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Who knows?

Bulldog, IG, in2falling, brewman and PhillyBuster:

Thanks for all the good words. You've got me pumped up! The last three days I've been really working on my ROM. I looked around other small QTR websites and found 2 people who had the MUA procedure and they talked bad about it. They said they would not recommend it to anyone. When my OS brought the MUA up, I didn't think too much of it, but I listened. I took it as a challenge then, and have at least doubled my ROM workouts. Now, PhillyBuster challenges me! You're on, and good luck! I needed that.

IG: I mentioned to my OS how some of you from the forum started PT and other things a little sooner, but he got defensive and started giving reasons for being conservative. Who knows? Also, I got in the pool for the first time at PT and you were right. It's amazing what you can do without much pain. Hey -- gotta go work my legs...

Tiger Bait
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Like breman, I also do the dig your heels into the floor and lift the butt. This was tough at first and I also find that the hamstrings spasmed. But it does get better with work. I am going to try massage therepy to see if I can relax the muscles in the leg and also in my back. I find that walking with a limp has placed stress on the low back and it too is causing some discomfort.

I am up to 3 flights of stairs alternating legs going up stairs. I tried yesterday to alternate going downstairs. I made it about 4 stairs. The knee did not give out, but it felt like it was going to. So I went back to one stair at a time with bad leg first, then good leg to the same stair.

I am certainly finding the knee strength is coming back as is the stability. The muscles are still pretty flabby compared with pre-injury. But they are starting to rebuild. Although I confess that this regime the PT has me on is painful (as she and the OS said it would be) but it is working. I'm 3 days to 9 weeks post surgery and my range of motion appears stuck at about 120 degrees although she wil measure it again tomorow.

It's frustrating that each morning my leg has stiffened up and that it almosts feele like I have to start over every day. Like that movie Groundhog Day.
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Greetings Gents!

Finally! 70F here in Minnie!

Recall I spent 4+ hrs yesterday in the woods, cutting/hauling wood. I sure felt it today! But i did another 4 hrs and then just completed my workout with machines at my"club" (retired home wellness center) and of course the pool to wrap up. now icing.

A month ago I was wondering how i would get my yard work done, how I could mow the lawn, how I could get my garden etc in (I love the outdoors!!!)...now, I know I can do it! So keep the faith Men! It will come, there are just those frustrations along the way.

Anksign: I too went thru the morning stiffness, and still experience it to some degree, but again, it will ease. Try not to let the frustration get you! As I mentioned, I have had 2 occasions when, for a short period of time, I was not aware of my knee, as opposed to the 24/7 awareness! Also, going down stairs is much much more difficult than up, and some days I still have issues with that. Also declines, such as ramps to airplanes are tough. It will improve!

My right knee is the injured one. On the outside of the patella, I have a "swelling", although it is solid...looks like a great muscle. But the opposite knee does not have that. I plan to make an appt with my OS for the 6mo date (5/12) and if it is still there, see him and discuss. He also said he never hears from anyone he treats after the 14/16 wk period, so i thought i would stop in and maybe tell him about all of us...if he cares.

TigerBait: follow with your OS on MUA. Like you found, I saw many responses similar. I asked my OS about it...he said, if I didnt do my job we would have to do an MUA. He seemed sacarastic about it, but still the caution is there for you to ask.

I love this thread IG! Thanks!

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Just a short update. Following my agressive weekend in the woods and exercise, I woke up to a weak, sore knee, which felt unstable my first few steps. It has gotten better but feels stiff. Considering just the pool today!
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Bulldog - your new "swelling" above and lateral to your patella will probably stay with you, but just like you, it will get leaner and harder as the healing progresses. And ultimately, yes, it will look just like a gnarly muscle, but in a place where no muscle belongs. If you want your legs to match, you'll have to rip the quad off your other patella. I don't recommend it - however, my friends have been admiring my nicely-matched set lately, and quite honestly, it's getting pretty hard to tell which one is newer.

