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Hi y'all,
MV Coach glad to hear your doing so well..... I decided to coach b ball for my son and daughters teams, so I'm sure you'll be ready soon.
My rom is good (above 125), but as Bruce Miller(marine) said I look like a ballerina gone bad
during balancing drills
MV... how do u manage with wall slides?  My "good" leg pops and cracks while I hold the position 30 secs.
Today is my last PT session unless my OS allows me to stay.
I am only at 4 lbs in ankle weight although the last week the legs hae felt better
Clumsy hiker.... your recovery is remarkable.  No where have I heard of anyone our age(I'm 51)
doing this in 3 months time...  I was without crutches or a brace at 6 weeks , but strength
and balance aren't there yet.
Just joined the "Y" testerday in anticipation of winter.
Winter officially begins tomarrow , as the pontoon boat goes into storage.
Well gotta go.
Kamikazee 99
p.s. Can't remember who posted it, but sure do wish I was at the "Soggy Dollar" bar in
Jost Van Dyke
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Nice to hear from you, sounds like you are making progress and glad to hear you are back into coaching!  In answer to your question, my PT hasn't had me do wall slides, I do shallow squats with weights (currently 25 lb.) in each hand.  Like you, my "good" leg makes much more pop and crackle noises during these than my injured one does!  Another interesting thing is that my injured leg now (post injury/surgery) has noticabley better "extension" (leg perfectly straight) than my good leg, and actually looks a little odd when I am standing with both legs straightened out as much as they can, as they do not appear to be parallel to each other.  My PT says that the good leg has some arthritis which keeps it from straightening out all the way.  I am also at 4 lb ankle weights.  My PT says that next week will probably be my last week with him, but of course I would like to stay with the routine as long as I can, because I really do believe it is making a huge difference in my recovery, 

Good luck to everyone!

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injury 8/30
surgery 9/04

Hey all, been a while since I've been on, great to read everyone's stories of slow and steady improvement ... and I guess clumsy hiker's more accelerated schedule. Wish I was on your schedule pal!

Finally saw my OS a couple of weeks back and took off the leg immobilizer after six and a half weeks ... She says repair looks great and I can raise my leg without any lag, which is the fear with this surgical repair. Leg lag = perma gimp, or more surgery... I have ditched the crutches, although I sometimes use a cane for longer hikes, ditched the brace and most importantly with some creative gymnastics that would make Olga Korbet proud, I can get in and out of my car and drive ... free at last!

Got through a couple weekend's worth of gigs (I'm a musician) and each gig I get a little less shaky, and have to sit  less to make it through shows ... although like a lot of us, I start the day with a bird sized leg, and by the time I turn at night my leg and foot are swollen like the elephant man's.

I'm at 60 degrees, sort of, right now and I have an ambitious time table to get to 90 degrees in few weeks. Hey Spinner, any idea of what the ROM has to be to pedal again? I think somebody posted it here before ... I tried a recumbent bike today, but I'm not even close right now... my PT basically just gave me a list of exercises and stretches, similar to the one my OS gave me, and the pace seems about as slow as a Rex Morgan comic, but I'll start there and see how it goes...just getting to the point where I can see there's a muscle under there will be a start! (most embarrassing moment in PT, "okay, tense your quad... oh you are?"

Once again, sure is good to hear from everyone - keep up the good fight! Hey MV Coach, Bruins had a good trade with the leafs... but watch out for those Flames...
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With some creative seat adjustments, you can probably pedal around 100 degrees of ROM. I couldn't get through the pedal stroke with my brace locked at 90. First time I went around, I did it with the brace on and unlocked. With a pretty normal bike setup, it's about 110-115 degrees to do the full pedal motion. More or less, it's also what you'll need to start going up stairs normally without swinging your leg out.

Best wishes. Pedaling the bike for the first time was one of my 2 great moments of liberation (along with driving) :).

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Hi All !

Welcome to all the newbies!  Sorry you had to find this thread!

I haven't posted for a long time.

Today is the "anniversary" of my injury....2 years!  Injury 10/27/07, surgery 11/12/07.

