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16 Weeks Post Op - Rgt Leg QTR   

Hey All,


Around 88 weeks to go!  Busy week here, where to start!


Cvorbs, welcome. A commode works well as a bathroom aide, it has arms to help you get up and can be adjusted and moved as desired. Bath mat or towel under foot to aid in sliding the leg. Worst thing ever - yes and no - this is the worst thing I have ever gone through but I watch with amazement the disabled that come into my club in wheelchairs to swim and workout. As difficult as this is, this  helps me keep things in perspective. We will get better - I hope!


Bulldog - does the tightness affect yr walkÉ. (É !! - my question mark isn't working - lol - don't know what button to push to fix it É)


Floridaguy - re. be careful for the rest of your life - thanks Doc, put fear in all of of us for like, ever!  


Graceella - as previously indicated, significant risk to overdoing it - I believe your OS has it right, take his advice to the letter. Wish my OS had instructed me to bend my leg on my own, he wanted a PT doing it for me but this took time to set up as he gave me a list of Pt's to call, there was a waiting time, then I didn't luck into choosing one with experience with this injury. I was once in a course for 6 weeks at Blue Bell - you close to thereÉ. (question mark!!)


Nabo - stay positive, R.I.C.E. for the swelling. Cool pool water seems to have helped me a bit if you have access.


Pedaler - great swimming technique - feels great to get in that pool!


Gymdude - I was braced for 8 weeks but still find it comfortable to put the zimmer on for a bit after working the knee at PT or the club. Permission was given to me after 2 weeks to take the brace off at night and when resting. Weight bearing with brace on was permitted immediately. 


Wanasail - if you have access to a club, leg press and leg extension machines with care are good for quad work when able and comfortable - also the cross trainer and stationary bikes. Leg curl machine is good for the hams. Balance is needed.


In2falling - good to hear from you - glad to see ROM still improves after a year. I believe that will be my experience also at the speed things are currently going!


Jon - I am still looking into braces for the reasons you suggest and for stability. A patella knee brace is my likely choice, with the hole for the knee cap and cushioning for comfort.


Not much change for me, swelling seems to be improving slightly when rested but really swells when worked. Swollen, stiff and numb remain the operative words. Slight increase in ROM. Now 96* vs. 82* around 8 weeks ago. The improvement has come in the last 3 weeks after 5 weeks of nothing!  That folks is slow ROM improvement but at least it IS improvement! When it cools down, it reverts back to a very stiff 70* to 80*.  I am very envious of those that go to 120 or more so quickly! MRI indicates various things all related to this injury but no apparent complications. 


Re. living alone with this, esp the bilaterals on here - would be very difficult indeed, kudos to all of you. 


Stay positive folks and have a great week! Thanks to all for posting, reading others experience with this really does help.



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Hey Tigger, Yes I do think I am lucky that my OS started me off with my own PT at home from the start.  That early start should only have helped in terms of getting back ROM.  I see my OS tomorrow and am very anxious to see how things are progressing and get some info about when I can start formal PT and get my brace off, not to mention this boot off of my right ankle. 


I don't know exactly where Blue Bell is, but I do know that I am not too far from it, somewhere up the turnpike from me, about a half hour away.  Do you live in PA?

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I decided to celebrate my ten week post-op anniversary (injury 2/1, repair 2/24) by swapping my wife back her SUV for my 5-speed.  After a week of "clutch presses" I felt comfortable that I could drive it safely.  The knee is still a little tight, but I didn't have any trouble driving in to work.  It feels good to take a step toward getting back to normal.   Graceella - good luck with your appointment and hoping you get the PT referral!    Best to all.

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Surgery 11/12/07


Wow, nice to have that behind me!  You will all experience the same.


Welcome newbies, sorry for your injuries, but it will get better, the mental part is the toughest, especially looking back.


Tigger: no, the "band" does not restrict me in any type of movement, just reminds me of the day I slipped down 4 stairs and the resulting months!