I went for my first off-road ride yesterday evening. Sunny, about 80, a gradual climb on dedicated mountain-bike singletrack, meaning lots of rolly grade changes, banked turns etc. With a long long downhill back to the car. Only about an hour total, with nothing real technical, but lots and lots of fun. I thought I was ecstatic after my first decent road-bike ride, but I obviously didn't know what ecstatic was that day.

IG - very glad to hear you're finally back outside on the bike. Look very much forward to getting off-road as soon as you can. I've ridden a route up out of Boise - good entertainment, but I had a hell of a lot more fun ripping around the Sun Valley area. The climb to Pioneer cabin is still one of my favorites.

VS - not looking good for stopping by on my way home from work. My wife had emergency back surgery a week ago, and won't be able to lift anything heavier than 10 lbs for at least 6 weeks. Meaning I'm now the one doing daycare dropoff/pickup. And that means I have to drive a car, dangit! So no bike commute for me, at least for a while. Maybe some Tues/Thurs eve I'll roll over if I can get someone to hang out with my wife and the kids for a while.

Keep it up gents - it only gets better. Plenty of plateaus and setbacks along the way. But just like wind, they all pass.
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Well 4 days post OP and feeling pretty good only took Advil twice today and did not take any pain pills. Took off the dressing a couple of days ago and have been showering since . Surprise that my cut was not longer only about 3 inches.

Manage to do 300 reps (3 x 100) of 30 degree PROM, felt tight but felt great after I did it. Not going to ditch the crutches just yet but I am putting about 25% to 50% weight on my leg with no pain at all. Figure I am going to be fairly aggressive about rehab and getting back but not Sinrider aggressive .
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18 Days After Surgery

I saw my OS for the first time since surgery on April 3. I got the staples removed and the incision looks good. He let me take the splint off for inside my home but asked me to wear it at all times outside of the home. I also got a referral for PT, with 0-40 deg ROM prescribed as well as "WBAT", whatever that stands for.

Walking around without the brace definitely feels unstable. When I swing my injured leg forward it feels as though my quadriceps is on the verge of contracting. I find it feels safer to walk backwards, particularly when ascending stairs.
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Thanks Chihibulldog. I look forward to the days of not knowing the knee is there. I agree re the inclines although this too is getting better. One thing that this injury has done is cut down on my usual 80-100 flights a year. And you're right, the ramps are a challenge. I saw the PT today and tomorrow I am 9 weeks post surgery. ROM today was 125 degrees. So I am happy with the ROM. Now just to get those muscles back. I'm curious re how long people are on the bike. I'm up to 10 minutes but the knw gets really sore and swells still. So my challenge now is to get the muscles built up again.

In2falling - good for you on your progress. Wow 3 inch cut. I should have had your OS, my cut was about 8 inches. Good luck on the being agressive. Hope that your recovery is fast and pain free.

Duncan - I certainly felt unstable when I took the brace off. I felt like I was going to fall at any second. Fortunately that feeling was short lived and the leg stability came back pretty quick after the brace was gone. Hope the same holds true for you.

Sinrider - hope your wife recovers quickly. My wife had her gall bladder out the same week I had knee surgery. We laughed as we both had the same bed and nurse in recovery. Then when we were both mying in bed at home recovering, we laughed at who as going to get up to make breakfast.

Quick recovery everyone. Summer is coming and we need to be out there enjoying it.
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In2Falling and Duncan: Looks like you guys are both going to recover pretty quickly, based upon how well you are already doing. From what I have gathered at this forum, it seems like the better recoveries are those which move forward a little more quickly. Looking back about 11 1/2 weeks ago, I did not expect to be where I am - everybody keep plugging away, and we'll all get there.