I just returned from a pheasant hunting trip in North Dakota, my first extended hunting trip since surgery. Actually had to cancel my 2007 trip due to injury.

Hunting pheasants in ND requires a lot of walking, tough terrain, hills, gulleys, uneven ground, holes, etc. No problems but i was certainly aware of the holes as many of you have had your injuries due to hitting a hole. On Friday my left (good) leg went knee deep into a hole, and I was very aware of how some of you were injured...survived! :-)  My knee held up fine, no real issues!

I continue to do whatever activities I want.  While I have no issues with my repaired QTR, I still feel a "fullness" in the repair site. No pain, no limitations, just an awareness that this repair occurred.

So my best to all for long term recovery! It will happen!

Keep pluggin'!

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Hey, just thought I would post how my rehab has been going. I ruptured my quad tendon on August 26th and was operated on 2 days later, so it has been just about 2 months. I was able to put weight on it right out of surgery with a locked out leg brace. The only rehab I did for the First 6 weeks was a passive leg bend of 30 degrees. After 6 weeks of no leg bending I went to the doctor and he tested my ROM, it was 60 degrees. After 4 trips to a physical therapist in a week and a half since, I am already up to 115 degrees ROM. I am walking without my brace and only put it on if I am going to be walking on iffy terrain. I also have started riding a stationary bike. After reading a lot about the injury right after it happened, I didn't think I would be this far this early. I have no idea how long it will be before I can play basketball again, which is how I injured it. I feel good, but very weak compared to how I felt prior to the injury. My doctor said that I may be able to start jogging in 8 weeks and if that is true then I would feel pretty good.
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 hey Rocky and all other fellow rehabbers...

anything from 105 + should enable you to get the pedal in motion...if you are at the low end of ROM i.e 105 deg it is pretty good idea to start with your saddle higher than normal as you leg will be virtually straight when the pedal is at its lowest point and you won't require the higher ROM from the start that you would need with your saddle lower.

Once you see how your motion is and how easily you can make the full circle , and are warmed up ...you can lower the the saddle gradually both during your cycling time as well as when starting a new session as your initial ROM improves .This will increase your ROM. You will also notice how your ROM  increases as the muscles and tendons warm up with gentle cycling.
Keep resistance low at the beginning...enough to stop the pedal running away but not enough to make you make the quad muscle work until you are ready to start building.... don't try standing and pedalling until you are doing strength building rehab....don't want to pop it again!! 
It is important to just take it nice and slow.
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 I was reading the dates here and 'spinner's" rupture occurred on the same day as mine, and "bkletter's" surgery was the same day as mine.  I did it! I ran for a mile today outside on the boardwalk of venice beach, last week when I wrote I thought I would be able to do it sooner, but when I tried the motion felt weird and I decided accidently spraining another muscle or joint was probably not in my best interest; I think what really made the difference in the last 8 days was my continued walking all the time (I take my dog for a 4 mile walk in the morning and another 2 mile walk later in the afternoon {it helps that I live only a 5 minute walk from the boardwalk of venice and santa monica beach; and that it is almost always warm enough at this time of the year})  the other two things that I do that really helped my form were 1) those walking lunges you see people do in the gym, my PT started me on them and they do incredible things for strength, flexiblily and most important for running balance. I do 2 sets of ten twice a day (weirdly going down on my 'good' leg initially hurt much worse. 2) use the elliptical machine: I used it everyday for the last week and I think the movement was so similar to running that it really helped I use it for 30 minutes on the highest level that i can keep it at 60+ rpms, try to not hold on to anything (when you get confidence) and you will notice that your muscles that help with balance come much more into play.  Also push for strength; keep doing lower body in the gym.  Most of this has been aimed at bkletter because I too was (am) an avid runner and was initially told i might never run again off a treadmill.  I'm kind of wordy; sorry but I just got home from the run; which initially was only going to be 1/2 mile but ended up a full mile and I ended up fully ecstatic. It's been two months today since my surgery.
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 by the way; bruce miller you are my hero! I want to be as active in 25 years as you are ( I actually have always planned to be but didn't really know if age just starts robbing you of your abilities. )  You give me real encouragement that I will be able to stay active late into life, I hope your rehab is speedy and you can get back to all the things you enjoy!
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clumsyhiker you have given me great motivation to try the running again.  I have tried a couple times but can't seem to get over the mind paralysis I have going on about that.  I am almost seven months post surgery and have no lingering effects of my injury except being afraid I will re injure myself.  I like the ideas, just need to get myself to a gym, because PA at this time of year is dark and rainy at any time I seem to be able to go out.
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Injured 7/21/09
Surgery 7/28/09
Started PT 9/21/09