Several have commented on how the OS says "be careful the rest of your life, don't fall".  Yes, like someone said, we didn't plan this. Most of us had this injury due to slip/fall, some off bikes, some weight training, but the majority seem to be "accidents", as was mine. I am mindful of going down slopes, uneven ground, steps, etc after reading the collective experiences. My OS said it is HIGHLY unlikely I will have the same injury to the same knee, so I wonder about the left (good leg) leg! But life goes on! Several have done both legs at one time or another, I can't imagine how the bqtr managed!  As far as bathroom, I was lucky to have space, and as someone mentioned, we all figuare out how to deal with a straight leg. I drove early, probably not advisable, but Christmas was approaching and I needed to shop!  I was off work 6 weeks, mostly due to the fact that December was slow business-wise and I took the opportunity to rehab.


Best to All!


Keep pluggin' !


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Hey all, so I am four weeks post surgery and when I saw my OS today, he was very pleased with my leg.  He opened up my brace so that I am able to bend to 60 degrees at all times, said I can have the brace off at night.  I am also able to bear full weight on the broken ankle at this point and even said to take off the boot to drive!  He also gave me the referal for PT and said he is recommending the PT work my leg between 0 and 90 degrees and he will see me in one month!  I am really psyched!!  I will keep the brace on for another four weeks but I am ok with that since it is opened up for 60 degree ROM.  I even drove today for the first time in five weeks!  Ah, to have some independence back, so sweet!  Thanks all for the advice, info and support!


My doc did say that once my leg is strengthened up there is very little risk of this injury happening again.  Of course he again told me to not fall.


So good to be moving forward.  Anyone out there who is in the early stages of this, it does seem to me that if you follow the doctors orders, recovery will go more quickly than you think so hang in there.

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Hi ladies and gents.





It's been a while. Good to see that most are making progress, and sorry to all the new guys and girls, I feel your pain...really.


It's interesting to see how the physical therapy time table varies from member to member. Some of us like myself were in a straight leg brace for 6 weeks with no pt while other began pt much sooner. I wish I did.

I have already moved on to a second physical therapy practice after a unsatisfactory experience with the first one.


The first place seemed ok at first, on the first and second visit I actually saw the pt and it really seemed like he knew his sfuff, but after that I never saw him again. Instead I was treated by his assistants which seemed very young and inexperienced and couldn't really answer questions and insisted that I was not doing the prescribed excersises at home...I guess they expected to see my quads return over the weekend. After a few sessions my treatment basically consisted of a warm towel wrapped around my injured knee with the little electro stimulus machine for 20 minutes and then i was lead to a small room with antique gym machines and told to "torture myself". I knew that this could not be all there was to physical therapy so I tried a new place that more resembled what a physical therapy place should look like, a small gym.  This new PT patiently  answered all my questions and was impressed that I had done my research regarding my injury and that I knee all the lingo....thanks in part to this great forum. He even taught me techniques which enabled me to actually pedal the bicycle one full rotation with the seat in it's highest position and today I was able to pedal in it's lowest position.  I see great progress every time I go for pt, and don't feel like my insurance is being milked like the other place.


If there is any advice that I can give to those who have not yet reached the pt stage, it's to do your homework and find a reputable pt that you are comfortable with and move on to the next if you feel neglected. Here in NY, they seem to be on every other street corner so you can really shop around.


Now I have some questions, please share your experience.


I have improved much but I still have a slight limp. Is this something normal that I will overcome? Has anyone ended up with a permanent limp?


Any recommended excercises to re learn how to go down stairs safely? 






Thanks guys. I dont comment much but I check this forum almost daily and I have learned a lot.

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Hi Benny155 -

Walking with a limp.  My PT said this was a normal part of the injury and she is focusing a lot of exercises and work to correct the weakness that causes it.  It isn't just the knee and quad, but imbalance in the hips, other leg muscles and core.   Our goal is 100% correction and she expects it to take another 3-4 weeks of work (I'm in week 10 post-op).   Every week she runs me through an evaluation of my form and gives me new exercises to bring it into proper alignment.  She won't let me move to the next level of strengthening until I have it right.   It sounds like you've made a good change in your PT, so it's something you'll want to bring up.


