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 Hey everyone,
Amazing thread...I am unfortunately now part of this group.
Fell down stairs in my home 12/22/09, repaired 12/29/09 so that puts me at 10 days post op.
All seems to be doing well. I am of course braced (20degrees) and expect to go up to 30 in a week.
PT to start in 3 weeks.
Yikes, what a catastrophic injury.
Being a medical provider, I have cared for 3 of these in my career in the ED and immediately knew exactly what had happenned.
I am amazed that some of you carried on for a couple of days, longer with this injury. 
I am steadily (daily) preparing myself for the long road; it helps to know I am not alone :)
Perhaps my biggest issue right now is my lack of comfortable sleep...not because of pain, but because of this brace and not being able to get into good position. Anyone have any thoughts?
I'm grumpy without sleep, I'm even grumpier without sleep and without the use of my leg
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 Sorry to hear about your accident; must have made for a very un-merry christmas!  Sleeping? I too had a lot of problems with sleeping, what worked for me in the beginning (and this is just my experience so I have no idea if this will be helpful or not) was to always take the brace off in bed; no matter how it felt when I went to bed it started making me very sore as it would shift  in the night and sometimes I would even wake up bruised. Also I could  only fall asleep on my stomach, I would end up on my side: always my left side (my right knee is the injured one) but I could not get comfortable enough to sleep on my side and it never woke me when I rolled over.  However no matter what I would wake after about 6.5 hours maximum and my leg just ached.  It was summertime and me and my dog would sit outside at 4 in the morning every day.  I was able to take a nap midday to make up for sleep (I never nap). I hope this is helpful    john
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 Hi CharnSophie...also sorry to hear of your accident.
Sleeping is not easy whilst in a brace..if your OS is content to allow you to move it you are one of the lucky few.
Most of us have had 4-6 weeks without option>I had dislocated my knee at the same time so there was severe damage to the retinaculum as well as a full rupture of the tendon.The OS said "no way" to any removal of the brace( with 0 deg ROM) whilst sleeping as involuntary movements whilst sleeping could damage the fragile new bonding.
I had to develop a few positions where I could snatch a couple of hours before the discomfort and aching woke me up. On my side , if my injured leg was lowest I supported the full weight of my good leg on a pile of firm pillows..the good knee  bent forward and onto the pillows that were placed along the length of my injured leg...this would work for a respite of an hour or two before you needed to change..then onto my back...couple of pillows under the injured leg (esp knee region) to keep it  elevated and help reduce swelling as much as poss.Initially the injured leg was too sore to try lying  on my left side with it uppermost...eventually as it became a little more manageable I did manage to do the same thing as on my right side with pillows keeping it fully supported along its length...but that was probably  only managed after about 3 weeks.Generally sleep was a only couple of hours at a time managed between changing positions.....lousy at best!!! I did after a week or two start loosening the velcro ties on the brace slightly to give me a little more movement within the brace but not enough to allow any risk of the brace slipping out of position..this helped a huge amount and also helped letting the swelling reduce over night.
Hope you do better...the good news is that it does get better, although to date there is always a bit of discomfort on waking  as you start flexing and bending to start the  day ...this injury takes time to heal and there are not any short cuts.
Wishing you a speedy recovery...let us all know how you are doing. Lots of support out here from all us fellow sufferers!! :-)
South Africa
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Happy Anniversary!    Injury 01/09/09     Surgery 01/11/09

Hi All,

It's been some time since my last post. It became tiresome to report the same slow progress & issues post after post! Depressing to read, as some have mentioned here. My leg remains tight, numb, hypersensitive, swollen & very "unhappy" as I continue to push the ROM. This is how it has been for, oh, around 10 months now!! 

My main issue is down the right side, the outside of my leg, which is where part of my kneecap came off when the tendon ruptured. I have concluded that this is due to loosing more tendon length at this location. As many have stated here but is worth repeating - every injury, repair & recovery is different & unique to each individual. It is thus difficult to compare progress to others. Vital to stay positive & not get discouraged. Physical therapy, formal & informal, is the only solution.