Did a couple of rides this weekend. The first day, just did about 10 miles on a flat road with very gentle rolls in it. Felt great, so the next day did about 18 miles with a stiff headwind and a couple of hills up to about 7% grade thrown in. The NEXT day, I was thrashed - both the leg and the body - that's what not cycling for three months 'll get ya'! So, yesterday, went back to a mellow ride - today will do the same. My PT has me working on a bosu ball - very painful to try and stand on just the hurt leg.

I expect to be doing some work with weights by the end of the week - still doing lots of isometric quad sets, and work with a theraband, along with wall sits and cycling.

Sinrider: you da' man! Keep on rolling - you are my inspiration! By the way, not many know about Boise mountain biking, but it really is phenomenal - 120+ miles of trails right out my front door - can access from my office during lunch as well Quite a bit of snow still on them up high, but down low they are nice and ridable (at least that is what my wife tells me). Sun Valley and Stanley mountain biking is great, but Boise is not bad for being right in town.

Hope all are well. Keep plugging away fellas'. We'll all get there.

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Hey, Tiger Bait - Thanks for accepting the challenge! How is your PT going?

I was back at PT yesterday. Lying on my stomach, I managed to flex back 50 degree ROM, unassisted. In the same position, I had my physical therapist hold down the back of my knee and flex my leg further back, reaching 74 degrees before I yelled, "Uncle!"

My PT has given me a laundry list of exercises, mostly stretching, to do at home. These are taking up an unexpectedly large amount of time every day. One stretching exercise that I have found best for increasing my ROM is to sit at the edge of the bed and let gravity do the work, pulling my injured leg more and more closely into a position vertical to the floor. Certainly uncomfortable, but bearable. I sit like this for 30-60 minutes, usually reading a book while gravity does the work.

I am still in the brace (and crutches) whenever I leave home, but it is now opened a little more than 45 degrees. I was surprised to find how soft the bottom of my feet had become after 7 weeks without walking on them normally.

How is your surgical area looking? My scar is just about free of all scabbing now and the skin is beginning to look okay. Still a lot of swelling in the knee though (sometimes in the foot too).


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IG, thanks again for this thread. Great work on the cycle.

All, you guys are awesome for sure. Nobody really understands this injury.

Sinrider, positive thoughts out to your wife Bub, that is rugged. Great work on the bike as well. I cant help but think that this spring season has been one of the best in years in VT. If you are out and about, if you locate sis house, look for the silver VW. I am there either tuesday thurs or monday wed. I travel this week to Colo springs for about a week.

The biggest success I have had in the last 2 weeks is walking stairs (lots of stairs) up and down at every opportunity. It is work but great for the muscle group and the mind. I have noted that I have had significant right hip pain (not the injured side), most likely due to right side compensation.

The best of days boyz. VS
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19 Days After Surgery

I saw my PT for the first time today. She seemed knowledgeable and has some experience with quad repair rehabilitation. She asked me to try to bend the knee, but the only position I felt comfortable doing this was on my stomach with her doing the bending. She did about 50 reps. She then had me attempt to contract the quad muscle. I was unable to do this so she initiated a small electrical current to stimulate the muscle into contracting. The session ended with 10 minutes of icing. She was concerned about the redness around the incision and thinks that there might be an infection. She drew a line around the red area and said that if it spreads beyond this point that I should seek medical attention. She said that it is the PTs that usuallly pick up on the signs of infection. I am hoping that the reddish area is caused by the dressing which was on for 18 days straight but I guess I will have to wait and see.

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Hey -

PhillyBuster: Sounds like you're coming along great! I'll get some measurements today at PT.

I felt like I worked hard before, but nothing like the last week or so. I am constantly working on ROM and getting my legs stronger. I'm spending very little time on the computer or watching TV now. I'm walking further everyday without any braces, just the walker. I can feel my confidence and my strength slowly coming back to my knees. I got to go to church Sunday, for the first time since my injury, but I used my wheelchair.

ROM is still slow and I'm not yet to my goal of 90 degrees required by next Wednesday, but I'm making some progress. I'm doing a little more than my doctor said, but it worked for SinRider, Vermont soldier, IG and others, so hopefully I'm not too far behind to catch up. I wish I would have found this forum a few weeks earlier than I did.