I have one more week to go with PT, and then I will return to work (Ice Arena Manager) the following Monday.  I was measured on Wednesday at 140 ROM.  Strength and balance are good.  To put things in perspective, my belief is that, after 3 months, I will be 90% functional in terms of work related tasks (climbing extension ladders and any work while kneeling will be questionable for awhile) and living my normal everyday life.  Sports, on the other hand, is another story.  I was told by my OS on Wednesday (last visit until 1 year anniversary of surgery next summer) that he would recommend waiting until 6 months post surgery (late January 2010 - MAYBE beginning of January) to begin skating again.  Definitely not the news I really wanted to hear, but I'll have to be more creative while coaching from the bench until then!

Good luck to everyone!


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Injured 8/29/09
Surgery 9/8/09
Started PT 9/21/09
55 y/o female runner

Hi All:
There are too many tough stories out here.  Not many women, though!
My special-needs, behavior-disordered rescued Great Dane tripped me while I was running with him.  I landed HARD on the pavement on my knee, completely tearing my quads tendon and breaking off part of my kneecap.  The next day I slipped in my new granite shower, just missed landing on my tailbone but bruised up my back side, further tore my leg up, and broke a toe.  It's been a long ride back so far.  At 7 weeks post-op, I'm past 90 degrees kneebend, walking with minimal crutch assist, and starting to drive.
It's been great to see the progress of the other wounded heroes on this discussion.
Best wishes to you all,
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QTR rupture 22/08
Surgery 22/08
PT 25/09

 Great CarolSue. Keep up the good work. It's a long slow climb back isn't it!!! 
I am a week older injury wise and have just passed 115 deg ROM and can cycle very slowly on a stationary bike.
Getting to be hard grind now stealing back the degrees of ROM!!! .My knee was dislocated as well at the time of rupture so the retinaculum was shredded and the scarring and repair from this seems to give me more pain and discomfort during rehab exercises than the QTR!!!  Walking well unaided  now for several weeks and ...what a pleasure to be able to drive again!
Best wishes on a good recovery
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Injured 9/6
Surgery 9/10

Seems to have been an epidemic of these injuries in late August and early September! Welcome to the club, Carol Sue, a club none of us wish we'd ever joined.

Had my Bronson brace removed nine days ago, exactly 40 days after the surgery. Drove home from the doctor that day and I have to say my wife is happy her chauffering days are over. Drove 40 miles on six occasions last week and toward the end of that the pain in the knee area gets somewhat acute, but nothing I can't handle.

Have to say I'm amazed to hear people are jogging after two months. I'll be at that point next week and a few days ago I had to hurry to get somethiing, broke into a jog and my leg screamed 'No way!' Still a few weeks from that, and still at least a couple weeks from having the ROM to pedal a bike.

I continue my Ultrasound/electrical stim treatments with my chiropractor as well as my pool workouts - I sit on a noodle and just kick in the deep end for 15-20 minutes - and she's happy with my progress, though when I take a shower the difference between the good leg and bad seems huge. She's encouraged me to also try the elliptical machine at the gym and I plan on doing that today.