Progress is being made. Just not as quickly as one would like. ROM continues to improve & while still swollen, the swelling has improved too. Starting to look like a kneecap again. Slow & steady will win this race, I continue to tell myself! Another negative that is presenting itself as the swelling goes down is a very sharp bone point sticking out of my kneecap. This makes the kneecap very tender. OS calls it an "abrasion" - I call it a slip of the drill!! :( Anyhow, to fix this he needs to cut me open again & clean it up or file it down, like a chipped tooth I presume. This naturally does nothing for me so I'm giving it more time to see how things progress from here.

Regarding sleeping, I was given permission after 2 weeks to remove the brace when resting & sleeping. I also found a pillow between the legs to help greatly. Still sleep with the pillow for comfort. Moving while sleeping remains an issue.

Welcome to all the new members & good luck to all with your rehab. There are no shortcuts just a ton of effort to get back to where you were prior to the injury.

Stay positive folks - Steve        
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Hi Steve,
It's good to hear from you.  I'm about a 4-6 weeks behind you in terms of the injury and surgery.   I'm pleased to hear you're making progress.  Your injury was more severe than many of ours and rather than being depressing, its great to hear that you're pushing back and proceeding with recovery.

In terms of your abrasion; I had reconstructive surgery on my foot a couple of months before the QTR.   The surgery went well, but one of the pins was a mm or two off and I could feel it poking the soft tissue on the bottom of my foot when I was able to put weight on it.   It was annoying, but the surgeon basically said it was up to me if I wanted to live with it versus going through another procedure to pull it out once the bones were set.   I opted for the surgery.  The pre- and post-op were a big pain, and I was sick of surgery and not looking foward to another 4-6 weeks of restrictions.   However, I could feel the improvement almost immediately and it did ultimately make a big difference in terms of both comfort and regaining full use of the foot.   Then I did the QTR just as my foot was fully recovered, so it's been a year of delayed gratification.    Anyway, that's my story for whatever help it might be.

Good luck and best wishes to all!
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CharnSophie - The only way I could sleep was in the recliner for the 2 months I had to have the brace on.  I'm a stomach sleeper and I like to have the left leg bent and since that was the one in the brace it just was not working.  I tried pillows but I was always waking up with my back hurting.

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Hey Everyone,

I wanted to give a progress report.   I had a complete quad rupture on 8/2/09 and surgery on 8/5/09.  I had a second surgery to remove a lot of damaged cartilage from my knee in October.  The combination of the 2 surgeries and the magnitude of the quad injury made the first 3.5 months very frustrating but once I got to the 4 month point I started to see significant improvement.  It took me almost 4 months to get the full range of motion in my leg.  I have slowly weaned myself off of the physical therapists and have started a self program at the local gym.  I am so glad that I took everyones advice and started running in the pool.  Although all the other exercises are also beneficial, I think running in the pool is producing the greatest benefits.  I am up to running 1500 meters (60 times back and forth) in the pool on M/W/F after my upper body weightroom workouts without stopping.  After I complete this exercise, I get into the whirlpool and stretch for 10 minutes.  I have been running in the pool for about a month.  On T/H/S I do my leg workouts and aerobic in the gym.  Up until this week the aerobic part of my leg workouts included the exercise bike on the front end and eliptical at the back end of my workouts.  This week I started jogging on the treadmill and was pleasantly suprised by how natural it felt after running in the pool so much.   My injured leg is still pretty weak but is slowly improving.  I can see and feel the incremental improvement every week and really want to emphasize patient and persistence.   The other frustrating part about this stage of my recovery is concentrating on the injured leg and try not to overcompensate for my weak thigh with my other leg.  I am really focusing on isolating the injured leg with weight room exercises.  With this injury, slow and steady wins the race.  The improvement has come slowly with commitment, concentration and intensity.   Good luck to everyone and thanks for sharing your success stories.
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Injury 01/09/09     Surgery 01/11/09

Hi All,

53 weeks post injury, I continue to work extremely hard at informal physical therapy at my club to get back to where I was pre-injury. 
Is anyone else experiencing the extreme tightness down the outside of their repaired leg at the kneecap. I am trying to find and do  exercises that isolates the outer (vastus lateralis) quad muscle to help that area along. As previously mentioned, I am of the opinion that I lost more tendon at this location, causing the tightness in this location. I will attempt to get a confirmation of this opinion from my OS. I can now, after many, many months of effort, achieve full ROM on the stationary bike but I still lose around 20 degrees when it cools down - or passive ROM I like to call it. The loss of around 20 degrees has been consistent since I began rehab. I am choosing to avoid the term "stiffness" as my knee joints are not stiff - it's the bending of my leg that remains difficult due to the "tightness". Has been from day one of rehab, thus the slow return of my ROM. Not sure why my medical team didn't just say this when I was freaking out over scar tissue many months ago! They honestly must not be sure but the OS did eliminate too much scar tissue as the cause of my slow return of ROM? 

