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9 Days After Surgery

ankhsign: thanks for the best wishes; I hope I am more mobile by then too.
Phillybuster: Good for you for getting in for surgery so soon. I wish I went straight to emergency right after the injury instead of wasting time with family doctors and referrals for x-rays and MRIs before getting to see an OS. Fortunately I wound up with a good surgeon though so I am optimistic about my prospects in spite of the delayed repair.

I am interested to know whether participents did upper body exercises during recovery. Before surgery (but after QTR) I found that I was able to do dips for chest/arms and pull-ups for back strength. It's a bit more risky though since of course it is impossible to warm up properly. I thought about doing push ups as well. Maybe it is safer to hold off on these until I see my OS on the 21st.
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Thanks everyone for your thoughts on swelling. Duncan I have not been doing upper body, but can't see why not.

Almost 8 weeks (3 more days) and I can now do 2 flights of stairs alternating good and bad leg.

The frozen peas are always good. I have a few cloth bags filled with small beans and stitched up. They don't quite feel as cold as peas but they do the trick, mold to the knee and don't thaw or melt. The cloth is also a little more comfortable than the plastic bag too. Of course I'm not gonna eat the beans later either.

Not sure if any of you have had the same advice. However I was told by surgeon that as soon as the tendon has healed then start pushing the rehab hard. Surgeon says it will hurt like he.. which it does, but he says I have to do it to stretch the scar tissue and tendon. I must confess that when I was taking it easy, the pain was worse. Then when I really stretched it, it really hurts to do this, but hurts less afterwards as I have more mobility and tendon is not as tight.

Good luck everyone. Hang in there and this will be over before you know it.
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Slowly, but surely

Saw the OS Friday, marking 8 1/2 weeks. ROM was at 70. He measures the diameter of the thigh. Muscles are coming back he said. The brace is now open to 90 degrees all the time (except while sleeping). He cleared me to walk with the brace open, and to walk without the crutches. Went out a couple of times yesterday and probably put in 1/2 a mile. Today, went out a couple of times and did a mile all total. It isn't just the injured leg that got out of shape. I can feel it in my back and other leg. But it's good.

I've been lucky so far in that pain and swelling has been minimal. I wonder if the PT routines which started at week 4 have something to do with it. I've been doing isometrics on the quad, gluts and leg raises 3 times a day. The routine goes like this, tighten the quads and hold for 10 seconds. Do 10 reps. Tighten the gluts, hold for 10 seconds . . . 10 reps. On my back, 10 straight leg raises. Yup, hold it up there for 10 seconds. That's the one that I can really feel doing some work. Then onto my left side and raise the right leg up and hold. 3 sets of each exercise at each session, 3 sessions a day. Granted, I had to work up to the 10 second holds, especially on the straight leg raises. Then there's the ROM stretches. They are; bend and stretch until pain (then a bit more) or until the brace bottoms out. Same plan - 3 sets of 10, 3 times a day.

It really is interesting to read about the variety of treatments.

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Brewman it is interesting to read about teh variety of treatments. My surgeon said full weight bearing one week post surgery. I wore straight leg brace for one week. Then when the staples were removed (8 days post surgery) he put me into a flex brace starting at 30 degees, this was adjust 15 degrees each week. After about 6 weeks, he told me to throw the brace away and stop using it. During the 6 weeks he told me I could take the bace off at night as long as I stayed on my back with the leg up on a couple of pillows. He told me to start physio after 6 weeks.

My daily exercise routine includes the isometrics brewman outlines. I also have a 3 times a day routine of:
- 3 X standing facing away from a chair. Bending the bad leg up behind me and resting it on the chair. Slide my knee forward until it is aligned with good leg and hold for 10 seconds
- 3 X sitting with legs both at 90 degrees. Gradually slide heal of injured leg back until foot is under the chair. Keep foot flat on the floor under the chair and hold for 10 seconds. This one is brutal on my knee
- stand at a counter and do 10 sets of leg curls
- sit on a chair with legs at 90 degrees. Alternate bring each knee up to the chest and hold for 3 seconds
- lie on my back with bad leg up on an exercise ball. Slowly use the leg to roll the ball towards me as far as I can and hold for 10 seconds. Roll the ball back
- Lie on my back an bring both feet up toward by butt. Curl feet towards my body, dig me heels in and lift my butt off the floor and hold for 3 seconds
- lie on my side with knees pulled toward my chest and pillow between the knees. Keep my ankles together and lift one knee off of the pillow as far as I can. Hold for 10 seconds and release. Repeat 10 times
- bike for 5 - 10 minutes
- ice for 10 minutes

Surgeon said that I have to be aggresive to tear the scar tissue now and stretch the tendon, or the recovery will be a lot longer.

