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Mike, I had LOA (lysis of adhesions) and MUA (manipulation under anesthesia) about 4 months out when mine was stuck at 105 degrees. Its a fairly simple painless procedure, mine only took about 20 minutes and I was up and rehabbing 2 hours later. You will probably get a little bit sore for a few weeks with quadriceps strain and bruising from your quads not being stretched out for so long. Just keep it moving after the procedure and keep icing it to fight off swelling.

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Has anyone out there had a second procedure which was orthoscopic to remove scar tissue and then a manual manipulation?   At 12 twelve weeks I cannot get past 90 degrees ROM and the orthoscopic procedure and manipulation appear to be the recommended solution.
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Thank you all very much for the good wishes and thoughts.  One thing I'll say is that when I have been hurt, I really feel cared for, by my family, my friends, my community, and all of you.  The knowledge that you are sending thoughts my way is very encouraging.

Surgery is tomorrow at 5:00 p.m.  They are keeping me overnight this time - a great relief given the agony I was in, and that my wife had to deal with me during that time - I simply couldn't have put her through that again.  Not looking forward to this, but I can do this -----  in fact, if anybody can rehab a knee injury, it is me - I must be one of the most experienced and best rehabbers on earth!  I'm still expecting to ski very difficult terrain again- until I am told otherwise, I will prepare as if I am going to do so in a year or two.

TwiceRuptured:  I wanted to let you know that even though this happened, both my doctor and I are convinced that the reason it happened was that it had ruptured part way through when my PT had me bounce on a bosu ball too early - then, it tore the rest of the way through about two and a half weeks ago . . . .  As the OS said, it was going to happen sometime, and better now than later.  He thinks it will be stronger and better because of this surgery.  So, don't let this get you down- I am coming back - I guarantee it - I'm most the determined person alive when it comes to sustaining my physical activity,and I WILL BE BACK!.

You all will hear from me again in a few days after the surgery.  Keep happy folks, it is not that bad.

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IG, my wife and I will pray for you.
Ask for something to prevent blood clots after a surgery.
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Idaho Guy - I will pray that your surgery goes well. I KNOW you will come back even stronger this time. You've been an inspiration to all of us and hopefully we can inspire you as you go through this again.

Update - I saw my OS on Monday - Today is 10 weeks from 2nd surgery (do over). First he poked and prodded, then asked me to bend to check ROM. My leg is about 10 degrees less than the good one so he was pleasantly surprised. Then he had me lay back, put one hand under the back of the knee and pushed down on the foot to check the strength. I didn't let it move at all and he was impressed again. The swelling has gone down quite a bit and it's starting to look like a real knee again. I also have some definition in the quads although they're still quite a bit smaller than the good leg.

Then he start writing the PT prescription and asks which PT I've been working with. His jaw almost dropped to the floor when I told him I never went and was doing it all myself. He said I might have missed my calling!

He said to keep up the good work and come back in 6 weeks which should be the last visit. He said no sports until about 6 months because he doesn't want to go in a 3rd time LOL! I'm interpreting that as no impact. I'm going to wait until at least the next visit (16 weeks) before I start jogging or running. I still have a goal of a 5k run in July. And as soon as it stops snowing a foot at a time here in NY I'll be out on a real bike. Right now I'm at max resitance for 30 min on the stationary bike.

FYI - up until now I was under orders to wear the brace locked when walking. I didn't fully comply because I never locked it when walking but I was wearing it around 30 degreees less than ROM in case I fell. I never did. He told me I didn't need the brace anymore so that's in the closet. I hope to never wear it again for any reason although it has served me well.

I have also been working on walking normally again without favoring the leg. Someone said earlier in the thread that they realized their good leg wasn't locked when landing on it. I have been making a conscious effort to do the same with the other leg and the more I do it, the more it feels natural. But at first it feels very strage since you feel every movement in the knee and quad.