@Wannasail - you have had quite a couple of years. 2010, new decade, fresh start! Thanks for sharing your experience. That is exactly what my OS has said to me regarding the sharp bone protruding from my kneecap - it's up to me whether or not I can live with it or not. Thanks Doc! Frankly, I don't care for either option! :(

@in2falling - I was just catching up on the kneeguru forum & saw your post. Congrats on achieving 90 to 95% recovery to date. 100% not far off! I hope my tightness finds a way to subside as yours has - please!

Stay positive folks - Steve 

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Hi Everyone:
I found this blog very helpful and education. While visiting in Chicago over the holdiays, I slipped on a patch of ice on 12-28 and my right leg got curled under my left leg when I came down. I did not hear and popping sound but felt this intense burning pain in my thigh. I could not get up and my daughter and wife call 911. An ambulance to me to the ER at Good Sam hopital in Lombard and was diagnosed with an acute ruptured quad tendon in my right knee. Because home is in Canada, my wife drove the 900 k , straight shot, to get me home on the 30th. We saw my doc New Years Eve morning and my New Years Eve I was on the Operating Table at our local hospital. The pain was excruciating to say the least but I am the Percoset and recovering at home. On the 19th I get my 27 staples out of my knee and a couple of weeks after that will start rehab. I agree that sleeping with leg immoblizer is a royal pain and I get 6 hours max a noght. Am taking Advil PM to help sleep. Fortunately I am married to a wonderful women who has helped me enormously through this tough period.
I am an eternal optimist and the glass is always half full. I know that I am going to come out of this for the better and am looking forward to a year of getting stronger.
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Hey Charnsophie, sorry to hear of your injury.  Sleeping for me was also a struggle because of the leg brace on my left leg and a broken right ankle in a boot.  I found a very comfortable way to sleep with the brace, turned onto my left side with my right leg crossed over the left.  I had never been a side sleeper before, but it worked and now 10 months later I am still a side sleeper. 
Good luck with your rehab!

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 Hey All-

We'll looks like I've joined quite a "distinguished" gang here... I fell on a patch of ice while walking around my car to knock snow out of the wheel wells on 1/2/10.  Right foot slipped out, left stayed planted and I fell sort of slow-mo completely backwards, flexing my quad to maintain balance... I was actually staring right at my knee when it popped and saw the kneecap move away (under the clothes) - I sprawled to the ground and screamed in agony while my leg spasmed and twitched... right in front of the neighbors!  Ambulance ride to ER, attending thought it might be a patallar tendon but they couldn't tell..  Got MRI on 1/4, saw Ortho next day and surgery was day following - 1/6/10.  

They did the hole in kneecap technique; gave me a "femoral block" to ease the recovery and an overnight in the hospital to check on fluid drainage, etc. Doc said it went very well - they test the knee post attachment and he said that there was 80 deg. ROM before the tendon was being "strained"... which he said was very good. 

Side note:  I just cannot believe that some of you weren't given a night in the hospital at a minimum... can't imaging trying to move yourself with this after surgery with just some narcotics to block the pain... the femoral block was a god-send... no pain (or even feeling) from upper thigh to below the knee for about 24 hours after the surgery... it was hellish after it wore off and I was already home!  Oxy wasn't cutting the pain the first day so they upped me to Demerol which did the trick on the pain but left me a wreck... after 2 days of chills, sweating, nasuea (even with anti-naseau drugs), shakes and violent spasms when sleeping at night... I quit them cold turkey.  Took about 1 day to get past the mini-withdrawl put now I can manage the soreness with ibuprofen and ice.  