In2falling: A 3 inch cut is not bad and Ankhsign has an 8 inch cut. I have two 6 inch cuts. Here we are comparing scars... In this case, does size really matter?

Tiger Bait
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Well 5 whole days days post OP and knee looks much better this morning, color looks good and swelling is down quite a bit. Been sleeping without the Frankenstein brace for the last few nights and has been much more comfortable. I see that brace technology has not advanced much in 10 years since the last time I had to wear one of these awful things.

ankhsig: My bad the cut is 3 1/2 inches long . Appears he scoped me to check things out before cutting.

Idaho Guy: I am looking forward hitting the bike and going out for a nice long ride. Even tough its going to be a 110 here in Phoenix by the time I get to ride. I will have to do a road trip and go up north and go do some riding in the mountains.

Duncan: I always thought that infection was more of a risk right after surgery like the first few days after surgery not 18 days along. Hopefully the redness is nothing.
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VS - funny (not really), I had significant hip pain for the last week or so also, but on the injured side. At first I thought I had overdone it on the bike, so I laid off that activity for a few days. But the hip pain only got worse. And it was hard to put a finger on it - literally - I really couldn't figure out where it was actually hurting. Sometimes it felt like I'd pulled a butt muscle, sometimes it was in the hip joint itself, and other times it hurt down in the lower hamstring.

And most of the time it didn't hurt at all. But when getting up after sitting for more than a few minutes, man, excruciating! I had to take pain pills a couple of evenings just to keep from groaning out loud and scaring the kids.

After a few days of that though, I said the heck with it and went riding anyway (my glorious off-road ride I posted about on Sunday). And the riding didn't hurt my hip in the slightest, and for a while it seemed to have actually cured the problem. But it was back the next morning.

Gladly, it seems to have subsided almost completely after two more days of road rides. So I guess I'll never know where it came from - it may even have been from my daughter kicking me repeatedly in her sleep after crawling in with us last week - that is right when it started.

At any rate VS, glad to hear you're working on the stairs. Very helpful rehab-wise, and functional too. I'm doing a lot of those lately, carrying laundry, kitty litter, children, up and down since my wife can't lift anything.

I2F - the scar on my right knee, from 8 yrs ago, is about 3". The new one on my left knee is just short of 7". Personally, I feel the longer one healed much cleaner and more quickly. The bigger hole probably gave the OS much more room to work, with less material to pull back out of the way, and thus less stretching and tearing.

PB - good job on letting gravity do your PT for you. I found that seemed to be the easiest way to get ROM back, with the least potential for damage. Everything else I tried felt like it could truly hurt me, or the repair. Also - after my first QTR, I had lots of swelling too, all the way down to my foot. Pitting edema, and it persisted for months. In the long run, I think that was the primary limiting factor in my recovery that time (other than doctors' orders), since it was so painful for so long. But eventually it did go away, once I started being really active again.

Thanks for the good wishes for my wife, guys - it has indeed been rugged. She's finally graduated from creeping around with the walker to wobbling about with a cane. And she is starting to get more feeling back too, just a little bit more every day.

I sure look forward to the day when nobody in our house is doing rehab.
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I can DRIVE!!! Managed to get into my old 99 Dodge Stratus commuter car toady and drove around the block. Means I can get back into work next week :, even though work has been letting me vpn in and work from home.
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Congrats on driving, in2f! It took me 7 weeks, but I also began driving this Tuesday - just need help getting in and out with the left leg. Finally can lift that leg from lying down position, and bend the knee some and lift from the quad. I'm hoping to hit 80 degrees ROM when I meet with PT Friday.