I hope everyone else is doing good with their recovery. Keep motivated and you will recover. I've heard from a few different places that if you do the rehab and really work at it, you will be stronger in the long run. I know I've lost my beer belly and 20 pounds and although I still have a long way to go. I feel like I'm in better shape than before and by the time I'm done I'll be in the best shape of my life. So try to let this injury inspire you to be better than before. Turn a negative into a positive!
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DoOver-  I think that your goal on the 5K is completly possible.  Im about 6 weeks ahead of you, and at about week 12, I stopped going to my PT and just doing it on my own.  I'm a gym rat anyway, and I didn't have time to do the rehab and the gym both.  At week 13, I started jogging for short intervals on the treadmill as a changeup from the arctrainer.  I was pleased to find that as long as I kept the interval length less than about two minutes I was able to progress to 11 MPH for one minute and walk for a minute and so forth largely pain free.  I found that running slightly faster & shorter (within reason) was less stress than running slower & longer.  The knee is sore the next day after the running so I only do it 2-3X a week for 10 minutes (5 intervals) , and supplement with arctrainer/bicycle/stairstepper to round out 30 minutes of cardio.  My wife wants me to do a 5 miler with her at the end of this month @ around 6 MPH (10 min mile) and I'm still pondering...even though its a slow pace, it's probably a bit early!
Are any of you taking any med's like Ibuprofen?  I was afraid that it was masking pain that would signal overdoing it in my rehab, so I stopped taking Naproxin around week 13.

My ROM is about 150 deg--not heel to butt but getting closer...I figure strength is about 80 % of my "other" bad knee!

BTW I Googled "Quad Tendon Rupture NBA" and found that Charles Barkley and Dikembe Mutambu, Damon Stoudamire all ended their careers with QTR's so I don't feel so bad now (Ha Ha)
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 Good LUck Idaho Guy!
Keep plugging, all of you.
After 2 weeks of really pushing I finally made it around on the cycle several times in a row this morning.
OS says in order to do a full rotation you have to have 90-95 degrees so I a glad to have crossed the threshold.
The first time I felt a pop that felt like a thin rubber band being broken across the top of my incision...yup, scar tissue.
Keep good thoughts always everyone....
this forum is incredible.
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Charnsophie--Thats great news on the ROM...but Ill bet ya that you're more like 110 degrees when you get the knee warmed up!!  First time I went around, I had the same "pop" that you described, then it was easier.  Do the bike every day if possible!!
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OK.  Here  I am in a full leg brace again in front of the computer - I imagine you might all get sick of my posts since I can't get outside for at least a whle.  Surgery - went pretty well -  The OS said that about 60% of the original repair had failed at least 18 months ago, and he was extremely surprised that I had been able to get fairly close to my "normal" activities (what he and I call "normal" are two different things).  He didn't have to drill new holes through the patella, so that was great news!  He cautioned me that he is not going to let me rehab this one near as fast as I did the last one - as you may recall, my PT had me jumping off a Bosu ball after a few months (despite my great misgivings), and I felt and heard a "crunch" and "pop".   So, none of that for me, and I am going to see a new PT - I don't blame my other PT - it is a rare injury, and she is used to me improving very quickly.  

Spent the night in the hospital - now THAT is the way to go!   It would have been very difficult for my wife to handle me again, based upon the difficulties I have had since surgery on  Wednesday.  I go back to the OS on Tuesday and then to my first PT visit on Friday.  I'll keep you all posted.  Thanks for all your good wishes and prayers, folks -  I definitely felt "cared for" during surgery.


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IDG>>  Sorry to hear that the guy that started this all finds himself in a round two on the site.  My doctor has been giving me the whole, "you can't mess up my repair bit."  I think back to the stories that I read here and just disregard that comment.  Just remember, you are the guy that gave us all a place to get info and share stories.

Well Monday will be 4 weeks post op for me.   I have been progressing more and more.  My doctor has opened up my brace to 40*, but my PT and I have been able to go as far as 55* with out him even pushing my limits.  I even over the course went from a straight leg raise to doing 30 in a 3 minute span of time.  I don't know how I have been so lucky.  My doctor says that I healing very well and started me on manual l moving my knee cap to help break up scar tissue before it really forms.  