I think I'm progressing quite well so far... I'm locked out at 0 deg. right now but he did give me clearance to bear weight as I can tolerate and 3 days ago I started hobbling around without crutches for periods of time.  The incision is healing nicely as well, so bandages are off.  Saw Doc yesterday for first post check-up and he said looks good, I could take brace off when resting (but not sleeping... yet) and also said that he was pretty positive that at the 3 week check-up I would begin PT.  Still a good amount of fluid on my knee but hopefully that will absorb or he will drain it at the 3 week check-up.

About me:

39 YO, been skiing since I was 2, raced in college (club - gates and beer!), worked in ski shops PT in HS and college.  Grew up skiing the "mountains" of Wisconsin but have skied all over the West, the East, and in France and Italy.  I'm an expert level skier but not as balls to the wall as some of you all... in fact, I haven't skied all that much over the past 4-5 years as we've been busy - we have 3 kids... 4, 2-1/2 and 9 months!  And we built 2 houses in that time.. moved 5 times!   I prefer nice high speed carving runs, and skiing powder in any situation... especially steep bowls or chutes.. not much into the bumps unless they are big, soft and not too steep... for some reason bump skiing and me never got along all that well.

I did marry a great woman who is also a great skier - she was a competitive racer in HS and is pretty much a terrific athlete... all-state soccer, etc. etc.

I'm really looking to get back to 100% so I can begin my next phase of my ski life... ski dad.  Our 4 YO was slated to get his second year of lessons this year but with me hobbled we had to scale back as it didn't work out logistically.  However, I know that this will be our family passion and I've been dreaming of the days when I'm chasing my kiddos down the slopes, watching them grow to love the sport that their mom and dad love so much.  

Another side note:  knowing that this is a relatively rare knee injury.... I find it interesting that in a google search this forum came up tops... I wonder if it's because of the big quads we build as skiers/bikers (I also LOVE to MTB - my goal is to be back on my bike by early June... ) are a cause of our tears?  i.e. we have the leg power to anchor against the forces and that puts all the stress on the tendon?

Looking forward to sharing and encouraging you all as we do this thing together... 

"Bank and Crank"
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BankandCrank - welcome to The Club! You will be able to ski again - just not this year. :(  Am curious regarding the origins of your screen name - must be an intersting story! You a banker & your dear wife cranky? No way - must be vice versa! lol

Welcome also to my fellow CanuckMan - great way to bring in the new year, eh? :) I can relate albeit one year earlier! Welcome also to charnsophie. Getting a decent nights sleep is difficult, hope you are finding a way that works for you? I find tylenol pm helps along with the pillow between the knees.

To the vets out there - great to hear from you. How are you guys & gals that are well into recovery finding the tightness, numbness & sensitivity that we all complain of a few months out but some of us "lucky" ones still have a year later? 

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Injured: Nov 15, 2009
Surgery: Nov 17, 2009

Bonjour Charnsophie. I was the latest one to be injured on this forum, until you came along...
Hello to all that already displaced Sophie.

Quick progress report after almost 9 weeks:

Was able to drive after 6 weeks (right leg injured). Therefore back to work on Jan 4th.
Was walking with only one crutch after 7 weeks. No brace at 6 1/2 weeks.
Started PT at 8 weeks with 60 degrees ROM.
Second PT session was 90, third today 110.
Scar looks great. Climbed a few stairs "regular way" today.
Can sit down with legs bent normally.
Can't go full circle on bike yet.
Knee buckles sometimes.

All in all seems like a good recovery, but still a long way to go before playing tennis or do spinning kicks at karate.

Take good care.
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 Quick question:  did anyone add the supplement glucosamine/chondrotin as part of their recovery?

Seems like that might add in recovery/rehab...

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Originally Posted by Tigger44 View Post

BankandCrank - welcome to The Club! You will be able to ski again - just not this year. :(  Am curious regarding the origins of your screen name - must be an intersting story! You a banker & your dear wife cranky? No way - must be vice versa! lol

Well, the name comes from my love of high speed GS turns... bank the ski, crank the turn!

The wife is definitely cranky but being a complete trooper... being a mom to 3 kids 4 & under is enough of a challenge without her husband around her all day needing help too.  Although, I am really trying to do more now that I can limp around w/out crutches... like do the dishes, etc. when I can.

