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Hey all,


The brace is gone!!  Now the PT has the green light to stretch me to full range of motion, which means I am in a lot of pain tonight.  They put me on the bike and I could not even make one full rotation, I just rocked back and forth as much as I could.  Then when she stretched me, well, lets just say the stretching made the electrical stim seem like ice cream.  Oh well, no pain, no gain, right??  It is good to be finally moving forward. 

I am taking the kids to the beach in a few weeks and I just keep thinking, at least I can do that without the brace. 

To all the new folks on this site, hang in there, it may be a long haul and it may hurt like hell sometimes, but with hard work and the good support and advice you get here, things will begin to look up.



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Wanasail, thanks for the advice on icing, I am trying that.  I also talked with the OS about it and he just said it should eventually get better as my ROM increases.  Now that I have the brace off, I can also do my home PT program at work on my lunch break, so I don't have to push myself too much in the morning. 

You have given me a lot of great advice since I have signed on to this site, I truly appreciate it!!!

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June 2,2009

1st post wk 8 post op


Hello Everyone!

So glad I found this forum and I have been reading for hours. Thank you all for sharing and updating

your progress and hope you don't mind if I jump in! 


On April 1st, I slipped and had a direct hit to my knee after chosing to walk on a wet tile floor. The result was a quad rupture to the right leg and I am in my 8th week post op. ( 4-10-09 op date.). My husband was able to work from home for 4 wks which was a blessing and now my daughter is home from college assisting me.I am not driving yet but I did get in the front passenger seat 4th wk with brace. I started out loud laughing! 


Gentle  PT so far and massaging to soften scar tissue started during wk 5. and just saw the OS. I have the ok to get a bit more agressive with rom and ease into strength training. I walk slowly around the house on my own. My brace is set at 45 although I have measured at over 65 at PT. I can sit in chair and have foot on the floor comfortably. I have been doing some bending  excercise on my own last 2 wks to add to 3x wk PT.


This has been both physical and mental roller coaster ride thus far. At age 15 my left leg/ankle was 

injured severly in a motorcycle accident-  1 month in traction-9 months in cast and after I remained active using my right leg to take the lead or brunt of my activity. I am stressing out my ankle a bit now and will need to watch while rehabin this injury.

 This past experience had me in action pre-op and I ordered a hospital bed along with the wheel chair, walker etc. ordered by OS. worked out great.


I am looking for coming out  of this in better over all shape than when this all started. An athlete up until 

30 or so I would consider myself out of shape big time. Kids gone and now time to take care of myself.

Sometimes, ya gotta hit rock bottom before ya get it. Everyday alittle better. 


I will close for now and look forward to tracking our progress together.




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June 2,2009

8 wk Post OP


P.S. Originally from Minnesota then to Cincy/Cleveland - where I loved to Cross Country SKI and participate in long bike rides. Been in the Dallas Fort Worth Tx. area last 13 years.


P.S.S.  My OS thinks I could Cross Country Ski again...that would be a hoot.  

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Hey Floridaguy....I'm in Fla also and am currently 4 wks post-op. I had an 80-90% rupture with the remaining tendon pealed back about 50%. I fell in Nicaragua...so also I know the joys of falling in a 3rd world country.


Just a few questions if you don't mind....I am 43 and a "big" guy and was wondering you age and overall size, Just so I can compare recovery speeds. It sounds like you are doing well. Did you have to stay off the leg the entire time between surgery and PT or were you allowed to weight bear at all? I see my OS this week and I am hoping that I will be allowed to do that. Oh the simple things we wish for now.


It sounds like you are doing well with ROM. So you are two full months into PT and have full ROM back. That is wonderful. Any tips that might help as I start PT? The ankle weights sounds like a good idea. You can work on strenght during idle times at work ect.. 


Thanks for any help or suggestions you can give.

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Just a question in general.


Before I knew my injury was so bad, my chiropractor suggested something called K-laser therapy. Has anyone heard of this or more importantly used the K-laser treatments? If you have, what sort of success have you had using it?


It sounds good from what I have seen on the web site...but we all know how that goes. My OS said that he has heard of it but it really doesn't do anything but my Chiro guy swears by it.  Again...just looking to someone out there with real hand knowledge.