I can't remember who said early rehab helps, but I so agree with that statement.  I don't take any pain pills any more and find myself doing more and more before I notice that I brace is unlocked.  I admit that scares me being that I am not trying to fall and rip my repair before it fully heals.  I now shower and try to do as much as I can.  I even put together my first crib set today.  I was move around a lot and getting up off the floor at times and all with the brace unlocked.  My leg was tired at the end but I was okay.

Best wishes to all.

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Okay, I saw Idaho Guy’s last few post and I am finally going to write in. First of all, I agree with everyone else that this is a great resource for those of us and our family members with this injury and I thank IG for starting it several years ago. My wife has received as much comfort and knowledge from reading these post as I have.

About me:

I am a 60 y.o. male. Boat Captain in the Gulf of Mexico and live on our 44 ft sailboat in the Pacific Northwest on an island across from Seattle. I was run over by a drunk driver when I was 19 y.o. and received multiple open fx. on my left lower leg and ankle that subsequently required the left ankle to be frozen. So, I am not new to the orthopedic surgery routine after several years in a cast and multiple surgeries. Due to the earlier injury I have not been a skier or runner, too much for the ankle, but I been able to bike, swim and be a gym rat, my wife just snickered.

The Injury:

I had just returned home from a month at work on December the 18th at 2330 and was walking down the metal ramp at our marina which was at about a 45 degree slope and icy. My feet slipped out from under me and I tried to catch myself with my right leg. I felt the often mentioned pain and snap in my right knee region. I then slid on my butt, on the icy dock about 70 yards to our boat and crawled aboard. I have tried to imagine getting off a snow covered mountain as IG mentioned and do not envy him that experience.

The Diagnosis:

I iced my knee down and had a friend who is a physician stop by the next day and take a look, he said he thought it was a quadriceps tear and advised seeing an Orthopedic Surgeon and to get an MRI. It being just before Christmas seeing a busy surgeon presented a problem, but I was able to see my Internist and she ordered the MRI that confirmed the diagnosis, complete tear of the right quadriceps tendon.

On the 28th of December the swelling had gone down and I was able to meet with my OS. If any of you are in the Seattle area and looking for a "GREAT OS" drop me a note and I will give you his name. I worked in emergency medicine for 15 years as a Paramedic, before going into the maritime profession, and I know a great doctor when I see one. He determined to operate on New Years Eve and that was what occurred, the sooner the better with this injury in my opinion.

The Surgery:


My surgery was the same as IG’s exactly, so I won’t belabor this point, see the first post on page one of this forum for an excellent description of the surgery by IG.

I too was sent home immediately after the surgery, I feel this is a two edged sword. First, like everyone else I was miserable the first night and would have benefited from an IV and the analgesics given in the hospital, but a nosocomial infection is an ever present threat in today’s hospitals and after orthopedic surgery I was just as happy to be at home with my own germs, albeit somewhat uncomfortable.


We rented a furnished apartment for several months to avoid the coming and goings onto the boat and this proved to be a blessing for me. It was an added burden on my wife, moving clothing and all the things you use daily was a hassle, but she managed admirably. I was pretty much useless the first week and due to being a 60 y.o. male with mild BPH I became quite friendly with the bedside urinal that we picked up at the pharmacy.

Recovery Period:

It has been nine and a half weeks since my surgery today. My doctor is conservative in the speed of rehabilitation, and has limited me to straight leg lifts, PROM as tolerated and lifting my lower leg from a sitting position straight out and down again. No additional weight allowed during these movements.


For the last month I have been going to a pool every other day and walking for an hour in waist deep water, I have found this to be a great help. I also go to the gym and do upper torso exercises and have started doing flexion exercises on the affected leg with a weight machine, NO EXTENSION exercises of the quadriceps allowed as of yet per OS.

I have been seeing a PT for the last month, but my OS has her on a short leash and it is not making a lot of difference, she does some massaging of the knee swelling area, moves the patella around a little bit and rubs the scar tissue. Ultra sound and electro-stimulation are also done at the same time for a total of one hour twice a week.