A great exercise from PT - put a ball, like a soccer ball, under the knee, and she lifted the leg from the heel to a straight position, while I did my darndest to get the quad to support the lower leg. I kept squeezing in that position for a 10 seconds, hang and repeat. I began feeling tingling as the nerve endings tried to catch up with the rest of the leg - within a few days had movement with the quad. Keep doing the stretching exercises everyone, it makes a big difference - love the hanging off the bed, PB - gonna have to try that one! GL all!
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Hi Travelers!

Well after my weekend in the woods + exercises I did 2 days in the pool and no weights, elliptical, tm or other exercises. I pushed it too far but today I am going back to the regular exercise regime. I guess I will have to be more moderate in my activities but I still plan on pushing it.

IDG- thanks for the bike info, I printed it off and some other stuff from the web you suggested.
Sinrider-interesting about the "gnarly" muscle that isnt muscle! It didnt appear until maybe week16 or 18 and I have been waiting for it to disappear. Sorry to hear about your wife...must be tough to have 2 rehabers in the house...but glad to hear she is getting around. Have her start her own thread!

Anksign- WOW! ~90 flights a year! you are a road warrior! If you are ever sitting up front on NWA (I mean Delta now!!) save me a cocktail!
After my PT moved from E-stim and lying exercises, I progressed up to about 15 min on the stationary bike. PT would start me on bike and then measure ROM and I could see how bike helped (that & OS made me decide early on I was buying a new bike!). Actually the bike success led me to end my hospital PT.

Duncan- I could get the quad to fire early on, doing quad sets, but PT started E-stim almost right away, increasing both the stimulation and time on each visit and it definately helped.

I2F- Wow! 3.5 inch scar! mine is about 6 in. On visit to PA to have stitches out he explained he reached in and pulled down the quad, OS stitched, repeat, repeat etc! sure glad i was out cold!

I am glad to "hear" all the positive attitudes out there! keep it up guys!

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Hi Gang: I spoke with my PT this morning about this forum. She has checked it out, and really likes it. She says that she thinks it is helpful to have all the information we have in one place. She also believes that the primary reason for the drastically different protocols is because the injury is relatively rare and not seen often by PTs and OSs. She says with respect to a torn ACL - you would not see the diverse rehab protocols - everybody does them, and everybody knows how best to rehab them. She also stated that she believes the single best thing a person can do is to get in the pool and try walking as soon as the scar has healed - I can vouch for that!

She has me starting weightlifting now. Boy, am I ever WEAK!! Even when I did my ACL five years ago, I had some ability left to lift weights - now nothing. She says it will come back very fast, though. She also says that by far the most important type of lifting to do is "eccentric" rather than "concentric". Eccentric occurs when you are letting a weight back down (the muscle lengthens during this contraction) - concentric occurs when you are pushing it up (the muscle shortents during this contraction). Most all injuries (and I'll bet this includes all of ours) occur during an eccentric muscle contraction. THus, it makes sense to work that particular movement to ensure it doesn't happen again. So, she says to really, really work the weights slowly as they come down - as slow and steady as possible - over and over and over and over. She says the concentric strength will naturally come, but eccentric must really be worked on.

In2Falling - I went to college in Flagstaff - loved to ride there - hope you can get out of the heat and up north soon. Also, congratulations to you and Uncle Crunch for driving - it is a relief to be mobile again, I am sure.
TigerBait and Philly Buster - Great work!

SinRider: Hope your wife is better quickly - I imagine it is extremely hard with a couple of VERY little ones running around.

All the rest - keep it up! It is happening for all of us slowly but surely. Best of luck and thoughts to all.
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Hey -

Philly Buster: I had 2 weeks to go from 70 to at least 90 degrees, or my OS said MUA. I went to PT yesterday, and at the one week mark, my ROMs are 83 and 86 degrees! I feel pretty good about that, but still working hard to pass my goal. I know you're working hard, too!

In2falling and Uncle Crunch: I also want to say great work on the driving.

IG - Thanks for all you've done!