Steps.  My PT seems to be different than others in that she's transitioning me into it.  Right now I'm doing exercises on a 4-inch step.  It's a combination of strength and form.   Like the limp, she is adamant that I have to get the form right before she'll let me move on.  Again, something you'll want to discuss with your PT.


Good to hear from you and good luck with your new program!

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6 weeks (exactly) post-surgery


Just got back from OS appointment. OH MY GOD! She was beyond pleased, and said I was "healed" (I dunno about THAT). I can now unlock the brace whenever I want (unlocked = app. 110 degrees [!!]), and no longer have to wear it at night. I can drive (i.e., work the clutch) when I feel ready. New PT instructions are to wean me off the brace completely (as well as the usual ROM work, strength, etc.).




wanasail: When I asked about driving, she said to "practice working the clutch in your driveway first". Clutch sets!!! Doctor recommended!!

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18 weeks PO

Hi all, I have a question about exercises. I had 8 weeks PT but couln't afford any more than that so am on my own with therapy. I am still doing the exercises I did with the therapist. Do you reach a point where you have to do something else? Does your leg  get used to the same stuff every day? It seems like when I try to do something new, the rubber band feeling around my knee gets wider and tighter and I can't bend it for a day or two. I am not athletic and I am older than you all are so this probably slows down my recovery time. I can't make a rotation on the bike so that is out. I would appreciate any advice you could give me especially those that are a bit older. Thanks



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11.5 weeks post-op

12.5 weeks post-injury

6 hours post-brace


Okay, gymdude, I'll rival you for the best doctor's visit ever. No more brace! Actually, it was a bit of a non-plus visit as I expected him say that. Still, it felt amazingly good to walk out of the office with my brace in my arms instead of on my leg.


30 minutes on the bike tonight. I spun for 20 minutes to work on increasing my cadence. Then, I lowered the seat to within 1cm of my normal seat height for my last 10 mins. The ROM is coming along. It was @ 110 degrees at the OS office. The doc said I should be able to ride on the road in 2 weeks. I'm thinking


I still need to build up more quad strength and am wondering what his note to the PT approving "aggressive physical therapy" means....

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All I can think of is to increase the resistance, or number of reps, or number of sets. For resistance, if yoiu are just using gravity and it gets too easy, you can buy some inexpensive exercise band (the rubber ones that stretch).

 If you can't make a rotation on the bike, maybe pedal back and forth as far as you can one direction then the other.

 It's hard to give advice without knowing what you are dong that is "new", but if you can't bend it for a day or two, it sounds like those are not things you should be doing...I dunno.

 You might also try a web search for quad exercises, leg flexibility exercises, etc.



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10 weeks post op

Hi everyone! Many thanks for your advice Steve & Jonathan about the icing: it has really helped, especially if I've been walking more than usual, & at the end of a long day.  I often used to ice in the early days, but have  found it's still needed after all this time.   I'm sure I shall aways be extra careful when & where I walk: I'd hate to have a repeat of this injury.  Like Benny, I don't comment much, but I read the forum most days & gain such encouragement. It seems there are so many different post op procedures with PT: I'm just waiting to see my consultant in early June to find out what's in store for me! I'm finding my mobilty is improving as each day passes: I'm walking with one crutch around the house, but use two when I walk in town etc. & I'm trying to keep positive!

Best Wishes to all!



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First PT session today with knee bending - 6 weeks post-op


Hi all. First, they put me on the bike (my jaw dropped!), but I could not make a full rotation, of course (but came close), so just pedaled as far as I could one direction, then the other. Back and forth. Then leg presses with light weight, leg extensions with no weight, etc. (Plus some of the other usual stuff from before, with leg straight, zzzzzzz). I was surprised to be doing some of that stuff so soon. The grand finale was when she manually pushed the leg to its ROM limit, trying to stretch it farther. Before she stretched it, ROM was 92 degrees, after she was done it was at 105 degrees. That's good at this point, right?


I hate to admit that I'm still sleeping with the brace on, because I tend to get up about 3 times during the night, and it would be a big pain to put the brace on and off so much. Or maybe it's just fear? I'll have to think about this issue....