Had my first business trip over the weekend and wound up in NYC Saturday night. We had to travel from Penn Station (33rd St.) to a theatre on 52nd and have dinner on the way. To make a long story short, I made it - and made it back walking through Times Square on Halloween Night, which was certainly memorable. That's 40 blocks of walking, but more difficult than that was negotiating the stairs up to our balcony seats. That's the first time I've taken stairs one at a time and, while I'm the first to admit I struggled, I'm also happy to say I made it. My chiropractor Monday said the leg came through the ordeal well and encouraged me to keep working it hard to keep demanding more of the recuperating muscles. So that's what I'll do.
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Surgery 24/08/09
10 weeks post surgery today and 4th physio session in 2 weeks. stationery bike fine, elliptical good, but some of the exercises where weight is on flexed bad knee are excruciatingly painfull, lunges, balancing on bad leg on trampette etc  seem to set up the next day or two for tenderness in the knee which virtually stops me stretching even. Pain is right down the front of the patella on scar line, is this scar tissue tearing or the repair itself telling me to ease off . Still icing the knee to relieve swelling after exercise, (how long does this go on ?).
Other than that i can walk unaided on rough terrain for about 1.5 miles with the dog, stationery bike at home for 30-40 minutes so don't think i am to far off the average pace for recovery,lost the hinged brace at 8 weeks and have a good 125 deg ROM.Get the odd juddery type spasm as everyone else seems to experience.
Anyone else in similar time frame from op experiencing similar pain?
Good luck and wishes to all for a speedy recovery from England. 
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Thanks Garland and Spinner for the bike advice - still can't make it around, even using some of Spinner's techniques, but I've started doing the around and back, and using the bike to help with the stretching. I have to say I wasn't the most flexible guy before this injury and my ROM is coming back very, very slowly. I'm not even at 90 yet, despite using a towel to do assisted stretches etc... I have a real deadline, I have tickets for the Grey Cup (Canada's superbowl) in a couple of weeks, and this leg is going to bend enough come hell or high water!

Thanks again for the advice and inspiration all!
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 My surgery was 10 weeks ago today, I believe that I have now successfully met my agenda of where I wanted to be before I went back to work (in 9 days).  This is basically where I was at before my fall in regards to personal exercise routine; I now work out for one hour in the gym four times a week; alternating upper and lower body parts then go and get my dog and run him for four miles along the boardwalk.  Non-gym days (which will decease significantly in 9 days) I just run the dog.  I am not as strong as before and my running is slower ( I am doing about 11 minute miles outside) as well as a little more unsteady; I have to pay a lot more attention to uneven surfaces, etc. This I am sure will improve and my speed will also improve. Have been hiking twice now about 3 miles each time; but these are easy to moderate hikes only, still not comfortable with really steep; especially downhill and will not hike alone (this is something I am worried I may never feel comfortable doing again!)  My knee is still painful at times; ironically more from doing PT exercises than from the gym or running/hiking.  It feels like PT will never end! Everytime  that I reach what was once impossible they just up the ante on me.  My balance is not that great but it really never was; one day she had me stand on two jelly filled doughnut shaped discs and do squats, yeah right! Not only couldn't I see a reason this would help me but there is no way you can duplicate the exercise at home.  A little scared of returning to work; I am an R.N. in an adult psychiatric unit that has 12 hour shifts and have yet to stay up and on my feet that long.  For Gary Hann; yes when I first started doing AROM in PT it felt like my knees were going to rip apart right on the scar line. That is the period of time I previously referred to as when I had to stay in bed for two hours with ice and elevation each time I did my exercises; a horrible period in recovery.  I remember first doing squats and actually being able to watch my knee swell up as I did them; it passes.    Hope everyone is doing well and making good progress
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Cheers to clumsyhiker and and Gary Hann and floridagimp - you are amazing machines!
My progress is far less impressive.
This week I passed 8 weeks post op, and I thought I was doing good to have my Bledsoe brace unlocked, start driving, and walk 2 miles with the brace on, and all I missed of work for this whole thing was only 5 days for surgery.  BUT I seem to be stuck in ROM at just past 90 degrees, sometimes it's really stiff and I can't even do that.  I started strength work in PT this week which is pathetic because my whole leg looks like it just came out of a concentration camp.  There's no way I could even think of walking right now without brace and/or crutches - I would fall flat on the ground.  I push maximally in my PT exercises until I cry in pain, and the strength work hurts a lot and leaves me aching.  I did not stop PT exercises last week when I came down with a cold which has gotten worse and hopefully is not really H1N1.  Somebody wake me up when it's spring.
Best wishes to all our QTR colleagues in pain and suffering.
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Don't feel bad, In the last few weeks I have experienced a nasty week-long case of H1N1 (wife and 9 year-old son as well), then, just I was almost over that, somehow gave myself a pinched nerve in my neck that has caused tingling and numbness in my left arm and so much pain that I have all but forgotten (temporarily) about my QTR!!!  Hang in there!