A milestone for me yesterday.... I just barely squeezed my left leg into my car w/out too much pain  (Audi A6 - seat all the way back.  it's an automatic).  Was able to take a spin to get the car washed and also to pick up Thai food for dinner (guy brought it out to the car for me).  It did make the leg a little sore... mostly because I couldn't get the seat angled correctly to support the locked out leg fully... so a little pressure on the thigh.

I'll save more driving for when it's necessary, but nice to know that I can do that when needed.  But not to commute to work quite yet... that's a 90 minute ride... each way... so tomorrow I start a full work schedule from home. Fortunately I have a job where all I really need is my laptop, internet connection and a phone.

Also - looking for knee brace reccos... the one they gave me at the Ortho office isn't the greatest and is already starting to fall apart in a few places. 

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OMG be careful just checking in after a while do not have enuf x to follow all of this but 1st did wannasail do again??  2 charnsophie  on the sleeping thing... I am NOT A PHYSIICIAN AN DO NOT RECOMMEND what I did:  take the brace off my leg did not do anything that would hurt it Graceelia, how RU doing on the running thing?  I went 2 FL over new years with record cold and ran hard tweaked the back blah balh  Love and best 2 all and if NE one needs a better "cast" or brace or crutches let me no my email is roberttom@aol.com

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hey bankandcrank, I have 2 quite beatiful braces one is the frankenstien full leg mf and the other is is sleep tight get right shortie and if you can figure out a way 4 me to get them 2U great. roberttom@aol.com  also, I am not sure what an rccos is    positive attitude is key I am in DC and you are not in Northern Ireland correct?     
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I'm in the Granite State - New Hampshire - not Northern Ireland... I write it that way in my profile as a ittle joke on the way some people pronounce it...

Live Free or Die!    Best state motto in my opinion.

I was looking for brace "reccos" - i.e. recommendations.  I'll e-mail you re: your brace... might have interest in the shorty.




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Hi Everyone
Milestone 2 today. 19 days post op and saw my OS. Checked out my knee and he sees really good healing. Removed 27 staples and I cannot begin to tell you how much better my knee feels to get all that metal out. Kneecap skin is a little soft and slury but he assured me that will clear up.
Three more weeks of the immobliser and crutches and if all is well off to PT. He encouraged me to not baby it and put lot of weight on it.
Hope all is well with everyone and this website has been a blessing.
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Hi everyone,
Its been awhile since I checked in.
Hello to old friend Wanasail !  It has been 6 months since
my qtr surgery of 7/14, and while all is not perfect it is much improved
over the last 2 months.
My rom is 130 in the injured leg and 135 in my left.
The strength is equal to my weak left leg(from 2 previous surgeries)
and I have resumed activities(bowling coaching) except for baskeball.
Walking downstairs is now normal(except carrying heavy coolers which is how I got hurt)
I can't wait for spring and boating season to begin.
Wanasail... any big vacation plans this year?  The wife and I are saving for
Tortola in 2011(the sight of the mishap).
Welcome to all the newbies...... things will get better
Don't rush, an injury will make it an even longer process.
Good luck to all from,
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One more thing, this website was a God send. The info and
people on this website really encouraged me my 1st 3 months !!
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I'm curious to see how many of us are actively in rehab. on this thread:


NAME                   INJURY DATE        STARTED PT        INITIAL ROM      CURRENT ROM      NEXT GOALS                                     
Bank and Crank     January 2, 2010      Feb 1 (hope!)                                                                Start PT, drive car, shower w/out brace