When I expressed fear of tearing the tendon again, he replied that with the way he stitched it back on that my bones will break long before I tear the tendon again.

I will confess that as he and the PT said, the stretching causes sometimes severe pain. However I can't argue with the results. I'm 2 days away from 8 weeks post surgery. I can now walk about a mile, I have been brace free for 2 weeks, I can climb 2 flights of stairs alternating legs (not keeping one leg straight and doing a stair at a time as I was for 7 weeks) and my flexion was measured last Friday at 117 degrees. I went from 70 degrees to 117 in a week. I also do straight leg raises about 3-5 X daily. The muscles are coming back, but to brewman's point, both legs have suffered muscle loss. The muscle in my good leg is coming back faster than the injured leg.

I'm interested in what others are doing for their exercise routine too.
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Gents, I never cease to be amazed at the wide variety of treatment and therapy views from the experts. I swear I am going to go poke my OS to see if he is alive or at very least, see if he really went to med school. As always I continue to do much of this type of work but it is without OS approval.

Sinrider, I am in Jericho most tuesday and thursday evenings. If you are coming from the Guard base down Lee River rd, her house is a brown ranch that is just past Walts Auto Repair, i think that is what they call it, it used to be the crossover kennels. By all means stop in to say hello. Congrats on your great work on the bike! You are a mad man!

Duncan, I did unauthorized upper body workout all during my recovery. Push ups, sit ups were not a problem and the usual gym machines. I did find myself wanting to over do it a little but my shoulder would let me know about it.

Akhsign, if you are still icing, have your PT write a script for a cryocuff. The unit fits around your knee with velcro and you have a thermos unit that you fill with ice and water. It works on simple syphon and was a godsend early on. You can keep cold on the knee for about 2 hours with water and a tray of ice. Simply put the thermos on the floor and the warm water goes fback to the thermos, lift it and you get a power hit of chilled water. You can get on online if they wont write a script.

The best of days boys!
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ankhsign - Regarding your inquiry about others' exercise routines: it seem that you and me had our surgery at the same time (mine was 2/21), but you are way ahead of my in recovery. I just had my first PT session four days ago, 7 weeks post surgery. My OS wanted me to start PT 5 or 6 weeks post surgery, but my blood clotting was discovered just then and that delayed me. Until I started PT four days ago, I was in a locked brace (zero degrees ROM) around the clock for seven weeks and walking with crutches. Now my therapist wants me to take off the brace at home and sleep without it as well. I am told always to wear it (still locked at zero degrees ROM) and to use crutches outside the house.

My exercise routine consists mostly of stretching. On my first day of PT, i reached 40 degrees ROM. My therapist said most QTR patients achieve 60-80 degrees ROM on their first day of PT, but she also said most QTR patients start PT sooner than I did. i can do most of the PT exericises at home in bed, but the relative softness of the mattress, compared to the firmness of the PT tabletop, prevents me from getting the full effect of the exericses.

Not sure why my OS had me wait longer than most of you to start PT. Either he is more conservative or else my QTR was worse than average. I remember the OS coming to my hospital room the day after surgery and telling me that he had been surprised in the operating room to find that my quadriceps was "frayed" or tattered; this seems to imply that most QTRs are a mere tear of the tendon, leaving the quadriceps wholly intact. Did any of you guys have a frayed quadriceps?

Like you guys, I have been athletic all my life. Played lacrosse and soccer when younger, but for many years now have just been running. I suffered my QTR when I fell while running relatively fast. Nothing fractured, my leg didn't even get scratched, but the quadriceps tore. My OS said that the tendons lose their suppleness with age; nearly all the QTR surgery he does is on athletic men aged 40-60. Maybe guys like us have put too much stress on our quad tendons over the years, leaving them more susceptible to ruptures. I'm thinking about taking up a less stressful activity like swimming when I recover from this. But I have not yet put my desire to run another marathon to rest....