Good luck to everyone!

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Thanks!  You have so put my problems in perspective.  I think I can say to you and others, I FEEL your pain.  It's a good thing we have one another - thanks to all of you for sharing and best of luck to all.  mvcoach, may you feel better soon so that you can regain your focus on pushing through PT for your leg.  We are fortunate to have a type of injury for which we can expect excellent recovery.
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 Hi Just got back from my first air travelling since the rupture..travelling into central and eastern Africa to attend a conference. The trip presented quite a few challenges with regard to stairs lugging suitcases , long walks with bags between terminals to find taxis etc and coming to the realization that the permanently handicapped have to put up with those sort of challenges and worse every day in this part of the world. I appreciated that I was NOW able to walk again (limp !!!!) up and down stairs albeit one at a time most times when escalators and lifts were not working (forget any air conditioning in the 40 deg !!:-) ) ...facilities are pretty limited. All myself pity ( that was lots !!) about my quad muscle still being really weak wasted and pathetic ; my ROM still far to go (115deg so far), my back aching from a lousy gait and a knee that regularly looks like a lollipop with a stick coming out at the top and bottom evaporated when I saw an elderly wheel chair bound lady having to be carried up a flight of stairs to the departures lounge almost getting dropped as one of her bearers slipped......... and here we are all .....getting mobile again!!!! I thought how far we have all come since the devastation caused to us by all of our accidents..... and how we are recovering..Clumsy hiker ,Florida Gimp, Gary ..Carol Sue , Rocky ..wow .....each one of us is progressing and returning from being handicapped. We are really fortunate. Well done .... keep battling ..push the limits of your injury gently every day ...don't give up!!!We have the opportunity to return to normal activity with work and determination. Thanks for the encouragement I get reading about all your guys progress. It make my day much better!! Cheers Spinner South Africa
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Hello all, I'm from Toronto, Canada. I have been reading this post since my complete QTR on the left leg playing basketball on July 27th/2009. I'm a 43 yr old male who has been very active all throughout my life. I've also had chronic tendonitis in both knees for a long while, and that my have been a factor in the injury and painful recovery. Had my surgery 16hrs after the injury, and I have read also that positive recovery depends on how soon you have the surgery. Approx.15 weeks post surgery and it hasn't been an easy road. Had a lot of swelling and tenderness in the patella tendon area when I started PT and had to scale back activity considerably. Had a lot of grinding under the kneecap. Seems to have smoothed out with increased quad strength. Started back working with resistance a few weeks ago and I'm making progress. I'm at about 130* ROM. The pain and ache has diminished and the quad itself is getting back some bulk and strength. I have no problem going up stairs but haven't been able to go down properly. Won't be playing basketball for a long while. Can't wait to get back into running form again. Being involved in competitive sports all my life, I would have to say, this QTR thing is by far one of the worst knee injuries one can suffer. I can do leg extensions with 10lbs and I am doing lunges and deep squats with a 45lb dumbell. Cycling a lot on the stationay bike as well. I have a complete gym in my home and I am more then motivated to get this leg back into tip top shape. But don't get me wrong, it's not something you should rush. PT is good, but I do more on my own. Looking forward to starting an acclerated PT program next week designed with more of a sports  focus. Bye for now. Will update soon. PS. It is very incouraging to know that my knee will feel like MY KNEE one day again.
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Hi everyone,(surgery July 14)
Just a few lines.  My OS and PT basically told me that they felt I could finish therapy at home.
I guess that is good.  My ROM is 130 degrees in my surgically repaired leg and 135 in my left... so I am doing okay.  The strength is not as quite there, only 5 lbs. on extensions, but I
joined the local YMCA to improve it.
After 4 months I can handle almost anything except going down stairs carrying a lot of weight.
(which is how I got hurt in the Caribbean)  This week I startedbicycling and jogging at 50 yd intervels and all
feels fine(doc said wait, but as Darren said I won't try bball yet)
I even put in to coach my 11 and 10 yr olds basketball teams.  To all ,just starting out there is light at the end of all the hard work.  I know this is by far the hardest I ever worked
MV Coach hang in there...  we get so wrapped up with our quad problem we forget that the rest of our body needs care too.
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Complete QTR - November 15th, 2009
Surgery - November 17th, 2009