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Graceelia- I'm knew and I think we are around the same time line - I had my surgery April 10.

I stayed up reading entries about what you and others have shared and am inspired. I am 52 3/4's! so a little

older than you but we share the opposite legs ankle challenge. Are you out of your ankle cast? I have been thinking of taping mine so I can workout the rest of my body more rigorously...I am considering myself at ground zero right now. I have made progress every day and do count the little things but now I am accountable for my recovery.


After reading everyones share I am not sure I will be staying with the PT I have currently. I'll know more

after today's session. I want someone who is able to address more than ROM recovery with me. I am more than just a leg!


Someone mentioned Gaston Technique which I was going to inquire about but did not know how that

would work going over my scar etc. at this time.




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4-10-09 surgery


I just have to throw out there to those active in the pool I hope you will stick around for awhile and/or continue to share. I am not in one yet ...but expect to be soon. I just have to figure the in/out saftey plan.


CVOBS- 4 wks out I started really seeing the path to recovery as I was ok'd for PT. I stayed with the program and continued to gather information like you are for 2 more weeks and then I started pushing the walking w/o brace at home preparing for the doc's ok to move ahead. I have been on the conservative side just because I do not want a set back. I used the time to  what I lable as allowing the processing of the mental/emotional stuff. I gained alot of confidence and energy after wk 4. 


catch ya later.






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Mid-8th week 

Hey everyone, hope you are doing well.


Just got back from PT and am up to 85 rom from 70 last week. Quad firing good so Pt says don't need the electrod machine.I can barely feel the quad.  I did most of the movements by myself or with strap

to point that was pushing it dull pain but not like pain. Are your PT's moving and really pushing your  movements?


I have been bending often during the day and massaging scar with cocoa butter.

Also, when I sit I sit in wheel chair with leg propped up on a leg extention attached to the chair,rolled under a table with a folding chair on the other side pushed in to elevate the other leg to keep swelling down and easier to get in and out of.


Having a massage would be good for relief of body stress and strains. 






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I am out of the boot I had on for my broken right ankle.  I don't have any problems with my ankle at this point, occsionally some aching but nothing that interferes with my therapy for my left knee.  I am trucking forward at this point with my therapy.  PT is pushing me hard at this point, causing lots of pain but after just one session of the aggressive therapy, I feel stronger and am walking easier.  So the pain is well worth the outcome.  Good luck in your therapy.  I have never heard of the Gaston technique.



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Howdy folks:


Welcome to the new folks. In the scheme of the cosmos, I've found this experience pretty benign. It does get better after the first few week, even though it seems to always be there in the back of your mind.


Graceella, I second the ice advice. I've gone through some stiff mornings and have opted to ice after exercise and before bed. Actually, I find that sitting/standing at work is the most difficult for swelling. I occasionally opt to ice my knee at lunch as well. I haven't done the anti-inflammatory meds since PT started in earnest.


Wannasail, it sounds like our workouts are pretty close in PT. Squats, lunges, stairs, and light work in the weight room are happening now. I started doing slides across the room and weaves last week. I know they're really trying to push the quads harder and faster. I have some inkling that we'll try running on the treadmill in the not so distant future. I think that will be more of a mental challenge than anything so far -- all of the movement exercises took a couple of times going at SLOW speeds before building up some pace.



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Hello Fellow warriors!


Ok, I get the PT pain. Today when doing my own rom stretch feels like I am starting over

on a new level to break through. ouch!


Graceella- I referenced your 5-15 entry and it really helped- I get it now.  


 You all are great! Thank you so much for being people willing to share themselves.


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Garland- Son is right now being put under for a biopsy of lumps in his neck. Let the universe glow in the benign! 

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Date of injury: 02/10/2009...Mexico

Date of Surgery: 02/12/2009

First PT: 04/17/2009

Last PT: Two days ago

Discharged by OS: Today!  YIPPEEE


I'm on top of the world. Feel like I'm about 99% "recovered" whatever that means. Fell in Mexico on Feb.10. Surgery 2 days later. Total rupture of quad tendon. Total immobilization from Feb 12 until April 17 at which time PT began. Went four times a week every week until last Monday at which time I was discharged from PT. Saw OS today and he's so pleased. I have full ROM (144 deg)...better than "good"  leg. He said my progress has been impressive. Said I have good definition of quad. My quad muscle looks better than before I got hurt and looks better than my good leg. LOL.  So, I'm a very happy guy and a very lucky guy, I guess.