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Wow!!! What a thread, sorry to say I'm not a skier, I'm a 49 year old mostly active throughout  my adult life playing basketball up until around the age of 45 that's when my hips started to bother me so I became a couch potato, on and off with b-ball until I looked in the mirror after a couple  years and decided to take up biking and lost about 40 pounds, my hips felt great ,my Otho Dr. said great, my legs  and body have never felt better (I believe my cycling helped, or did it with injury) Anyway I slipped and lost my footing ,my right leg slipped out from under me my left leg was all alone trying to save the day, NOT! down the deck stairs I tumbled about 10 steps
my left leg folded underneath me as I was falling I heard a pop! Ouch!!! I've never experienced anything like it the pain was excruciating to say the least, I than stretched my leg straight ouch! and tried to walk, I tumbled right down PAIN, more PAIN, I screamed for my wife to help as she did. That was on 12-21-09 around 8pm went  to the ER sat there for hours, after I was stable in a wheel chair the pain subsided, I was very comfortable it must have showed because around 1am the ER Doc finally comes to examine after the ex-ray showed no broken bones and she asks me to lift my leg, well I couldn't not a bit, she felt in between my quad and knee cap and than said can I be frank with you, sure I said.. I thought you were just someone looking for attention for a bruised knee but after feeling that gap in your leg I new how serious your injury was, you'll need surgery to fix it. (She was hot too ) So the fact that I might have sat there for no other reason than she thought I wasn't that hurt, was OK because she apologized for me having to wait so long. So on 12-29-09 I had the day surgery, I was given a choice of just the local anesthesia with a morphine drip or a one time shot right in the groin nerve that would numb the whole leg for about 12 hours along with the local anesthesia, I opted for the groin shot, Surgery went well I was home after about 3.5 hours, no pain until 2am. Ouch!!!! like I've read here I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. I took the Oxycondone and ibuprofen religiously until I couldn't stand being dopped up any more (about a week).Now its only 2 Tylenol extra strength at night. I was told at OS visit with the Nurse two weeks from surgery, to bend the knee at no more than 30 percent and to rotate the knee cap up and down side to side and  only weight bearing with crutches and knee immobilizer at all times, see you in 4 weeks. That's it! SORRY for the long winded e-mail this e-mail is therapy for me I promise not to rant again.
Anyway I cant tell everyone on here how therapeutic reading your stories are, I've only read 1/2 but I'll finish them all, after some of the posts I think I need to get off the couch more and take the PT a lot more seriously. Thanks to all, I'll be reading
PS I'm dreaming every day about the day I take my bike to the streets. THANKS EVER ONE!!!
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Hi All,

Greetings from potato land.

Thanks for all the info and posts - I have been a subscriber for the past 6 months - very, very helpful and informative.

I'm currently 27 weeks past surgery.  I injured myself in late June while riding the moto in the Boise foothills - standing on the pegs and wham - tore a ligament in my foot and a partial (hanging by a thread) right QTR before going over the bars.  The 25 mile ride home was interesting as we had to climb out of the backside of Bogus Basin - the local ski resort - before riding the slab down the hill.

Background:  6'5", 260lb, 47 years old former pro patroller and snow cat guide, river guide, cat sailer and Dad.  Definately a fat weekend warrior (the fat needs to change - wonder if the extra 20lbs contributed to my injury?).

Rehab started at about 12 weeks.  I was chomping to go but  my orthopod was adament that he wanted a decent healing process.  In retrospect this worked very well.  I am rehabbing w/a sports medicine PT which was an eye opener.  The variety of exercises and intensity I was given was only limited by constraints in my time and personal effort.   Am now on my own at the gym with a check up scheduled w/the PT in the next month. Really slacked at the gym during X Mas but am now back on it.  Based upon my injury I started driving again in a brace at about 4 weeks - could only fit in the F250 pickup truck and should have waited - I was not a really safe driver due to the brace and ROM.  It was months before I could manage to get into the Sube.  My best bet sleeping was using pillows as leg support where needed - not really fun for 3 months.

I am her to say that there is life after injury and even during rehab.  I fully believe that each QTR injury is unique. I think that you are your best evaluator - per consult with my surgeon, I managed to play a bit starting week 4 by dialing back my range of motion in my brace everytime I tried something new (but well within my abilities and Doc's OK).

Am now into the ski season - 11 days XC as of yesterday morning.  Holding off the lift served.  Started diagonal touring, hiked with skins on for a family New Years hut trip and have skated 3X.  The skating lateral movement is something that I can't replicate in the gym.  My right leg fatigues but I'm getting stronger - Dec. Biodex testing showed full ROM but only about 65% strength in the right leg.   My right leg no longer buckles.

My knee is still swollen even after 7 months?
My injury feels very slab like not very integrated like my left knee, ie bad mind set - I don't feel "whole".  Will this change?
I am still at a constant 2 on the pain scale although new soreness seems good due to my increased XC skiing activity?
Braces - I don't wear one.  Asked the Doc re: dirtbiking braces and he said not to worry.  ???