My OS says he wants to wait a total of three months before I start doing extension exercises with weights. This of course is maddeningly slow, but in my case and at my age I will not be able to continue my maritime profession if I am unable to climb ladders and stairs in a somewhat rapid fashion, so I am at his mercy on the schedule. He says he would rather deal with a stiff joint than a re-injury in my case.

My ROM is a little over 100 degrees currently. As of last week I am now allowed to walk without a crutch as long as I use a leg brace. I walkabout on our boat, we moved back last week, without a leg brace and am comfortable doing so.

In Conclusion:

I, like IG, followed ‘Sinriders’ remarkably quick recovery and longed to progress more quickly. But, I also feel that I have benefited from several years of postings on this site in what to expect on a week by week progression of my recovery and though not as far along as some, I am satisfied with my progress to date. I know the frustration many of you feel in the slow progress, but I have yielded to my OS and his knowledge of my particular injury and goals.

I would like to thank Idaho Guy once again for starting this wonderful forum, my wife and I are praying for his rapid and complete recovery, as I am sure many others on here are doing. Hang in there IG, I can only imagine how disappointed and depressed you feel today. I know that skiing is very important to you and your family, but as we age and are injured in our lives we learn to adjust to our limitations, I will think of you back on the slopes and wish that it is so.

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Hi SailorinSeattle - Sorry to see someone else joining the site.  You may have already read my posts about the challenges of sailing post recovery.   I think its tougher than bicycling, walking, skiing, etc. because the motions are random in both intensity and direction.   Aside from the standard strengthening, ROM and flexibility exercises - I can suggest two things that worked for me (I'm now 13 months post-op).   The first was balance.  I started out just standing on one foot, then stood on a rolled towel, then progressed to crossing my arms over my chest and closing my eyes.   Once I had that mastered I built a balance board (a 2 foot length of 2" X 6" with a 2" X 2" bolted to the center to make it like a seesaw) and worked on doing squats.  The second was being able to work though impacts to the knee.  I started out with tiny jumps and graduated to stair jumps (one step up - jump down to floor)  and finally to quad stair jumps ( up)  and unweighted plyometrics.  Finally, if conditions are nasty knee-pads can help.  I picked up a pair of kneepads sewn into neoprene sleeves that are designed for wrestling.  Talk this over with your OS and go at the pace he recommends.   Good luck - and fair winds! 
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SailorinSeattle>> I am very sorry to hear that you are official part of our group here.  You and I are in very similar spots being that I am an engineer on a tugboat.  I to need to have speed going up and down ladders to keep the boat afloat and to check up on alarms.  I am just less than half your age, but I am trying hard as possible to gain ROM and strength all at once.  I have been lucky to have a doctor that is very aggressive in my treatment and PT.  For the fact of trying to keep my job and the way that they are handling my Jones Act injury, money isn't coming in as fast as its going out.  I am trying to get back to work as soon as possible with a pregnant wife and plans of wanting a house by the end of the year.  I only have 4 years in our business, for me I am just trying to get back to work for my wife and because I love what I do. 

I was injured the same way as you.  I was stepping of the boat and hit a pack of ice on the dock in Florida.  Never thought much of global  warming until then, but I still don't care much for it.  Anyways, welcome to the group and I am sorry that you joined us.
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Just to introduce myself...Your forum is encourging.  I'm an emergency physician in the Portland, OR metro area, but I'm not used to being the patient.  The ski season here has been less than optimal here, so I tore my quad. doing martial arts, not skiing.  2 weeks out from my 1st surgery I was careless, and while out of my brace my leg buckled, and I retore my repair.  I'm almost 4 weeks out from my revision.  So it's really important to be really careful.  I'm not very coordinated with crutches, so I've been ambulating either with my brace in full extension, or simply keeping my leg straight, so as to not use my quad.  Any similar experiences?  Are you guys using crutches all the time?  How far post-op did you guys start PTx?  How long before you had full active extension of your knee against gravity?
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 Hey ER DOc,
ER PA here from the Northeast. Sorry to hear about your necessary redo.
I am at 10 weeks today. Have been without crutches since week 4, gave up cane and brace at OS' insistence a week ago. Started PT at 4 weeks, wished I had started at 3 since I already had some good scar tissue forming. However, clearly giving some time to the repair is of utmost necessity.
Straight leg raise still has a bit of a lag, much better after some patellar mobes and some good strong quad sets.