OS said something very interesting that I did not realize. He said that a normal quad tendon in a 30, 40, 50 or 60 year old is actually embedded into the bone ( that is the patella or knee cap) as its had years and years to actually grow into the knee cap. He said that with the surgery, it takes about a year before the repaired tendon can start to grow back into the knee cap. He said that its repaired but its sorta like just on the surface of the patella and that it takes about a year before it starts to grow into the bone itself. As such, he like took a good ten minutes to WARN me to be careful until the first year anniversary next Feb. He said that if its raining, be extra careful not to slip. He said that when walking on stairs, be very aware, etc. He said that after next Feb, when the repaired tendon has startred to actually grow into the bone, he will not be as concerned but for now, just be extra careful not to slip and fall. No more PT, full ROM, etc. He said to come back to see him in 6 months. 


Going to California tomorrow for vacation. Avoiding Mexico this time...LOL... First vacation since this all happened.


Cvorbs, here are the answers to your questions: My age is 60. 5'11....215 lbs...Was fatter at time of fall with a gut, but am taking better care of myself now and have lost some weight...probably b/c I do the tread mill and the bike at PT and will continue to do so at the gym. Stayed in bed for 9 weeks...the entire time between surgery and PT. Didn't go to work, didn't bear ANY weight...was in total knee brace the whole time. Didn't do anything from day of surgery until PT began 9 weeks later. o weight bearing, no walking, no nothing for 9 weeks.


Graceeela, we have a house in Ocean City and will be there in July. Will you be "down the shore" then. If so, we could hang out. It would be a kick to meet somebody from this forum face to face.  

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Hi all,

I had my 14 weeks post-op appointment with the OS today.  I'm cleared for sailboat racing, outdoor road bike riding except NO STANDING on the pedals to muscle up hills and to begin phase V of my PT including impact and sports specific training.  Garland, I think that means I'll be running on the treadmill or pavement soon. I bet our PTs got their protocols from the same text!   I can't wait to get home and take the road bike off the trainer!!   Hopefully, I can get the boat cleaned and tuned up over the weekend and start racing next Friday. Most of my racing crew were with me in the BVIs for the injury, so we have an excuse for some celebrating.  Don't want the other guys in the club to get the idea that they can win races just because I'm not there. 


I always enjoy talking to the OS about the injury and the surgical repair.  I had a clean rupture.  Although the rupture was 100%, the end was even and there was no other damage to the joint or surrounding tissue.   He thinks there might have been a focal defect in the tendon, no way of knowing if I have a similar defect in the right leg.  This is a very different injury than what Cvorbs described.


Graceella - You physically can't do a full revolution on the bike until your ROM reaches about 110 degrees.  I thought the process of going from 90 to about 130 degrees of ROM was the most difficult and painful of the PT so far.  My PT told me I could push it as hard as I could take the pain.  She gave me two exercises - (1) an assisted heel slide where I used a nylon strap to pull the calf in as hard as I could stand and (2) quad stretches where I laid on my stomach and used a strap to pull my foot to get as much flex as I could stand.  She told me I was ok as long as the pain and soreness resolved with icing, but to back off it didn't. I've been at a  full ROM of 140 degrees for a few weeks, but she still has me doing the quad stretchs three times a week.


I know I still have a ways to go before I'm fully back to where I was pre-injury.  I'm glad to share the progress and wish everyone on the forum the very best.  Floridaguy - enjoy the vacation!!

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One Year post surgery


Hi all,


I still get an automatic e-mail update from EpicSki and get drawn back into the QTR world.  A couple of quick thoughts:


First, to whoever had the OS who said it really takes a year for the tendon to grow into the patella and get a good anchor, that sounds right to me.  I've really noticed a lot of improvement in the last 2 months, my running has gotten much more fluid.