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Hey -

Duncan: I started doing unauthorized upper body the day after surgery until now, using free weights and a theraband. I did chest and arms one day and shoulders and back the next. My upper body may be stronger than before the injury. You will loose strength in your legs, so you will have to keep your upper body strength.

Brewman: Your leg workout sounds a lot like mine, except I do them now without any braces, and have built up to holding them up 45 seconds each, twice a day. I try to hold them a little longer each day. I'm glad your muscles are coming back, because I know mine look smaller every day.

Ankhsign: That's great that you're walking up stairs alternating legs and the doc had you in adjustable braces after 8 days, and weight bearing, and now you've stopped using your brace at all. I'm still waiting on my adjustable braces, but walked about 25 minutes with my straight braces today. Also, your increase with your ROM is teriffic this week. I sit in my wheelchair with my feet to the floor and roll back and forth with extreme pressure and pain on the knees. I also lie on my stomach with someone pushing up hard on my legs. I do both exercises 3 times a day. My ROM has increased, but not as fast as yours, but I'm trying hard!

Keep up the good work!

Tiger Bait
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as scary as all these posts have been, I think this is a great thread given the numbers of folks interested in it from all over and AFAIK the relatively obscurity of the injury itself (although it appears to be rising unfortunately).

This is why the interweb is great IMO
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11 Days after surgery

Thanks for the encouragement to proceed with upper body work outs. I stopped by the gym yesterday and did a few sets of lat pull downs followed by dips and triceps extensions. I intended to do some pull ups as well but felt my injured quadriceps start to contract during the first rep so I left this exercise out. Not the most intense work out but definitely better than nothing.

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"Frayed" QTR

I found out some more about the exact nature of my QTR injury today and why my OS had me immobilized longer than most of you before starting PT. I was told that most QTRs are clean and straight across, almost as if sliced with a sharp knife. In such cases, the quadriceps muscle remains wholly intact itself, but requires surgical reattachment to the patella. In my case, the QTR was not such a clean rupture. My quadriceps frayed or tattered when the tendon ruptured. As a result, my OS had to snip off the tattered bits of muscle and regroup the quadriceps before reattaching it to the patella. The result is that I have less quad muscle than before and the regrouping of the quad meant that I had to stay immobilized longer.

The longer period of immobilization means that I've built up more scar tissue that has to be broken down. I envy you guys who got an earlier start on this process! I was back in PT today for two hours of stretching and achieved 50 degrees ROM. And my leg brace was unlocked today for the first time since my surgery nearly 8 weeks ago (from 0 degree ROM to 45 degrees ROM).

Did any of you other guys have a frayed QTR? What has been your experience?

Thanks for any input.


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vermontsoldier thanks for the suggestion re icing. This is great and I'm going to ask. Re the comment on different therapies and poking your OS, it still remains to be seen which one of our surgeons and which strategy is right. I look at the various treatments and keep thinking about which strategy is the right one? Or is there a right strategy? Maybe they all work. Maybe none of them do? let's just keep hoping that whatevery strategy the OS suggests that they work for each of us and we're all back on the mend and recovered in no time.

Phillybuster my surgery was 2/19. So we had surgery a couple of days apart. I smiled when I read your comment about OS coming to see you the next day in the hospital. I live in Canada and you have to be almost dead to be admitted to hospital here. I injured myself on 2/18 and then diagnosed and scheduled me for surgery the next day. Then applied a straight brace, drugged me up and sent me home. The next day I went back to ER, had surgery in the afternoon around 4:00 and was home by 9:00 p.m. When I said on 2/18 that they count not be serious about sending me home, they said there was no way I was spending the night. And off I went. An overnight stay would have been wonderful though.
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Hi Guys. I am astounded at the amount of information trading that takes place here - I had never even thought about the discussion PhillyBuster had with his OS - a tattered set of quad muscles -who'd a thunk? (OUCH!).