Tiger Bait
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21 Days After Surgery

Good thing I had the splint on this morning as I slipped on ice while walking to work. I recovered before falling down but the knee definitely would have buckled if I was not wearing the splint.

I saw the PT for session #2 this afternoon. Luckily the redness around the incision has gone away so I don't have an infection after all. I did a few ROM exercises. I can get to about 30 degrees. The PT's preference is to have me lie on my back and prop my leg up against the wall and gradually move the foot down the wall thereby bending the knee. After a few reps I found it hurt in the upper hip area. At home I will give this a try but will probably stick with doing the ROM exercises in my la-z-boy chair instead. It is more comfortable and better for NHL playoff viewing. The electrical stimulation helped to get the quadriceps contractions going; I think I can do these now. The session ended with more electricity, this time with an ice pack over the knee.
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Hey guys,

This has nothing to do with reality, but I had a dream last night (for the first time since my accident) in which I was walking without any brace or crutches. In the dream, I forgot to grab my crutches while getting out of a van, and I just walked away from it. I can't wait for that to really happen!

sinrider - Thanks for sharing your experience with swelling. I've been thinking about you and your family. Sending you my best wishes for a rehab-free household!

Duncan - I hope your redness is shrinking and there's no infection there. My incision had a harder time closing at the bottom of my knee - there wasn't enough flesh there to allow it to close up easily, thus leaving it susceptible to infection. It filled up with scab though, and I never had an infection. How is the electrical stimulus working for you? My PT has been applying it to me for a week now. I'll mention more about it below.

Tiger Bait - How's it going? You are beating me (and I while I'm happy for you, my competitive spirit is sagging . At PT today, I gained only 4 degrees ROM over my last measurement on Monday - 74 degrees ROM today. My knee, as well as foot, was more than usually swollen today by having been up and about all day yesterday. Not trying to make excuses here, but my PT said that the extra swelling prevented me from flexing further today. My PT also said that I can expect to have swelling ("pitting edema") for a long time yet. You are probably also beating me in terms of walking, too. I take off the leg brace at home, but am dependent on both crutches without it. With the brace, I can walk very slowly (too slowly to get anywhere, so it's mostly just for exercise) with one crutch under the arm on my "good" side. This puts more weight on my injured leg, I think, thus forcing it to do more of the work and building up the injured/weakened muscles more quickly. (I was surprised to find out how weakened my toe muscles had become in the last two months, and how much I use them when I walk. I can really feel them now.) Good for you, getting to church on Sunday. I haven't been able to get to mass for eight weeks now. Can't sit in a cramped pew, nor do I care to stand on crutches for an hour without moving - that would only make my knee and foot swell up more.

I'm wondering what the experience has been for other guys in lifting their injured leg horizontally after surgery. After eight weeks, I still cannot lift my injured leg horizontally while lying in bed. I struggle to do so every day since starting PT two weeks ago. My leg squirms when I try, but I can't make it levitate. My PT is not too happy about this. She continues to apply an electrical stimulus to my injured quad to make it contract. How about the rest of you guys who had a complete (as opposed to partial) QTR? How long did it take you after surgery to to raise your leg horizontally while lying on your back?

Am curious about the differences in scar sizes. Didn't we all have more or less the same surgery? My scar is about 6 inches. How did some of you guys get away with a shorty?

Cheers to all,

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Today marks 1 week post op and everything seems to be going well. Was actually able to lift my foot up whole 3 inches over the shower lip getting into the shower this morning, whole leg and whats left of my quads where shaking . I hate that feeling!!

Still using the crutches but sure if I wanted to I could ditch them. Doc said I could go to 60 degrees prom of motion but still just doing 50 maybe try 60 this weekend. Got an appointment Monday morning with him an going to ask about ditching the crutches or going to one.

Really hard to find any info on rehabing this injury on the inet. Best thing I could find was the below articles on 330 OL from back in 2002, and another one on one early motion and weight bearing. If any one has more links post them please.


Duncan: Happy to see false alarm on the infection.