I would love to take this opportunity to tell all of you how incredible it has been for me to get in the pool and walk and "cycle" and do my SLR's there daily...what a huge difference in terms of mobility, strength and pain/swelling control.
I cannot step up with my affected leg yet unassisted but I am building the strength and form to do this in the pool...so amazing.
I highly recommend this to all of you.
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Im 48, and 16 weeks into a complete rupture of left quad plying b-ball.  I was locked in full extension for 6 weeks, but full weight bearing immediately.  Much easier than the crutches!  Home 4 hrs after operation.  At about 1 week I started using the ARC Trainer at 0 step height (all hips, no knee flexion).  At three weeks I was allowed to do quad sets and heel slides only to 45 deg. At four weeks I took a header down a flight of steps because I forgot which foot to step down on (immobilizers + beer can be dangerous) At six weeks I was told by OS to wean myself from the brace...never wore it again (probably should have because very wobbly for the first week)  PT week 7-11 went from 90 deg to 145 deg ROM, but did not have time for gym workouts and PT so started on my own at week 13.  Now week 16 and I jogged (8.5 minute/mile) 2 miles this weekend with little/no pain/problems.  Also today I was able to stretch my heel alll the way to my butt!   The most important PT's for me was initially heel slides for ROM, modified using a ball instead of the floor, the stationary bike (rock back and forth until you can go all the way 'round) and quad sets.  Now I do leg presses (trying to get full ROM) air squats, step ups/ downs and terminal knee extensions standing with the thera-band.  Note they are all closed chain exercises.  I find leg extensions to be painful and alot of PT's/ OS's recommend against them.

Hope this helps!
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Hello all:

Keep positive, keep positive, keep positive.  I just need to keep telling myself that.  I am now on my 6th day out from surgery.  Went to see the OS (actually his PA) yesterday.  She tells me that I was in surgery for four hours and they sutured and sutured and sutured my quad back together.  Also showed me photos of the place to where the original piece of the original repair had "snapped" and grown into other areas - looked like a bunch of worms  (they had to separate this area and "reattach" it to the patella!  They also "scoped" my entire knee and found that it was basically sound - previous repairs have held and although there is quite a bit of "wear and tear" it should be a good knee again!  She told me NO weight bearing on this knee for at least four more weeks.  So crutches it is for me.  Also, they are going to go real slow on PT - I knew all this, but it was a little bit of a bummer to hear it again.

First day off narcotics - ouch!  Knee hurts worse than I thought it would. 

ERDoc = sorry you have joined our crew, and particularly sorry for your "re-repair".  I would be interested to learn of your perspective on this forum - is this the type of things that OS's should look at so they are familiar with their patients' needs.  Do we actually help each other here, or are more of a danger to each other?

'til next time.