I've been hesitant to give my health care professionals the web address of our little discussion here, but it seems to me that it would be extremely valuable for them to be aware of patients' thoughts, concerns and information exchanges. So, I am going to forward the address to my PT and OS (unless someone objects?). I really think the type of discussion we are having here might help improve treatment and rehab of future unfortunate QTR patients. It will, if nothing else, help health care pros know more about their patients' concerns.

At almost 11 weeks, I am still in a brace set at 90* flexion. I don't use it at all at home anymore, and walked 1/2 mile on Sunday morning without it. Still walking in the pool 1500 yards a pop as often as possible (although my two teenage sons' track, soccer and school schedules is making it very difficult to conduct rehab - but they are only this age once). Cycle at least 1/2 hour most days. Lots of leg lifts, short-arc extensions, balance work, isometric quad work, rolling on a foam roller to loosen up the IT Band and sutured area (ouch!), working with a theraband, doing deep knee wall sits. In short, I am ready to move on.

Seeing the OS on Friday and desperately hoping he lets me get on the road bike - I'll promise not to climb any hills, and will promise not to get on a mountain bike if that is what it takes (I'd have already done it like SinRider, but my wife has expressed her extreme frustration with my refusal to follow Dr.'s orders - she doesn't want to go through another one of these - Soooooo . . . I've not yet got on a road bike to preserve peace in the home). Also desperately hoping he lets me out of this brace - I am done with it and it is not helpful anymore. I really feel and believe that I need to get out and be active in order to fully rehab this thing.

Wow, I'm talkin' too much today. I hope all of you guys are hanging in there. SDAmigo and Duncan - hang in there, it does get better. My two best tips: Spend time in the pool, and get yourself an "Iceman" and use it every night all night (check on the web). Best of luck and happiness to all.

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Hey -

Philly Buster: It sounds like our OS is the same guy -- same rehab. Our 6 1/2 and 7 weeks immobilized is the reason we have more scar tissue and are having a harder time getting our ROM back.

I ruptured my quad tendons but not the muscles. The quad tendon represents the 4 muscle tendons that go into the patella. All 4 were ripped and layered ruptures off the patella. Look up "Knee, Extensor Mechanism Injurys" online for an explanation.

I quit wearing my straight braces to sleep on my own last week (at 7 1/2 weeks). I can't see how it can hurt any, because now we're bending them so much. But don't tell my OS, because he might freak out over such aggressiveness. When I see him, he doesn't stay long and I have many questions. Does anyone have any good questions for my OS appointment tomorrow?

Tiger Bait
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Hello all -

I'm interested in knowing more about your recovery, Tiger Bait. What have you done in your "authorized" physical therapy so far?

By the way, I think it is okay that you sleep without the leg braces. I was told by my physical therapist to start sleeping without my leg brace last week, which was my first week of PT, 7 weeks out from surgery.

I can lift my leg, flexing at the knee, while on lying my stomach in bed - not much, but I'm getting a little better at it each day. I cannot yet lift my leg at all while lying on my back or seated upright in bed.

I am at 50 degrees ROM at 8 weeks out from surgery. My goal is to reach at least 90 degrees ROM by the first week in May. For those of you who started PT as late as I did (7 weeks out from surgery), how likely do you think it is that I can double my ROM in the next 2 or 3 weeks?

The scar tissue build-up in the quad definitely causes sharp pain when I flex the knee, but the pain in my patella is excurciatingly worse. What is the cause of that? Is it all the wires that now go through the holes drilled in the patella?

Thanks for all your information and support, guys.

Philly Buster
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Guess I will join this ruptured quad tendon gang here. Did a complete tear on my right quad tendon over the weekend skydiving. Was coming in for a landing on a zero wind day (makes landings little trickery and fast) everything was going great was sliding out landing when my foot caught some uneven ground and pop quad tendon snaps. Was weird because had absolutely no pain and did not swell up until 6 hours later.
Going in for surgery tomorrow to get it reattached, lucky my orthopedic surgeon was able to squeeze me in, he is a very good and popular surgeon.
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Welcome to the gang, in2falling. Sorry to hear that you had to join us, but you are in good company in this forum. I have learned more about QTR from these guys than from the health professionals who are taking care of me. I am 8 weeks out of surgery tomorrow, with a particulary nasty rupture and long-term PT, but I get a little better - and feel a little better - every day. I wish you well!