I guess I don't have to use the toilet side-saddle anymore...I'll check it out.....


Oh, and I'm driving again! I unlock the brace, then can work the clutch fine. The biggest challenge is getting the leg into the jeep (even with brace unlocked), but it's doable with some stretching and squirming and climbing around. It's made a big difference in my sense of freedom and independence (I live alone).



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Surgery:  2/13/09


Hello all,


It's been a few weeks since I've posted due to heavy work schedule.  I'm out 12 1/2 weeks now, and rehab seems to continue to progress.  I have full ROM 139 degrees as of the PT appts the last 2 weeks, and don't have any difficulty walking or going up or down stairs.  Am doing lots of biking at the gym, as well as single-leg leg presses on the machine at the gym with light weight / high reps.  Leg curls, and light leg extensions with the ROM limited to 30 deg or so to focus on strengthening the VMO.  Leg lifts front, both sides and back with ankle weights also working well.  Calf raises and presses.  Am doing some yoga poses as well and find "standing bow pose" to be helpful in stretching the leg and increasing ROM.  (Do a google search or see for example:  http://www.bikramyogaportsmouth.com/byp/26-postures/standing-bow-pose-|-dandayamana-dhanurasana.html).  I find the info here helpful and the stories inspiring.  I hope all are making great progress one day at a time.


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Hi -

I had my 10 week appointment with the OS today.  I'm at full ROM and walking well. He's happy with the movement in the knee and the feel of the repair.  I'm cleared to start working with my bike coach in addition to the PT and riding outside, as long as I take it easy.  Focus is now on strength training.  Next OS appointment is in 4 weeks; if I can meet the strength goals I'll be cleared for tougher outdoor bicycle training and for sailboat racing.  My OS is not a poker player --  nothing like seeing him pleased with his handiwork!!    Best to all.



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Hey gymdude, very interesting reading about your first pt session.  I start pt on Monday (I will be five weeks post op)and am very anxious to get moving.  I am shocked they put you on the bike right away, that is great.  Was there any pain when you were stretched from 92 degrees to 105?  Just two nights ago I took my brace off to sleep and it is taking some getting used to.  I thought it would feel great and it does in some ways but I must attempt to bend my leg beyond my ROM and that wakes me up.  I also wake up to use the bathroom at night and have to put the brace back on but it is worth it to have that little bit of freedom from the brace.  I too just started driving again about three days ago and have to drive my husbands truck and even with that, it can be difficult to get the leg in and comfortable, but again the freedom of being able to drive is well worth any discomfort. 

Does your knee continue to give out on you or buckle while in the brace?  My knee does this at least once or twice a day, but the brace catches my leg each time. It sure is scary though when it happens because now that the brace is unlocked to 60 degrees I am not completly confident that the brace will catch me.  My OS did say this would happen until I started PT and built up some strength.


Does anyone else have thoughts on what it was like when they were given the green light to take the brace off?  My OS said I will have the brace on for four more weeks but with the way my knee currently buckles I am not confident that three weeks of PT is going to make my knee strong enough to be brace free. 


It does sound like many of us have had some great appts. with our doctors and PT's, glad to see that everyone seems to be making such progress and moving further and further away from this hell.


Good luck to all!!

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Another PT session today (6.5 weeks post-op), and this time I got a full rotation (both directions) on the bike after a few minutes! woo hoo! (Just pedalling with NO resistance, though.) She stretched the hell out of it again but didn't measure the ROM. Gracella, yeah it hurts when she does that, but hurts so good! (I do have a really high pain threshold, so bring it on!) I am leaving the brace unlocked (set at 90 degrees) 90% of the time now! No, my knee hasn't buckled much in a couple of weeks (when I was supposedly keeping it straight!). It kind of seemed like it WANTED to a few times, but caught itself really early without incident. (just a slight wobble, then OK again). I think I've got a little bit of strength back.I can actually go up stairs normally if I grunt and make an effort, but I'm not gonna push it yet.


And I can sit on the toilet again in the proper direction!