PhillyBuster: Use The Foce to lift that leg, sure when you get that first one to come up once you will be rocking and rolling doing tons of leg lifts. I don't know about the scar size either I was just expecting much larger one. Right after the injury I did not have hardly any swelling for hours and knew I had cleanly torn it off the knee cap. I could see a nice knee cap with nothing attached to the top of it and could see the tendon coiled up 2 inches above it. I do have three small scope holes around my knee so I know he scoped me before cutting. Maybe some surgeons like more room to work and like sinrider said bigger cut means less skin stretching.
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PB, the dream is real and it will happen when you least expect it. I dumped crutches 6 weeks ago and use the flex brace only when I am in situations that might not allow me to focus such as Home Depot or flying. I keep my brace in the hatchback of my car and managed to get to work twice this week without it. Funny how it happens, you just forget. My advice to all is to work on the functional needs that you have such as stairs, distance walking, uneven terrain, dragging the deck table and chairs out of the barn. Focus, focus focus on these real task and the stability and normal function returns almost unnoticed. Amazing.

In2falling- I have a very funny story driving 2 weeks post op, a rental chrysler 300, an icy vermont hill, "all season radials", 140 mph registering on the odometer and 8k on the tach. Needless to say, I am a prime reason why no one should ever buy car from Avis that has just come from the rental market.

Off to Colo Springs for a week. The best of days to all. VS
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in2falling: Thanks for the links. One other football player that had this injury is Ahman Green of the Packers. He came back for several very good seasons after his recovery. Pretty impressive considering the strain that the quadriceps must be capable of for an NFL running back.

Phillybuster: I found that when I contracted the non-injured leg at the same time as the electrical pulse that that helped spur the injured quad into action, i.e. try contracting the quad muscles in both legs at the same time.
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in2falling, VS and Duncan - Thanks for your encouragement. Really appreciate any ideas about how to lift up my leg again from a horizontal position, lying on my back! I'm more focused on that goal than any other right now.
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Greetings to All!

In2Falling: you asked for web info. Actually it was my frustration with my "progress" around week 17 that my search led me to IdahoGuys thread. This thread, while not "medical", has some very good info on what others do and what one can expect in rehab. Check back to the very first page and read Johnny's Zoo on some links. Also IDG's reference to a blogger, Sinrider's description of his first QTR and on page 2, my reference to the NFL lineman.

Actually, it is rather interesting to review the early posts to this thread and know we are all progressing, sometimes with setbacks, but we will get there!

Best to All!

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Philly Buster:

Don't have much time, but this worked for me when I had the same concern. Try this: Lie on back. Lift up your bad leg with the help of your good one. Lower it as slowly as possible. Repeat until fatigued or painful. I'll bet after a couple of days of those exercises you'll be able to lift it no problem. Keep going!
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Sorry! I had meant to reply to your inquiry on leg lifts.

I was shocked when i could not lift my leg post surgery. I was given 2 exercises to do: quad sets (lay on floor and flex quad) and straight leg raises. I could not do the leg raise so would do as IDG suggests, lift my repaired leg with my other foot. On day 12 post, I managed 5 unassisted lifts. By the next nite I did 20....but it was not easy and hurt. I did not look back after that. So use what you have to, foot, another person, etc....it will happen! So much muscle mass is lost so quickly, it takes a long time to regain it...but it will happen!

Keep plugging PB!

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Idaho Guy & chihibulldog - Thanks for your suggestions. I'm impressed that you were doing leg lifts so soon after surgery! I am now 9 weeks post-surgery and still can't lift the darn leg. (And i was a decent runner before this happened....) The PT is giving me some pretty strong electrical stimulus. I try like crazy to lift when I feel that buzzzzzz in my leg and see it twitching. PT says just lying on my back and trying to lift (even without succeeding) is good exercise. I do that a lot. I'll take up your suggestion of lifting the injured leg with my good leg. Thanks, guys.
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