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Aksign, agreed on your comment regarding what is the single best tx. I dont think that anyone really has the best protocal for this injury as it is quite infrequent for sure. Honestly, being 10 weeks post surgery, Dr No has given me no PT, wants me doing nothing but I have about 120 degrees flexion, minimal pain, minimal brace use, able to climb and decend a set of stairs with ease and able to leap tall buildings in a couple of well placed and thoughtfully planned bounds out. It doesnt make sense but I am happy with my progress for the most part. That is why they call it the PRACTICE of medicine! They are all just practicing.

in2falling, welcome to the group. Sorry for your misfortune and good luck with your surgery. There is something to be said for staying inside a perfectly good aircraft.

IG, no objection to providing this thread to your providers. If it can assist them to provide better information and tx to QTRs, go for it. They need to know that with this injury, there are no wrong answers except, Dont reinjure.

The best of days. VS
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I've been reading for the past week while I began my rehab, I have finally decided to join the fun! Wish we all didn't have to be here, but thankful we've all found this - some great information to share!

As for me - 41 yr old teacher, 2/26 slipped going down the stairs in my townhouse, never fell, just landed hard on the left foot and felt the ugly pop we all know too well. Found out that day that I had torn 75% of the Quad, had surgery on 2/29 - one leap day I was not jumping up and down for! Haven't been able to go back to school yet, and don't think I'll be playing in the annual student/teacher kickball game! Hope to be back teaching before June.

I was in a cast for 5 weeks- got it off last Monday - started PT next day. Had 20 degree flexion. Worked hard for the week - today I've hit 70 degrees - my PT says nothing short of miraculous! I can walk and bend, but still cannot lift the leg while lying on my back, beginning to get some numbness and random pricklies in quad muscle area - PT says this is normal as your nerves try to remember what they are supposed to be doing.

Now to give back - while in the cast, I bought a yoga strap - costs about $10. Looped it around the shin area of the cast, and could lift my leg myself, get up and down independently. Now that I'm out of the cast, my genius wife took a sock, cut it, fashioned a "dog collar" that could wrap over the sock around the shin and through the yoga strap using velcro, and voila, I can lift that leg, exercise independently, and get up and down from the couch and bed, as long as I carry my "leash" (the yoga strap) with me. It might look a little funny, but it may be of use at different stages of the process. Hope this helps - good luck and good healing to all of us!
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Well little over 24 hours post op and pain finally starting to subside. Man that first 24 hours was pretty painful, much more painful than my ACL surgery on my other knee. Docs says that everything went as planned and wants me a start 10 degrees passive motion today and then increase it 10 degrees everyday till I get to 60.
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15 Days After Surgery

in2falling: I am interested and surprised to hear that your OS has you doing ROM exercises so soon after surgery. Did he tell you how many sets/reps he expects per day? Do you do these yourself or with assistance from someone else to bend the leg?

SDAmigo: Are you still doing six hours a day with the danniflex? That is quite a time commitment but if it is effective I will definitely ask my OS about it when I next see him on the 21st.

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Hey -

Philly Buster: I went to my OS Wednesday and now he's ready to get aggressive. He said no more straight braces, skip the adjustable ones, and start walking without any braces - just the walker. I'm glad for that! In the 2 weeks of being aggressive, I went from 48 to 70 degrees, but I'm kind of at a standstill. I'm really working them hard, but now he says if I don't get to 90 degrees in 2 weeks, he will have to give me anesthesia and have a MUA (Manipulation Under Anesthesia). He says it will be very painful when I wake up. That's what 6 1/2 - 7 weeks immobilized gets you, but we were following doctor's orders. These next 2 weeks will be tough to break the scar tissue, but we'll just have to suck it up. He also said the pain in the patella could still be from surgery.

I also could not do leg lifts 2 weeks ago, but had someone help lift them to start as I tried to hold them up. After 4 or 5 times of this, they stayed up and I was able to lift them on my own. Now I am holding them up almost 3 minutes. I just think the muscles forget and need a little help to get working again.