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Hi everyone, first time poster here from the north east of england. Firstly, thanks to IG for setting this whole thing up so that we unfortunate victims of this horrid injury can compare pain, agony and of course full recovery!! 8th February, what started as a normal day, ended with my patella being fractured in three places, and a complete quad tendon rupture. Surprisingly, i suffered no impact to the patella to cause the fractures. It was, according to the doc, the tendons which had pulled apart the patella when my knee twisted to impossible degrees during my fall. I had my surgery on 12th feb, one month tomorrow, i was weight bearing the day after. I'm in plaster which keeps the leg straight at all times, and this gets removed all being well 24th of this month. Don't know if this is normal, or have i been very lucky, but for the last three weeks i have had no pain or discomfort in the knee or thigh whatsoever. The worst thing is trying to sleep with this wretched plaster on!! I am under no illusions, however, that the road ahead is a long and hard one which leads hopefully to recovery. All the best to you all.
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Reading these blogs, it seems that there is no real standard of care for this injury among OS, and our experiences are varied.  Tomorrow will be 4 wks. post-op.  For the first 2 wks. I was in a velcro straight leg knee immobilizer, but I was told I could bear weight as long as I was in it.  Following that, I've been in a knee brace at betweem 0* to 30*.  I find crutches very difficult to use, so I've  been bearing weight since the repair/revision, being very careful to keep my leg straight when doing so, almost always in the brace. Since I've mostly just been around the house, this seems OK.   Pain has been non-existant since a few days post-op.  When sitting, my OS wanted gradual flexion out of the immobilizer by gentil rocking.  I can go to 90*  now.  I seem to have almost complete  range of motion (ROM) with active extension against gravity, although I try not to test that too often.  I just like to reassure myself that evereything's intact, given my revision, but there have been no incidents like after the first repair, when twice, out of the brace, my leg buckled in severe pain, which was  clearly when I disruprted the original repair.  My next OS visit is in 2 wks., so I'm just going to limit myself to the above until then.  Although there is some atrophy of my quad., I know that resolves quickly with PTx.  How is ROM for you guys, with flexion and extension against gravity?  I'm pretty confident I'll be back to normal by the summer, when I plan on doing lots of biking and hiking.  Overall, it seems that we all completely recover from this.  But I'm concerned if it will be safe to do the steep, deep skiing I'm used to.
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ERDoc, Im surprised that you're full weight bearing AND at 0-30 deg so early.  Everything I was told was that FWB is OK but only in the immobilizer, or in the shower standing still, until 6 weeks....I guess its case-by-case judgement by the OS!
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Well actually, I'm supposed to FWB with the brace at 0*, but I'm careful to keep my leg completely straight otherwise...
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Any comments on regaining ROM against gravity?  Skiing after recovery?  (I guess if you're reading this, there hasn't been full recovery yet.)
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ERDoc:  I was skiing steep and deep earlier this season relatively fast with what was apparently a 40% intact QTR, for what that is worth.  Had 12 full days of alpine in and 23 days of nordic before the last remaining thread of the middle of the QTR repair detached again.  So, I'd say the prognosis for skiing the steep and deep again is good !  In fact, I expect to be skiing harder and faster next season than I did this season.  If I can do it with 40% of a QT, certainly 100% of a QT should give me that much more . . . . .
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Idaho Guy:  Did you need to go back to surgery? 
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So I'm just over 4 wks. post-op and tested my active extension today.  I have about a 5-10* extension lag against gravity.  No pain.  Able to walk around the house without brace almost perfectly normally.  Although it's nowhere near as bad as when I reinjured my 1st repair,  I'm still concerned about the slight extension lag.  Any comments.? 
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I tested active extension maybe once prior to 6 weeks.  I remember thinking that "maybe I shouldn't be doing this" and it hurt to hold it straight out against gravity.  At 6 weeks I was maybe 5 deg extension lag at my first PT, and open chain leg raises against gravity were a little painful.  I switched PT's because the drive was too far, and the new one recommended against open chain entirely.  I found that a few weeks of quad sets got me to 0 extension lag, I then progressed to terminal leg extensions (TLE) with theraband while standing.  I still do not do the seated leg extensions as they hurt and I feel that the bosu ball squats, leg presses and Smith Bar squats (almost 0 weight) are more "practical".  I will say that the first couple of reps  on the TLE are still a little tender at full extension.

I think you should be walking around the house with the brace until the 6 week milestone in case you stumble and "pop"---well you know the rest of the story.
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Thanks...I actually have no pain what-so-ever with active extension, which is different than before the revision.  I do wear the brace almost all the time because of fear of stumbling...
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Dear BBalwal,

Ow!  I feel for you from having suffered through two achilles tendon ruptures.  Main advice: be patient.  Soft tissue ruptures will only heal at their own pace and trying to force things will only make bad things worse.

