Every morning until I walk the dog and warm it up, my knee doesn't want to do anything.  I have to use my brace in the mornings because my muscles are sore and my knee feels like it doesn't want to bend at all.  How long does this last?

Well best of luck to everyone and wish you all a speedy recovery.
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Thanks fo the welcome Cman and TT. Cman, you've somewhat depressed me because it's 70 degrees outside and if your OS is correct, I'll miss another golf season (and I don't have Tiger woods stable of distractions to overcome the loss!). My OS told me he expected 90* at my 6 week visit (next Tues). I'm OK with that but like Chinese food, my leg is left wanting an hour later after stretching it.

I find that a hot shower/heat to the knee enables relatively free movement in the AM.

I wish you all a very Good Friday and Happy Easter.

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Welcome, MichaelGolfs  !!


Tug-  I am at what, 19 weeks, and my leg is still swollen!!  The ankle is slightly larger, and the knee, especially when I flex it bulges noticably to the outside.  I found that, especially where you are at week 7 that a compression sleeve or ace bandage covering about 24" and centered at the knee helped (actually still wear it) the stiffness and mobility significantly.  Having said that, even with the stiffness I have practically full ROM and no extension lag.  I ran 3 miles yesterday, so its coming along.  My OS said that it wouldn't feel "normal" untill about 1 year...

Good Luck!

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Hey Gang,

  Just a touch in with my quad pals. It is 13 weeks since my surgery and all is well. My ROM is within 10 degrees of the non-injuried leg. FYI, the best tx, I feel, for me has been the pool. Once my OS allowed it about 8 weeks ago, I would walk in water about to my waist for one hour. I have progressed to doing lunges and squats in the water. When I started the lunges about 4 weeks ago I was stuck at 90 degrees ROM and unable to yet get back on a stationary bike, within two weeks of doing the pool lunges I was on my bike and starting to do squats. I alternate days between the pool and the gym.
  Regarding stairs, my OS did not give me the okay to do stairs until 11 weeks after my surgery, I can now do them moderately well going up, not so hot going down. Any advise on how to accelerate the stairs would be greatly appreciated, I need to get back to work in 5 weeks and will have to do a post-injury physical to prove I am ready to do my job. I work on a ship and do a lot of stair climbing, 5 flights to the bridge and 5 flights down to the galley. This is the first time I have envied you guy's and gal's who work in an office.
  Regarding the swelling some of you have, I am using a compression sleeve and it has helped. I am doing only closed chain exercises at the gym and have no inclination to do jumping about (open chain) until I am fully healed. 

 DavidM: Your news about your loss moved my wife and I to tears.

Idaho Guy: Thanks again for starting this great forum, it has made a great difference to us all.

Take care,
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Welcome!  I am just a few days shy of being one year post surgery and reading your last post reminded me of one of my biggest struggles, the stiffness in the morning.  I tried heat via hot pad and the hot shower but it just took a good amount of time for the muscle to not be so tight in the morning.  I am very happy to say that a year later, my leg feels great!  I can do everything now that I could do pre injury.  Good luck in balancing the QTR surgery along with your back injury.

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Update:  I'm 7 wks. post-op.  I have no pain or swelling, ROM is better that 90deg, and I can walk over a mile withour the knee brace (although I'm not really supposed to).  The OS basically said that the brace, now at 90 deg, is reallty to protect from my knee buckling beyind that.  Stairs are still an issue, esp. going down.  I still have about a 10 deg extension lag, which hopefully will improve with PTx.  However, the OS wants me to wait until May before starting  PTx, i.e. 12 wks. out.
I do take 2-3 grams vit. C, as well as glucosamine / chondroitin sulfate daily.  Although there's no scientific evidence for this, since they're enzymatic cofactors for healing tissue, it just makes sense.  Just wiondering about others experience with extension lags.