Brewman: At 8 1/2 weeks, you said your ROM was 70. How has it come along since then?

In2falling: Sorry to hear about your injury, but I'm glad your surgery went well. It sounds good that you're starting passive motion today, because my OS didn't start me until 3 1/2 weeks. I went skydiving 5 times about 25 years ago, and it was the greatest. I hope you will be able to get back to jumping.

Uncle Crunch: Sorry about your injury---but, welcome to the club.

Tiger Bait
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Wow! The thread keeps growing! Thanks Idaho Guy for getting this going!

For those of you early in your rehab, here is what I was doing 3x/day, 20 reps January 1, 7-8 weeks post surgery:
- toe raises both legs
-step exercise 3.5" (stand on stair bad leg, dip good leg to floor) I like this exercise, I still do it when I can't do other things or if knee feels stiff
-seated leg lifts with theraband (band to good leg for resistance)
-short arc leg lifts with theraband (similar to above but lying on side)
-1-leg toe raises (bad leg)
-reverse leg lifts (lay on belly and bend knee to butt, this was good, think it was beneficial to gaining ROM)
-heel slides (described in earlier note, lay on back, foot on cookie sheet, slide towards butt for ROM. Hurt bad at beginning, hated it.)
-Bridging (on back, for gluts and lower back)
-Glut medius (lay on side and lift bad knee out and up with resistance)
-seated "heel slides", hold 20 sec (for ROM, i did this a lot when at various functions, work, church, etc)
-Isometric theraband (4 positions, working all 4 quad muscles) this was good to gain strength.
-Wall squats
-balance work
-treadmill (started at 2-3mph, but did not continue this as the "hitch" in my gait was so strong)
-stairs as needed.

For the first 3 weeks post I slept on the family room couch. The first week I was on percocet and had to take them evry 4 hours, unfortunately they only gave 2.5 hour relief. And I found myself up every couple of hours to try to stand to relieve pain. I went to back to bed dec 5, one day after receiving my flexible brace.

Idaho Guy- yes, share with your OS/PT. My guess is that OS are too busy to bother and so much of our info is anecdotal they won't be able to cope with it, but PTs might. I do think we should organize a OS mtg to discuss this, with some of us presenting. Unfortanately, like i say, our info is anecdotal. Perhaps some of the newbies can keep better records than i did.

Sinrider- you kick my butt! Can't believe you are doing what you are doing but then you have experience (unfortanately!). I really think you should try to get on an agenda for an Ortho convention and present your story. It is pretty significant difference between your first and second QTR, and certainly different than VS's Dr No.

Tigerbait- have you seen some other web sites where folks have asked for QTR advice? I recall early on reading some on MUA, and a patient advised (having gone thru it) not to have her OS do it. So my advice, ask lots of questions. Also, my thighs are almost similar (22.5 wks). Early on, before i did my first PT, I would poke my bad thigh with my finger and it would wiggle like jello. It is much closer to the good one now....I am not sure if an OS or PT would consider that a technique to diagnose progress but it works for me!!

SDAmigo- I drove with immobilized leg 35 mi to mall for Christmas shopping...stupid, but i needed to get out. My OS said you can drive but if you have an accident, you are in serious physical trouble!!!! I do think the patella drilling reattachment is significantly more serious rehab.

Duncan- I did no upper body, figuared I had to re-do the whole thing anyway, plus, at 57 yrs, if i dont keep up with it daily, i lose. So I figuared I would start the whole bod at day one again. But I would have done upper body otherwise.

PhillyBuster- frayed quad! ouch! i had only heard of tendon issues from my OS that required patella drilling...no wonder you had an overnite at the hospital! they pushed me out soon as they got my blood pressure below 135! (and I dont have high BP typically! was up to 190 I was told post)

In2Falling- so sorry to welcome you to this thread, but it will give you encouragement. Hold on, work hard, keep the attitude positive! I agree with VermontSoldier though, why leave a perfectly good flying aircraft!?