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Hello All,


Hey Susan, no, I'm not from pa, though there is a Steve from pa. I was on a training course with the company I was with - Unisys - I'm from the Toronto area. GREAT progress you're making, congrats! Happy Mother's Day, your kids names Grace & Ella? Just guessing! 


If steveinpa reads this, I did intend to indicate my interest in the details of your new exercise in my post last weekend.  


Thanks for the reply Bulldog, not clear why my leg remains so stiff after 17 weeks but my guess remains scar tissue? Very frustrating! Everyone injury and recovery are indeed unique.


Benny, congrats on yr progress. I couldn't agree more regarding PT, my experience was very similar to yours. Moving on was the only choice. It is very important to get a PT that knows what they are doing with this injury and who actually cares or at least "pretends" to care.  The difference in what I am getting now vs. before is like night and day. Regarding limp, I'm still walking with a straight leg due to the tightness after 17 weeks - and no, it's not a "mental" thing as many insist on suggesting!! I can only hope this loosens up with continued effort? Re stairs, practice on stairs? I currently do so both in pool and at home but tightness at home won't allow me to do stairs properly and the stability/strength still isn't there. I'm working at it!


Munchkin and Nabo, keep working at it. I very much so share your frustration. I'm now taking a pain killer prior to my PT to aid with the ROM progress. This helps. I'm hoping my stiffness abates when I get the ROM to where it should be?


Wanasail, gymdude, garland & jakster - congrats on your progress, great stuff!!

Cheers to all!



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Hello to all. It is coming up to my one-year anniversary of my accident and surgery.  I have been working hard on my exercises every day.  I will have something to report in June when I see my doctor probably for the last time and my strength on my leg will get measured on a Biodex machine.  In January of this year the strength measured 70%.  I'm hoping my hard work will pay off and show up in the June test--I'm hoping for 90% or more on the test.  I'll report back in a month hopefully with good news.


For a quick update -
5/28/08 left quadricep rupture (about 2 inches above knee, so tendon to tendon repair) just walking to my mailbox (age 48)
6/05/08 - Surgery (Dr. ok'd me to put full weight on leg after surgery--but immobilizer on for 6 weeks except for PT)
6/18/08 - Staples removed and PT started (3 times a day at home AND 3 times a week at PT facility
7/15/08 - No more immobilizer
8/04/08 - 90 ROM
9/30/08 - Full range of motion
December 2008 - able to go up AND down stairs

January 2009 - tested 70% strength on injured leg on Biodex

Currently - doing my same exercises (check my old posts for exercise regimen).  Currently I'm up to 18 pounds on leg extension and 23 pounds on leg flexion (new people - do not do any weights until the doctor tell you it is ok.)  I've been adding a pound every other week since January to my extension/flexion.  My doctor told me personally NOT to go over 20 pounds on leg extension - so once I get to 20, I'm staying there with that exercise.)


I also do my step exercises with an 18" step stool.  It took a long time to work up from just being able to do little dips and bends on the injured leg with no step to gradually working up from an inch step to 18 inches max step now!  10 x 4 facing step up on injured leg, down bending uninjured leg and 10 x 4 sideways, going up on injured leg and going down bending injured leg. 


Ask your PT people how to start training for going up and down steps--that is what I did in my early days at PT.  There is a method and if you gradually build up your strength and have patience, you will not get leg buckling, pain, or other problems. 


My leg feels a lot stronger and stable.  I do not jog yet because the doctor told me not to.  I can go up and down stairs without using a handrail, but in rain, dark, crowded places, I prefer to use a handrail.  


I did a lot of walking on my vacation a few weeks ago.  By the fourth day of vacation, I woke up at 3am with an extreme muscle cramp/spasm in the calf of my injured leg ("Charlie Horse"). I almost got up fast to put weight on my leg, and then remembered it was my injured leg, so I took my time to get up and put weight on it and stretch it out.  Lesson:  Even though I did my daily exercises and stretched out early that day, it is a good idea to stretch out again after a lot of walking/exercise later in the day.  I was also lucky that on my vacation, the hotel I stayed at had a really nice exercise room, exercise balls, free weights, step machines, step, etc., so I was able to do all my daily exercises.