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Hi Group:

Today is 5 weeks since surgery and just returned from a workout. I stopped using the brace to walk, etc because the unequal striding caused me back pain from opposite side of QTR. (had surgery there last October-- this is what you young 'uns have to look forward to!! I'd rather risk the uncertain (albeit rare) gait than experience the recurrent back and radiating leg pain.

As to descending stairs, I think you have to "re-educate" your  injured leg. I've been walking down stairs with no trouble as long as I have a hand on each side rail/banister.

The slippage of the knee, I'm told is what used to be called a "trick knee" and should subside following the strengthening process.

I rode a stationary bike today for the first time-- I think it requires about 100* of flex to do so ? It was scary the first go around with the anticipated stiffness. 10 mins at the lowest level (stiff knee 30 mins thereafter !! ).

I'm more worried about my 71 year old patella than what the OS did or used to anchor the tendons to it. I've been a Gloucosamine/Chondritin/MSM user for 12 plus years -- I have no idea if it's done any good but being the neurotic that I am, I'm afraid to quit!

I hope all of you, my comrades in clumsiness, have a terrific holiday. Just don't chase any rabbits.

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PS: What's an extension lag? As a board certified hypochondriac I need to know these things so that I don't miss any opportunity to complain!
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PSS: Thanks for the kind words Graceella. My manners are sometimes the same as my typing, slow and forgetful. Your complete recovery gives me hope (--hope that I live that long!!)
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Injury Right QTR: Nov 15, 2009
Surgery: Nov 17, 2009

Hi All - Finally leaving for some beach time tomorrow after the tendon rupture in Nov '09, three days before a trip to Bali, forced us to cancel everything. Overall things are great and it almost feels normal except for tightness going downstairs. I am still doing PT 1x/week which starts with somewhat painful massage (Graston I hate you!) and then all kind of stengthening exercises. I also treated myself with 5 sessions with a trainer at the gym to improve overall fitness (gained a few pounds since resuming normal activity, with client diners etc).  I hate working out at the gym, but I guess it is about time I use my club membership to understand how those fancy machines work.They also have some neat Kinesis equipment.
That said, per the OS and PT, I am still about 2 months away from resuming karate and tennis, which I miss a lot. Overall very pleased with the progress and the memory of being stuck in bed for days unable to go to the bathroom alone is fading rapidly...  As for swelling, the PT applied some Kinesio taping that I kept on for 3 days and it worked. Mine was comprised of about 8 filaments goind dowwards from above the kneecap.  Not sure exactly how it works. The groves underneath the tape supposedly activate the lymphatic system to drain the fluid.
Take care
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Injured 7/21/09
Surgery 7/28/09

Hello, everyone new and old.  I haven't posted anything in several months, so here is my update: 

At 8 months post-op, according to what my OS and PT have told me, and other members of this club have reported, my QTR recovery is about where it should be, no more and no less.  I have full ROM, and about 80% strength, and can do, in terms of work and normal everyday life, everything that I could do prior to the injury.  I have still not attempted skating (I missed the entire season, skating wise, for all 3 hockey teams that I coach), but feel that I will be ready for that soon.

The not-so-great news is that since the end of my PT visits for the quad tear, I have suffered 2 herniated disks, 1 at C6-C7 (neck), and, about 6 weeks later, 1 at L4-L5 (lower back).  These were each initially very painful, and each required about 6 or 8 weeks of additional physical therapy!  I have been my PT's best customer this year, without a doubt.  So just as I was feeling optimistic about the QTR recovery, these other problems came along and have now actually become my main source of concern, as I really don't want to have fusion surgery at this point and am trying to "manage" my condition with strengthening routines, posture correction, etc.

Of course, my question throughout all of this is:  How closely related are the disk problems to the QTR injury and rehab?  There is no doubt in my mind that the 7-week period of immobilization and the altered gait and posture afterward were a big factor.  So I guess my words to the wise are:  Try to get your gait and posture back to as close to normal as you can as soon as possible, and stay in as good a physical condition as you can!