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Kamikazee99 -- Good to hear that you're coming along.  My wife and I are talking a return to Tortola, or maybe somewhere else, for another sailing charter.   The hard part is getting enough people together to share the boat.
BankAndCrank -- I've been taking glucosamine for several years to help with the osteoarthritis in my shoulder.  I think it helps.  I don't know if it made a difference for the QTR, but it certainly didn't hurt.
Chazman makes a good point -- you know you're not going to die as long as you can still appreciate the hot babes in the hospital.    I'm not talking, I could get in way too much trouble!

I'm hitting my 11 months post-op.  I can pretty much do everything I could do before the injury, but I'm still not as strong or as flexible.  The leg doesn't look or quite feel the same.  The good news is that at 58 I'm back out on ski's and will be back on my bike and sailboat this spring.  It could be a lot worse!  I wish all the very best - hang in there. 
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NAME                   INJURY DATE        STARTED PT        INITIAL ROM      CURRENT ROM     
Almostblackbelt         11/15/09                1/08/10                60                         110
Not walking normally quite yet and get tired quickly, but seeing improvements daily.
I was a fast walker before, but have learned to slow down.
The hamstring and quad feel weak and I am still going downstairs one leg at a time.
Looks like most of us opted for the nerve block which was a good thing for 12 hours...
For those who joined recently, your knee will bend normally again at 8-9 weeks but seems that strength will take much longer. I miss the days when I was breaking boards.
I really miss playing tennis as well. Othet than that, life as normal.

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 Injury:Dec 13, 2009
Surgery: Dec 21, 2009

First off, Thank you for everyone sharing their personal experience through this tough injury.

Im 30 yrs old, 6'8'' 265 and this is my second Quad Tear in 3 years. First one was a motorcycle injury where i was involced in a hit and run and the second being a bad landing playing basketball.  Heard 5 pops and saw that my knee cap wasnt where it was supposed to be. Im sure many can relate. I am 4 weeks out of surgery which was tough but trying to look at the cup half full. I had my first PT a couple days ago and my ROM was 37 degrees. Reading on how some had more flexibility than others on your first days of PT. Im doing a few leg excises but I dont remember my last Quad rehab being this difficult being that  this is my second quad tear, my first being my right quad . I look forward to keeping everyone informed and wish everyone a speedy recovery. Tomm is day 2 of PT. 
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                   INJURY DATE        STARTED PT        INITIAL ROM      CURRENT ROM     NEXT GOALS
Bankand Crank           01/02/10               2/1/10 (TBD)        n/a                          n/a                 Start PT, drive car, shower w/out brace
Almostblackbelt         11/15/09                1/08/10                60                         110                  Break boards, play tennis
Chazman                   12/29/09                TBD                   n/a                          n/a                Get of couch, start PT
h20-snow                    Sept 09               ?                           ?                          Full                 DH skiing, 100% strength back
wanasail                     March 09             ?                           ?                          Full                 100% strength/flex back, "normal" feeling
Quaddestroyer1          12/13/09              1/18/10                  37                         37                   Progress ROM. TWO TIME QTR!
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Took off brace last night for a minute to get some air and re-do the ACE bandage.  That feels good to do...

Was a little shocked to see how much my calf muscle has shrank already... it's down at least 30%.  Takes so much work to build.. and it goes away so quickly.

Also - I have an area on the left side of my kneecap that is still... numb.  No feeling.  Did anyone else have that?  Was it temporary or did it stay that way?
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Hey All,

Bank and Crank:  Thanks for the summary - very interesting.  For your records my injury was 6/16/09.  Surgery 6/23.  PT started 9/9 and ended formally 12/15. 

Goals are to lift serve this season - (I think I can, I think I can!), get to 100% on the Biodex, lose some lbs and run another marathon w/the wifey.  (The last may be a bit ambitious.)  Re feelings - my right knee changes daily - hard to describe but it feels "slab like" which I guess I could interpret as numb.  Today it hurts.

Again:  anyone with any experience w/braces?  Is there any benefit?  Was thinking of POD or CTi - mostly for moto uses although bikers wear them.


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