Second, to Graceella, it sounds like you're on a good path, but I would recommend a lot of caution with any PT that hurts a lot.  Granted I'm a runner so I may be a bit of a masochist, but my PT guy very rarely did anything to my leg that was uncomfortable, and I think that's the right approach, especially with regard to ROM.  My advice is to talk a lot, run in the pool, etc, but there's no reason to do anything that really hurts your leg.  I've definitely read about people who got injured in PT, so be careful, it's your leg and you're the one who knows it best!

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Injury 4-1-09 

Surgery 4-10-09

Started Pt 5th week post op


PT going ok at 90 degree's. Noticed I am  driven by the future  I am living into rather than getting back to where I was.

So, a supporting role of the  x-country sking race  the Birkie/Birkebeiner in Hayward Wisconsin end of February 2010 (10 months post op)  and participation entry in 2011! I'll have several entry sellections from 3mi up to the full monty.  Living in Possibility! Do I miss ...snow? 


completetion: Son will be ok.





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Week 16 Post-op

Hi All!

I've been reading everyone's postings & it seems as if you are all making 'great strides' along the long road to recovery.

Florida Guy: you are amazing! You had your surgery about the same time as myself & your progress is just Great!!

Thank you, too,California Quad Pop: I found the feature from the LA Times a great inspiration. Reading about Felix Hackenberg put everything in perspective & made me count my blessings. 

At Week 13/14  I found at last the swelling around the knee & ankle has subsided. Tigger44 : I'm still using R.I.C.E, especially when I've done a lot of walking. I am now more mobile,walking slowly around the house,no crutches. I just  use them when I venture into unknown territory . I also massage the scar with Bio Oil everyday

JeeKnee:So glad your son will be OK. I was also very interested in your OS comments about the quad tendon embedding into the bone.  We must all take care, even when we are stronger.

LIke Gracella I really appreciate all the advice given on the site.  

Tomorrow I see my consultant for a progress check. Will keep you posted about my progress.

All the very best to you all as we start a new week.

Nabo 19

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Hey all, Things are going great here.  I am just about 9 weeks post op, just finished my fourth week of PT and one full week without the brace.  I am getting around great, no need for crutches etc...  Last week at PT marked the beginning of when my PT began to push me toward full ROM per OS instructions.  My first PT session she had me rocking on the exercise bike because I could not go all the way around, she also did a quad stretch that was quite painful, but the next day, I felt great!  My next session that week I managed to pedal backwards on the exercise bike and the final session I pedaled forward on the bike for 10 minutes!!!  I was determined to do it and I was so excited when I could.  My biggest goal for myself is to take my five year old daughter bike riding at the beach this summer so I am very motivated to gain some strength.

Florida Guy, which Ocean City do you have your house, NJ or MD?  We go to Sea Isle City every Labor Day and we go to Cape May, NJ usually once a month for long weekends, although all of the time I missed for work this year means I won't be able to take off as much time from work. 

JeeKnee, I am glad your son will be ok.  It must have been so stressful for you to be dealing with your injury and worrying about him these last months.

While you are all recovering and in PT and doing your home PT are you doing many additional work outs, outside of your PT?  I am finally feeling strong enough to do more and I am just wondering if the additional workouts will have a positive effect or just tire out the muscle and make it more difficult during my regular PT sessions.

I hope you all have a great week and that everyone continues to make good progress.

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11 weeks post-surgery


Graceela: I am doing some stuff otuside of PT. (At least the stuff I think is worthwile.) I'm a gym rat normally, so the PT said fine, go nuts. A couple of times a week after my normal gym workout (and usually not on PT days, which are 2X/wk), I work on steps (which is one of my lingering problems), and especially on strength work...3 or 4 sets of leg presses as heavy as is comfortable (in PT I only do ONE set...not enough!). This aging bodybuilder hates to see his left quad all shrunken and weak! It's coming back of course, but now that I feel so normal and strong again otherwise, I want my big leg muscles back hehe. People look at me funny...the big muscle guy stepping up and down on a little step over and over...but I don't care heh.


Funny: For my normal leg routine pre-accident, I would use the heavy-duty, scary-looking  leg press maching with six  45-lb. plates on each side. I finally went back to that machine recently (after wisely using only a less-intense), and just ONE 45-pound plateon each side was PLENTY! I got an ego check LOL!