Hi Everyone,
Thank you for all the great information about the injury, surgery, and recovery.
I was doing some light sparring at my karate dojo when I simply retreated, planted my right leg backwards, heard a pop and fell to the ground in pain. I knew right away this was not good. Anyway, you all know the rest of the story... Have been mostly in bed with a velcro brace since surgery and need help getting my leg down to move around, wash etc. I am 48 and have been active all my life with tennis, martial arts, spinning. My karate training was going great and I was scheduled to test for my black belt in Cuong Nhu in April. No more. Seeing my OS Monday and will go through the guidelines you all communicated. Can't wait to at least get out of bed alone.  Keep the feedback and tips on PT coming and best wishes of recovery to my ruptured fellow.
PS: We had a flight to Singapore and Bali November 18th...
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Injured 7/21/09
Surgery 7/28/09
Started PT 9/21/09
Finished PT 11/6/09


Sorry to hear about your injury.  The early phases of recovery are the most frustrating, mainly because of the immediate loss of independance and control of routine.  For me the 9 weeks of no driving/no shower were the worst.  It will get better, but you will find your patience will be forced to expand dramatically.

I have been back to work now for 2 weeks - so far, so good.

Good luck to everyone!

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Complete QTR - November 15th, 2009
Surgery - November 17th, 2009

Thanks mvcoach . 9 weeks without shower!  I took one worthy of a Cirque du Soleil acrobat yesterday...  Patience will be needed. The OS said today I could put about 20% weight on the bad leg. I feel that I will be improving fast, but maybe wishful thinking. We'll see. Feels like PT is at least 2-3 weeks away. I seem to recall some starting immdetiately and others 2 months after surgery. That said, I have total confidence in my OS who has seen many like these and being in the Bay Area, I know I'll find good PTs.

Kamikazee and Darren - Good luck with your recoveries. 

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Partial QTR tear (+80%) Right leg - Sept 5th, 2009
Surgery - Sept 22nd, 2009

Finally decided to join the group and add some of my experiences.  I tore my Quad tendon
while hiking down from an alpine lake in a nice rain storm.  I slipped on a steep slope as we neared the road and when I regained traction, it was more stress then my 47 year old tendon could take.  My hiking partner hear the pop from about 25 feet away.  I new right away it was not good.
My buddy removed my pack and headed for the truck to bring it to where the trail meet the road while I laid on the ground in pain.  Before his return I was able to straighten my leg which for me eliminated most of my pain allowing me to hobble with help the rest of the way taking 4 inch steps.  The Dr at the walk-in clinic later that day diagnosed it as a dislocated patella.  Early the following week I knew that was not right and found a OS whom correctly diagnosed it as a Quad tendon tear.  The tear was up from the patellar attachment point a started at the interior edge and extended ~80% across the tendon leaving the outer edge of the tendon intact.  The tendon was surgically repaired 17 days after the injury.  Just a few tid bits from my OS, he told me that he flexed the repair to 100 degrees before he closed to make sure the sutures would hold.  He also indicated that tendon to tendon repairs like mine take a bit longer to heal than tendon to bone (8 to 12 weeks in my case)

For the first 3 weeks I was in an articulated brace locked in the straight position and on crutches.  For those just post-op, I had specific shower instructions.  I purchase a shower stool and enter the shower with the brace on, sit down with the leg straight then remove the brace and hand it out of the shower then turn the water on.  No standing allowed.  Once finished, dry off while still sitting put the brace on then exit the shower.  It was quite the ballet.
After 3 weeks on crutches, I was allowed to walk with the brace locked straight but I could unlock it while sitting with 45 degrees of articulation.  At six week post-op still in the brace but unlocked while walking with 90 degrees.  I should add that with the brace unlocked, I could drive again.   8 weeks no more brace!!!!!