UncleCrunch- somehow that name fits what we all feel!? Welcome also to our group. (Idaho Guy--you need to get us all tee shirts or caps or???) Your injury was similar to mine (look back to page 1 or 2) in that I "skiied" down 4 stairs to an abrupt end! Looking back, i am amazed i stayed in the SW and flew home 3 days later alone (El Paso->DFW->MN), and then flew to Pittsburgh 2 days later! Dumb!

Ok Gents, I need some help. Many of you sound like serious bikers. i still have my 10 speed from 1973. I want to get into biking. All I know or have heard is that a bike should be "fitted" and i could do well in the $800 range. suggestions, advice appreciated!!

I want to tell all of you: I am 23 weeks next Monday 4/21. I will be 6 months May 12. I think i can start to see/feel that there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!! Keep faith!! There were many days when i thought i would never get back. Tiger Bait mentioned he felt at a standstill...so did i, and to some extent, that still occurs. But, similar to going from 90 ROM to 110 to 120, I can "feel" improvement. I still lack total confidence in the stability of the knee; turning on it (left to right or vice versa) still makes me think; but i actually went up a long flight of stairs at work this week at a fast pace to catch up some time....and i didnt think about it until i had actually started doing it! It will happen!!!

Keep working! Keep the faith! We have a growing Brotherhood!

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Woooooo - hoooooo!

Hi guys. 11 weeks out today. Went to see the OS this afternoon. He has a broken ankle from skiing Squaw Valley three weeks ago - bummed, but also is a very good patient.

But the good news is, he told me to ditch my brace, and start riding a road bike (although take it slow)! I am so excited to get home, I can hardly wait! It's like Christmas all over again! But, he did tell me no mountain biking for 2 months (Sidenote: the mountain biking in Boise goes primarily like this: ride out of your house to the north a few blocks. The hill tips to at least 10*. Climb at a powerful but slow rate for at least 3,000* up hills tipping up to 20* in some places. Go down. Repeat). Still, looking forward to lots of easy road biking for awhile.

In2falling and Uncle Crunch: Hang in there - I think all of us would tell you those first 24 hours are some of the worst we've every experienced (and the first week or so is a bad week). It will only go easier from here on out. I echo others: Welcome, but sorry for your injury .

TigerBait: You have to be one tough guy to go through what you have dealt with and have the good attitude you do. Psyched you are progressing!

All: The OS told me today that my progression was the best he had seen on one of these QTR injuries - he attributes that to early PT, my continually working on PT every day, and walking in the pool early. Try it guys, it works!!

Here's hoping that all of you are on the mend, and able to resume normal, happy, active lives very soon!

Idaho Guy
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Forgot to add about a bike: If you are certain you are going to get into biking, you need to determine what kind of bike you want - are you into mountain biking or road biking? I suspect road. If so, I would encourage you to spend at least $1200. The mix of components on a $1200 bike is far superior to that on an $800 bike, and they should last longer (look for Shimano 105 components if you can).

As far as the type of bike, go ride a lot of them! Take your time and enjoy the process a lot! A new bike is something that only happens a definable number of times in a person's life - I can remember every single one of mine. Don't rush it. Go into several bike shops several times, give them your $$ limit, and ride every bike in that price range. Try to learn as much as you can about the frame materials and frame "fit" - Different types of bikes fit differently. Go to Road Bike Review.Com, and start looking at the new bike forums. But I think when you buy, simply buy the bike that feels the best to YOU - don't rely on anybody else's preferences for name brands. Go to good, reputable bike shops and ask lots of questions. If they don't treat you right (sometimes bike shop guys are a little snobby), go somewhere else.

In short, figure out if you are buying a mt. bike or road bike. Then, figure out the type of frame you want (generally for "real" road bikes you are talking about a racing fit, or a "relaxed" touring-type fit). Figure out your $$ limit and then ride as many bikes for as much time as you can before your purchase.

Have fun, I envy you!

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Duncan_CalgaryAB: He wants me to do 4 sets of 10 to start off with on PROM and wants me to move the knee cap around also. Said he is concerned with scar tissue under knee cap and on the repaired tendon. Going to be having my wife and kids help with out with these at first.

Tiger bait: Think this might have ended my jumping career, will see what the wife has to say in 6 months.
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Nothing to contribute except welcome to the new QTRs.