In other news, I see the OS next week, and the PTs say that there is a good chance that I will be released from PT, esp. since they know I am good about working on my own.


My PTs are the best. (If anyone is in the Northern Virginia area, let me know and I can give you the name.) I told them that it is obvious they have had lots of experience with QTRs, and they said no, I am the first they have seen! That is quite a testament to their skills....I would have swon that they lots of patients like me!!


The stubborn inner quad is coming back, thanks to the electrical stim, and my ROM is just a few degree off from that of the good leg. YAY!!!


Saturday at the gym I think I twisted that knee somewhat, and it was sore all day yesterday (felt like a very very light sprain, YIKES!), but mostly better today! BIG SIGH OF RELIEF!


It's interesting how, as a personal trainer, this injury has given me more insight into various disabilities and injuries. I guess its a silver lining kind of thing. I can sort of relate much better now to clients' various limitations, and I feel a little better able to help them!



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Been following this thread after I did a full rupture back on April 9 th.

Was in the brace straight leg for 4 weeks, got out of that about 2.5 weeks ago.

Am able to bend knee fairly normally but real weak quad.  Have to work on that...


So basically I am 8 weeks out of surgary.

I walk with a cane.


How did I get the injury?  I was simply quickly going down some stairs.  Planted left foot, shifted weight, foot slipped, quad tried to recover and it could not.  Everything went into slow motion as I headed for the floor.


I heard it tear, then the pain was really bad.  Had to be chair carried out of the basement.

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Injury 4-1-09

Surgery 4-10-09


Welcome dbrow16 and OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! I am and (we are) sorry to hear of your 

accident and HAPPY you are joining in on this very special opportunity to share 

your experience and be supported.


I can only imagine the people you are inspiring during your gym workouts. For them

to see a trainer working out through an injury like this is Awesome!  

For you to take this experience in and then relate it to your clients various challenges

is really Awesome!



Keep on pumping (carefully)!




 I over did the walking w/o RICE and got pretty sore...and a bit scared

as I am at 90 rom and did not want to back off excercises but of coarse I did. I so look forward to

having the rom complete I get impatient. I am where I am (deep lol)






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Hey Floridaguy...Thanks for the answers. Your recovery is amazing and giving me hope. Congrats on making it all the way back.  I am going in for my 3rd PT tomorrow and I have been happy with the results so far. I guess after not moving your knee for nearly 6 weeks any movement is seen as a miracle. I was overcome with joy when my OS moved my leg for the first time....I actually got around a 60 degree movement that day.


Pt is just working on ROM and trying to message the scar to break up the scar tissue..its very hard and still somewhat numb. I have started to drive once again...oh sweet freedom!!!!


Hope you have a GREAT time on your trip...Watch your step!!!!!!!!

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I do realize this thread is mostly for ski injury and that does not fit my injury.  I stopped skiing a 10 years back. But I will post anyway!


BTW, I am 59.


I actually think I am doing well.  Have third Dr appointment since surgery tomorrow.  8 weeks, three days since it happened, and I have pretty much full flex back 120 degrees (still a little tight in the knee) but I have a long way to go on the strength rehab. Not much pain for last week or so, but knee is still unstable due to hamstring being stronger that quad, popping knee back a bit.


I really want to ditch this foam brace and use the elestic one.   I am 6'3" and the brace is not for a tall person. I sometimes cuts the back of the leg, which is why I wear the elastic band over the knee also.


Not driving yet, all cars I own are 5 speed manual, and have a 1976 Kawasaki KZ900 that is just sitting there.


Went to Hawaii two weeks ago (was suppose to be a scuba trip with 4 dives, one off Kona with rays.  HA!) and had a bit of difficulty in the pool.  Taking business trips again, and get some perks with better seats if available.


Assessment is this injury really sucks!



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Hey y'all,


To the new folks from the past few days, welcome and good luck with your progressing recoveries.


I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere on the list, but Dikembe Mutombo joined our ranks during the first round of the NBA playoffs. Here's a link to the NBA.com article.