I started PT (2x/week) at 3 1/2 weeks with passive range of motion (ROM) and had about 50 degrees of ROM.  Even though I tried to do isometric quad exercises, my quads had mostly shut down and I could only contract what was left of them sporadically.  After a week and a half of electro stim quad exercises I could reliably contract them.  My ROM increased to 85 degrees by week 6.  Now at 9 weeks I am at 115 degrees and have been able to ride a stationary bike for just over just over a week which seems loosen the knee better than the other exercises I've done to date.  I have already lowered the seat position 4 inches from the first time I could complete a full stroke.

One thing I noticed were the dramatic improvements after new freedoms.  I struggled with swelling in my ankle while on crutches but that was cleared up with in a week of walking with a straight brace.  Somewhere between week 3 and 4 I was able to dress my self except for my right sock and shoe (that came at week 5).  After being allowed to walk with the brace unlocked I 'm seeing greater increases in my ROM.  I am happy with the progress I have made and I commend those who have pushed the recovery barrier.  I have followed the path layed out by my OS and physical therapist.  I guess I'm not willing to risk having to start over on this journey.

Now at 9 weeks I look forward to the day I can walk up some stairs as before my injury.  I know it will be along time before I'm at full strength but THANKFULLY to this forum I know that day will come.  As we head into the winter months I'm sure we will have new members to the QTR club and I hope the post on this forum help them though those first weeks until they start regaining some of the freedoms lost to a bum leg.
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Complete QTR - November 15th, 2009
Surgery - November 17th, 2009

Thank you very much Cascadecrawler. Very helpful timeline as I am only in my first week post-op. I was reminded by my OS today that even if I can shower now, I must keep my leg straight. I think there is a tendancy to want to know if the knee can bend a little. I guess no need to find out for another 2 weeks or so.  I just developed a rash under the brace so hydrocortisone for me.
The biggest impediment for now if needing help to support the bad leg to get out of bed or chair as I have no quad muscle. That's what makes me feel totally dependant on others for now and preventing working from home. 
Glad to read that you regained your independance and driving ability at 6 weeks.
Thanks again.
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AlmostBlackBelt,  I solved that problem by crossing my good leg under my bad leg at the ankle and using it to lift my bad leg in and out of bed/chair.  

As to the use of a shower chair made taking a shower  much more enjoyable than having to stand without putting weight on my leg.  I must say I'm glad I have a large hot water tank or I would have drained it during those early weeks.
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Hey Everyone,

I would like to report my timeline of progress as I was very happy this morning with my results in PT.
  • I had a complete rupture of the right quad tendon on 8/2/09
  • I had surgery to repair on 8/5/09
  • I started therapy on 8/19/09 and had a ROM of 35 Degrees (14 days post surgery)
  • I increased my ROM slowly to 68 Degrees on 9/30/09 (56 days post surgery)
  • ROM startered to improve faster over next 10 days and reached 82 degrees on 10/10/09 (66 days post surgery)
  • 2nd Surgery to remove/repair damaged cartilage 10/14/09
  • ROM improved to 94 degrees on 10/24/09 (77 days post surgery)
  • Changed PT to Better Facility with One on One Attention 10/25/09 (78 days post surgery)
  • ROM 110 degrees 11/4/09 (88 days post surgery)
  • ROM 122 degrees 11/11/09 (95 days post surgery)
  • ROM 130 degrees on 11/18/09 (102 days post surgery)
  • ROM 135 degrees on 11/25/09 (109 days post surgery)

I can't believe how fast the last 41 degrees have come.  Since I moved to the new facility the one on one PT attention really helped to finish the range of motion process.  I also started to increase strengthening and aerobic conditioning this week.  I finally feel like my life is returning back to normal.  I am still pretty cautious and wear the small brace outside or on slippery surfaces.

Patience is definitely a virtue when it comes to this procedure.  I am 41 years old and this has been a real life changer.  I am much more confident that I can have a good recovery and lead a pretty active/normal life again.  One thing is for sure, my three kids and I won't be using diving boards in the future!

Talk to you soon.

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