For what it is worth, I am not sure what everyone elses situation is but I have been getting laid fairly regularly since 3 weeeks post surgery. I dont mean to be so base but it has been a critical part of recovery!

76 degrees in Vermont this weekend and we still have skiing at many areas! Happy but bumming!
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In2falling and Uncle Crunch, it's with mixed emotions Iwelcome you to the group. While I'm glad you're here and hopingfully getting some help and support from us all, I'm sorry you injured yourself in the first place Here's wishing you both a speedy recovery.

I've read a few posts re scar tissue. That is the reason the PT and OS both told me to get active right after surgery. And yes it hurts like.... well you know how bad it hurts. However I have found that the scar tissue and tendon are easier to stretch now than before. PT was sicked and cancelled on me this week. However I've been doing my exercises and stretches and icing of course. I'll find out Monday how I'm doing, but suspect I am at about 120 degrees 8.5 weeks post surgery. The muscles are slowly coming back in the bad leg. Good leg muscles are coming back faster of course. I'm quite happy with the range of motion, but I'll be happier when the strength is also there.

I also want to say thanks to everyone for your thoughts, comments and support. I find that my wife, health care professionals and the people in here are likely the only ones who understand how painful this injury is. When one of my coworkers this week said "gee you're really milking this sore leg aren't you" I almost told her off. But people just don't understand that this is no minor injury. So thanks everyone for your help, support and just for listening. I appreciate it.

Hang in there everyone. Here's hoping that we all make a complete and painfree recovery soon.
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9 1/2 weeks

Tiger bait, I went into PT Friday, the 9 1/2 week mark, and ROM was just past 90. Having the brace unlocked has helped. Now that I'm walking with a cane, I'm walking even more. I can feel the strength coming back. In the house, I walk without the cane, now, but still with the brace.

Another thing that may be helping getting strength back is walking up and down a very gentle slope. I noticed that the first few days going down hill (on crutches), the injured leg would give out sometimes. But I did feel the muscle trying to catch. After a week, the muscle seems to be holding much more, though, I still wouldn't trust it just yet. Going up was much easier. Have yet to try any stairs.

The latest exercise is targeted at the hamstring. On my back, I dig my heel into the floor/mattress and hold for 10 seconds. Had to be careful with this one. The hamstring can cramp if done to intensely.

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Hey Tiger Bait - Thanks for sharing your PT information with me. You are a role model for me - when I find this tough, I think about you. And if you can do it, then I have no excuse not to do it too. Keep up the good work!

I started PT last week and have had 5 sessions. During this first week (starting 7 weeks out from surgery), my ROM went from 25 degrees to 40 degrees to 50 degrees to 53 degrees to 60 degrees. My PT, holding the back of my knee with one hand and flexing my calf back with the other while I lie on my stomach, tells me that her hand on the back of my knee can feel the scar tissue "snap". I

've never heard of a MUA before. I hope that I can do this on my own!

My quad muscles are having a hard time "remembering" - my PT started me on electrical stimulation of the quadriceps two sessions ago.

Tiger Bait, how about if we challenge each other to hit that 90 degrees ROM target in the next two weeks? I was immobilized for 7 weeks, just like you (until starting PT just over a week ago).
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Back to the Woods!

Hi Guys!

Idaho Guy: thanks for the info on bikes! Yes, here in eastern MN we don't have many mountains! Our elevation is about 896 ft. We do have rolling hills but nothing like you have of course. Thanks again!

I ventured into the woods today. I have about 32 acres and cut/haul/split/stack wood. 2 fireplaces, recreational only. I generally go thru about a cord+ a year but this year, in spite of a long MN winter, didnt come close to that amount. For some reason i was pre-occupied!
I considered putting on the brace, but thought of Sinrider and went for it. It is about a 15 min walk out...i was careful and cleared area of limbs b4 starting so as not to trip. OUt 4 hours, cut a fallen oak and hauled it back. VS, i have a DR Power Wagon from Verginnes VT, near you?

It was a strenuous workout for the knee but i felt like a woodsman again!

Then went and did my daily workout regimen finishing in the pool. Guys, it will come!! Now I am icing, knee looks a little puffy.

TigerBait: again i suggest you google MUA and ask lots of questions.

Best to All!

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