Good luck to everyone!

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52yo male.  On 2/27, right knee gave out, fell, tearing tendon completely ~1/2 inch above patella.  Surgery 3/5, transferred to assisted living/rehab 3/8 non weight bearing so the "rehab" consisted mostly of rebuilding upper body strength and practicing hopping with walker, nothing with ROM. 

Staples came out 3/23, went home 3/24 and did not start bending knee until 3/29 to only 20'.  Visiting PT has improved ROM to 70' (hold rolled up sheet wrapped around foot and criss-crossed - works great) and I'm shooting for 90' when he returns 4/7.  Required to wear full leg brace locked in 180' extension for 7 more weeks!! 

Normal aches and pains, morning stiffness, fear descending stairs, uncomfortable tightness and compression when working on increasing ROM, residual numbness, etc.  The upside or silver lining is it has enabled me to lose 36 lbs in 5 weeks!! 

Any inspirational comments or suggestions are welcomed.  Best wishes to all!!
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Hi. I found this forum while doing a search for patellar tendon surgery and rehab. I was floored by some of the stories I read and joined. Yesterday, my Ortho doc confirmed that I tore my patellar tendon (left knee) and scheduled me for surgery on Tuesday, Apr.6. 

I'm not a skier, just a 35 y/o female that loves to work and play hard. I injured myself at my gym while doing jumping exercises. I look forward to reading all the posts and I hope to find some motivation and inspiration to get me through my own recovery and rehab. 


Best regards, 

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Extension lag is how much your lower leg is unable to fully extend at the knee...
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ER Doc; Perhaps you might try stretching your achilles tendon(s) i.e. foot back and lean into a wall or something stable. My leg seems very straight (no extension lag) in this position.

By the way if the Doc I was fortunately assigned to at the NU emergency room hadn't been as sharp as he was, I probably wouldn't have been diagnosed a QTR. Thanks to you and your colleagues.

Good luck Namun. Read backwards-- these are an incredible group of stalwarts and their experiences and revelations were exceedingly helpful to me.

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I just wandered through my local PT department to make sure they still had the seated bike I found most helpful with my 2005 QR. The seat slides as far back as needs be, so you leg can be almost fully extended and the resistance is also adjustable. When you start, you'll not be able to make a full rotation, just rock back and forth, but as you gain flexion things start turning and gradually the seat is adjusted so your knee bends a bit more every day or so as you happily pedal away.
   Coming up on week 5, no complications just still fully extended in the brace with crutches only for uneven ground. Happy Easter all.
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Happy Easter to All!!

"Welcome" to all the new members of our club!

Me: Injury 10/27/07 while vacationing in New Mexico ( I live in MN).  Surgery 11/12/07

Charnsophie:  the one thing that amazes me most about my injury/surgery/recovery is that I was injured on a Saturday, flew home to Minnesota on Tuesday, visited Dr on Wed, flew to Pittsburgh on Thursday to do an 8 hour training on Friday (a kind fellow gave me 2000 mg of Advil at noon!, took all of them!).  I do not know how I managed this looking back!

Idaho Guy!  Damn!  sorry you are back in the active group.

It has been a long time since I checked in so had several pages to review.  Amazes me how active most of us are and how simple this injury can occur.

Best to All! 

Keep pluggin'!

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Happy easter
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Sorry about your injury.
I  had a second procedure, but not orthoscopic, to remove scar tissue.
I had it about 8, 9 weeks after surgery. My doctor said that the deadline to
do the procedure is about to 12 weeks after surgery. He gave me some

anaesthesia and then manipuleated my leg to force the remove scar tissue.
It took only a half an hour, after that my ROM passed from 85 to 140 degrees.
Do the procedure faster!

Best wishes to all and a speedy recovery. 