He was a great player and better person. I hate to see him go out this way.


Today at PT, I was offered an interesting choice. Do I want to come back or not? Hmm. How to answer that one .... Basically, I was at the end of the latest round of approved visits from my insurance and had to have a re-eval. I'm hoping they'll come back with quite a few more visits. Things are looking good, but I'm certainly not where I want to be in terms of this recovery. Officially, I'm now at 115 degrees of ROM and approaching full strength in most dimensions. Generally, the knee feels much more solid than I had envisioned a few weeks ago. Doing slides and weaves across the room feels good at moderate pace. Squats now feel comfortable -- at least the first 25 ... I need to be able to run before I can think about finishing PT. Ideally, I'd like to be able to run comfortably and sprint at full pace. I do want to play tennis at least semi-competitively in the fall (or beyond). I'm just hoping that Tufts will give me enough visits to get there under supervision.


Dbrow16 -- been there with the brace. Putting that thing on every morning in the last weeks was every bit as hard as anything else I've done. I'm 6'2", and the brace only fit well when fully locked out.


Gymdude -- can I hire you? I think I want a trainer who's been through what I'm going through :). I hope I can find someone up here that I like to work with. I'm now convinced that I need to join a gym to get to the level of fitness that's required to spend my 40s and 50s in the way that I want.


Gotta go watch a Fringe episode with my wife. Have a nice rest of the week!


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Hey dbrow, I agree with your assessment, this injury really does suck.  I am 9 weeks post op and was just beginning to feel pretty good again, not full ROM but probably around 110 and really just working on building up some strength.  Then last night at PT, I had a different PT working with me, because my normal person was not there.  He stretched me in a way that seems to have injured the patella tendon, just below my knee cap, I can barely walk and I am so frustrated.  I didn't do any of my home PT today, and can't imagine being able to do my PT tomorrow either.  I am hoping that some good rest will get me back on my feet in a few days.  Anyone have experience with this?

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Well  I am not doing squats that is for sure. :eg is real weak.  Taking steps one at a time down with the bad, up with the good.  The brace is streched also, and just does not fit right.  But those straps really cut in the back of a tall guy.


I need to get much better by hunting season.  Drew Elk, Deer AND Pronghorn.  I have the ATV, but still need to walk some.



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Somewhere around week 9 or 10, I had a little bout of inflammation of my patellar tendon. I started feeling it when I was first doing leg extensions with no weight and then 2 lbs. My PT suggested that it was due to the Patellar tendon having also been held fixed for such a long time. That doesn't sound as severe as what you're feeling, though. I did ice and NSAIDs for a few days. It cleared over about 2 weeks as I got used to bending my leg again and supporting weight. Was the pain immediate when the new PT did the stretch?



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Hey Garland,


I didn't notice the pain immediatly with the new stretch.  My routine in PT is to do all of my standing stuff then go to a table and do some isometric and leg lifts with weights before the PT stretches me and does the electrical stim.  That evening, I did all of my standing work, rode the bike, walked the treadmill, some balance work and standing stretches, I had no pain when I moved to the table.  I then did my regular table work, still not pain.  Then the PT did the first stretch and it didn't hurt, just uncomfortable, the last stretch was my usual quad stretch that is always painful for me but does not cause any lingering pain.  When I do the electrical stim, I am supposed to tighten the muscle everytime the charge goes up, that was when I noticed the pain but it wasn't terrible.  It was when I was walking out, that my leg really hurt and when it still hurt badly the next day, I knew it was more than just a good workout.  I have been icing and elevating it at night and have PT this evening so I am hoping they will have some insight into what happened.  The pain is not really subsiding, that is why I am worried, I am back to dragging my leg rather than walking with a fluid motion.  Oh well, wish me luck tonight!


Have a good one!

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Hey all, well I had PT last night with my usual PT and she checked me over to make sure that I was not in pain due to any real problems.  Said the other PT may have just worked me in a different way and then took it easy on me last night, did not stretch me or give me what she calls "Angry stim", but gave me "Happy stim" which is supposed to help with pain management.  And those things together must have worked because I feel good today, not much pain at all and am walking fairly normally. 


Have a nice weekend everyone!

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