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I'm back!  Wow, IdahoGuy, sorry to hear about your situation.  Seems like a number of us make a return visit to this forum.  I was checking on when I first came in and found my first post on page 2 or 3. 
I go back into surgery in a couple of weeks but not for a QTR, though the OS says it was related.  About 2 months back, I was walking in the snow and stepped into a small, shallow hole with my right leg, the one with the QTR which occured almost 2 years to the day.  I started to lose my balance.  As my right leg tried to recover, I felt something go wrong.  Down I went.  There was a moderate amount of pain.  Laying on the ground, I rub the knee and the area above checking for another QTR.  Things feel okay and I can move it somewhat.  Slowly, I stand and put weight on it.  The leg is stable but painful.  I make my way into the house and put some ice on it.  In about a week, it's better and within two weeks I'm pretty much back to normal.  Yea, I should have gone to the ER, but my hope was that it was a small sprain.  The last thing I wanted was that cast on there for 8 weeks. 
Well, 6 weeks go by and it feels fine, but there's a click in the knee when I bend it.  So I finally give in and visit the OS.  He is stunned when he looks at the Xray.  Seems that I broke my kneecap.  An MRI indicated some tearing of the tendon, but not much.  He explained that where the QTR healed, it was so strong (scar tissue) that he believed the kneecap gave way before the tendon.
Surgery is scheduled for April 1 to fix the kneecap.  At least this time, the OS believes I can get by with a brace and some weight bearing rather than a cast and immobility.
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WOW!!!  Just when you think things are going good...  I was following doctor's orders and was pushing myself to the 70* mark being that my OS was going to open my brace to 70* this week.  At least that was what he told me.  Then today I walk in and he looks at my leg and saids that 5 weeks post op and only 60*-65* was way behind what I need to be and then says if I am not to past 90* in three weeks I will need surgery to loosen me up.  My therapist talked to my OS last week and was told by my OS not to push me until the 6 week mark when things would be healed and PROM would be safe.  

I am a little frustrated and upset with my OS after changing his story and the "forceful" PROM that he put me through that had me yelling out in front of my wife and his assistance.  I didn't know that he was going to get that forceful when I rolled over and if he pulls a move like that again I swear I'm going to hit him.  Anybody else have anything like this happen to them?  

I think the worst thing about all of this was just when I thought I was doing good, he comes along and stomps on my dreams of getting better fast and smooth.  I almost want to change OS's after the move he pulled today, but he knows my charts and I wouldn't even know where to begen to look for another OS.  Oh well...

Best wishes to all and a speedy recovery. 
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Unfortunately, I became member to this club back in November.  This is my first post.

I wanted to thank Idaho Guy for this thread.  It is the best resource I have found on the web for this injury.

I'm a 38 yr old male, who has always been active and exercise regularly.  I currently live in St Croix, USVI due to work.  So not much skiing down here, except for an occasional trip.

My injury occurred on St. Barth's island.  I had gone to visit St Barths with some friends to see Jimmy Buffet in concert.  While visiting, we decided to rent scooters to cruise the island... big mistake.  Long story short, I had a minor wreck on my scooter which resulted in a torn quad tendon.  I was hauled off by the French paramedics, in which no one spoke English, to a small island hospital/infirmary.  They called in a x-ray tech (he arrived in swim shorts and flip flops, from the beach) to scan my leg.  Everything looked fine to them, so they sent me on my way.  Except I couldn't walk.   The doctor then had to give me a ride back into town to my friends, because the streets had been blocked for the concert, my friends could not get to the hospital to pick me up.  He dropped me off down town, as close as he could get, where I then had to walk backwards while dragging my leg to get to the closest pharmacy.  The pharmacy then provided me with a knee brace and crutches, which was a great relief.  After a very long weekend, where I severely missed my wife and wished I was in the states, we made it back to St Croix.
A week later we found a doctor, the only orthopedic Dr on island, that diagnosed it as a torn quad tendon.  I had surgery the next day, November 14th. Anyways, that is my story. 

I'm currently currently 16 weeks past the surgery.  I am able to walk fine, but still have no strength in the leg and it still looks like a grapefruit.  I work out every morning before work and my range of motion is very good, but I'm concerned that something else is wrong due to the lack of strength.  An example of the strength issue is that if my foot falls off of a coffee table, I usually can't stop it from hitting ground.  I still can't really run and the swelling or the bulge in my knee is right above the knee cap.  I thought I would be at 80 to 90% by now.

Is this typical of this injury?  Does it just need more time?  Any feed back would be great.


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