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Very, very sorry about your injury. I discoverd this forum when i was recovering my QTR (100% right leg) surgery, 14/11/2008 (mm/dd/aaaa). I had problems when exactly 1 year after de QTR repair I had complete rupture of my left Achilles tendom.  I never got to surf because I didnt had time. Now, like you, I fighting to get a complete recovery and then, go to surf, that i love so much, as same you and ski.
I will send your posts to my doctor to advise him about the care we shoud take.
Don´t give up, you will ski again and I will back to surf!

Regards from Brasil!
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Hello everyone;

In case it's of any interest, I saw the OS today (a trauma specialist-- works with the Blackhawks). Surgery was 5 weeks last Friday and I'm apparently doing fine. I'm about 100* ROM --a little further with pain. He gave me a RX for PT --- stretching to full ROM (ugh) and strength building for quads. No limitations but be careful -- it's easy to fall. Says golf should be OK after 3 mos-- 6 mos or more to "reasonably full recovery of strength and mobility.

I asked for and received a copy of his surgical report (HIPPA). Apparently I had a complete rupture and required 3 holes to be drilled-- one on each side and a medial.

No pain or discomfort from the QTR but my low back is very sore at last  October's back surgery site on opposite (rt) side. He says it's normal and didn't castigate me for discarding the brace two weeks ago. Doing exercise bike 20 mins # 5 load (out of 20) and walking on the treadmill (3.2 MPH ) hands on for stability. Upper body weights and machines, crunches, pushups, blah, blah.

OS  says to very careful walking down stairs (that's how I got hurt) and do whatever I want to exercise but not over tax the leg while walking upstairs (or on Stairmaster).

He favors a little more aggressive rehab work and (especially with my life expectancy!!). Lastly, no worries about my aging patella; it can weather the storm as well as the sutures, wires and the quad tendons.

I hope you are all doing well-- the weather's getting nice and I'll watch the Masters--- can't play and Tiger didn't give me his books (the checkbook and the one with his stable).

I hope Idaho guy and the surfer are fully recovered and recover (again) very soon. It's got be awful missing something you're so passionate about -- especially twice.I know I'm weary of paying dues and I miss the  wonderful aggravation and frustration of hitting bad shots, losing balls etc.

Heal quickly!

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Hi gang:

Original Injury 1/13/08; Original Surgery 2/1/08;  New surgery 03/04/10.

Thank you all for your good wishes - they are helpful and hopeful!

Surfer:  Thanks so much - I hope your Achilles "heals" soon, and that you are back out in the waves soon.

Saw the OS today after 5 weeks.  Still no active bending of the leg, although he did say I could go to 70* PROM immediately, and up to 90* in two more weeks.  He also said weight bearing to 70% as tolerated within two weeks.  And he said I could get in a pool and start walking.  So, I walked 500 yds in the pool tonight.  It was good to at least be semi-active again after almost two months of inactivity.  Hopefully, this will help quicken the healing.

If I start feeling sorry for myself, I remind myself of the Frontline episode on PBS the other night about Haiti over the last eight weeks.  Folks, we have it easy, even with this injury . . . . . .  Our families are not buried under our houses, nor have we or anybody we know needed an amputation without anaesthesia .  .. . .  I am thankful for what I have, and am thankful I have a great opportunity to rehab myself to be a skier/cyclist/climber again.  Best of luck, wishes and prayers to all of you.

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Hi Everyone
Wanted to check in today. Yesterday I fired my PT and decided to go a different route. I felt my PT was too conservative and was not progressing fast enough. I am 13 weeks post op and am having trouble getting past 115* ROM.
I had my first session with my Chiropracter this morning. I know him quite well as I suffered from back problems years ago. He runs a sports clinic north of Toronto and I started work with him this morning. We mapped out a get well plan. I will work with him once a week and his sports medicine physiologist twice a week. Thinks he can get me to 180 rather quickly. The sports medicine specialist will have me doing closed kinetic chain exercises and he will work with reducing the inflammation in the knee and reducing and removing the surrounding scar tissue. He worked my quad and knee  with a stimulator for a half hour each just to get the quad firing. It felt really good.
I feel really positive and want to get to 135* by May 1st when I see my OS.
Thanks everyone.
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This is first time back on the thread for quite a while. Michaelgolfs, you aren’t the oldest!! I claim that right at 78! I do believe it takes those of the “greatest generation” a bit longer to get over this thing.


Idahoguy, I am just sick that you ripped the quad again. However, once again, your spirit shines through. I consider you one awesome dude. Thanks so much for your positive attitude.


 I am now nine months out. I guess age does matter. If I push “Mr. Knee” too hard, he rebels with heat, swelling and pain. I am trying to find a happy medium between advancing and discomfort. I can walk a mile and a half on the track----before my accident I was race walking 4 miles at a 12:30 pace. Now I use a calendar. The elliptical is fair if I set the resistance and incline low. Half squats with no weight are okay. I am working on core and balance.


The big strong quad thing appears over and over in this blog. I was a sprinter from high school through Junior college, Texas University and in the Marine Corps. I attended the University of Texas on a track scholarship. I ran the 400 in the Olympic trials for the Melbourne Olympics---didn’t make the cut. I have a bunch of metal from senior track meets and planned to get better. I am an amateur biker and avid skier---also an “A” racquet ball player in my age group. In summary---big strong quads. The medial head of my quad was hamburger and a lot of muscle had to be removed. I have one nice quad and the other looks like it belongs to Mother Teresa. Since the accident all the above activity is history.


I have to consider this a new phase of my life. I am a timer at track meets and referee racquet ball tournaments. I am looking at a Townie bike. The pedals are further forward and require less quad work. Going uphill you pull with your arms and shoulders. It is not a recumbent, but it is laid back.


I continue to improve slowly. One upside is that I can predict weather changes with great accuracy!!


Hang in there guys. This is a small part of your total life.



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I am the old guy----78!!!
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Bruce, you are indeed my senior (and new idol!) I had my first PT today with the same gal that did my PT after two back surgeries. I' m accumulating frequent user miles so I can visit you people. She stretched me 115* and gave me a raft of simple exercises which I can e-mail to anyone who wants to see them.

Idahoguy, your sentiments are not only well thought  out and enlightening but truly appropriate in this "me" environment.
Where we used to talk of sports, women and wealth we're now too much into PSAs, LDLs and ROM.

And Bruce, although you're the elder my patella has 3 holes!!

Regards to all,

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8 weeks post-op...No more brace, getting around fine, except for stairs.  My OS still wants to wait until 12 weeks out before starting PT.  My main concern now is the extension lag.  I can't extend my injured leg as much as my uninjured leg.  The OS says it should resolve with PT.  Flexion is great, beyond 90 deg.  I'm just concerned about extension.  I can passively extend all the way, but not as good against gravity.  Any similar experiences, feedback, words of encouragement?
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The extension was the last thing to come back for me last time (and never really did come all the way back- at least with respect to the amount of strength I had at full extension - due to the partial failure of the first surgery).  My PT explained that she expected it to be the last thing and that it would take some work.  I ended up doing lots and lots and lots of very light leg extension work  (yes, yes, I know leg extensions are supposedly not advisable, but there is simply nothing else that gets you the strength for that particular movement).  Another thing she had me do was quad contractions while the leg was fully, passively extended by sitting on the floor and having the ankle supported by a roller.  Regardless, it did come back well enough to alpine ski fairly well this year, even with only a 40% connected Quad Tendon. As you are aware, we have to have that particular eccentric contraction under fairly good control to be able to ski!  In what I have seen, you seem to be doing great - I wouldn't worry about it until you are a couple of months down the road and still can't extend.  Hope I am not presuming too much by giving advice to a Doc!

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IDG:  Thank you...I feel better already.  I'm really not into being the patient!
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