I wanted to share this article from the Los Angeles Times this week.  It is really inspirational for all of us here.  I think an important lesson is to not concentrate on what you can't do, but focus on what you can do.  You may have a new normal as I like to call it.  Your leg may not be exactly the same as it was before the accident, but your attitude is everything!


The man in the article, Felix Hackenberg, 58, lost his leg due to a motorcycle accident in 1987 (the leg is gone from very high up the leg).  Before the accident he was a runner.  After the accident he was bitter and no longer active and depressed.  However, in 1999 a prosthetist asked him if he had considered bicycling--he had not, but was willing to try.  And now he flies on his bike daily around Griffith Park up and down steep hills and overtakes bicyclists with two legs, has been in bike marathons, etc.


check out the entire article with photos here:


Disabled Hollywood man bicycles way out of bitterness

By Bob Pool
May 7, 2009



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Hey Graceella - I had my knee buckle a couple of times the first week I got out of the brace. Both times were at the end of the day after I had finished my evening PT and climbed stairs.   No problems since then.   A month is a long time, so you'll have plenty of opportunity to build up more strength before they let you take off the brace.  You'll be surprised how much stronger you'll feel in 4 weeks.    I also had the same problem at night.  I'd wake up trying to flex my knee to the point where it started to hurt.  As my ROM improved, the problem went away. 


Life is getting better.  I took my first outdoor bike ride!!



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HI Wanasail, thanks for the info about the knee buckling.  I of course am still wearing the brace but it has not happened in the brace for three days now.  It seems that just walking with the brace unlocked is helping to build up the leg strengh just a bit.  Today is my first day without the boot on my broken right ankle, so things are definitly looking up.  I am very psyched to start PT tomorrow, it will really help me to feel like I am indeed moving forward. 

I have seen some people comment about how different everyone's OS is approaching rehab.  I read a PT journal article the other day about quad tendon rehab and one thing that I thought was interesting was that some of the doctors who wrote the article believed that beginning the flexion of the knee immediatly after surgery (like my doc had me do) will optimize the recovery overall in the long run.  It did also say that, that was a controversial approach and that most docs continue to believe keeping the leg in locked extension for 6 to 8 weeks is the best way to go.

Tigger44, good guess about my kids, they are Grace (age 5) and Ella (age 3), thanks for the mothers day wishes! 

I hope you all have a great day as well!  As always thanks for the info and advice!





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Glad to hear everyone is doing well.  Started jumping exercises on Friday with the PT, and that is fun.  He says that strenght training loads the tendon slowly and steadily, and that jumping (in a machine) loads it more rapidly, which he says is also important for conditioning.


Has anyone had experience using ultrasound to break up scar tissue?


Thanks and best,


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Mornin' folks,


Glad to hear that everyone is doing stuff. Imposed inactivity wears thin after a short while.


Gracella, I had the knee buckle/brace save thing about once a day unitl ~10 weeks. Because of that, I was really worried about getting the brace off. Since I started taking it off, it's only happened twice -- once after an intense evening workout and once on a Star Wars action figure left in the floor. I am honestly staggered (probably poor word choice) at how stable the repaired knee feels for most activities. The quads still feel weak relative to my right leg, but the joint feels stable. 


I made it out on my bike this morning for a short ride --30 minutes,  very nice if windy. It's better than riding in the basement. For those who start to ride, do you have any advice on how to work with the imbalance between the legs?


I started doing squats in PT last Friday and felt some pain on the outside of my knee. Anyone else felt this?

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Graceella - I think you will do do fine once you are ok'd for removing the brace.  When I was told to dump the brace I just started out slow at home.  It felt a little shakey at first but some of it I'm sure some it was mental.  I think it was 2-3 weeks after that that I felt confident enough to leave it off for public outings.


Enjoy your Mother's Day with you girls.  Currently my 3 boys are quiet but that is sure to change soon.

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Hi Garland -

I'm strugging with the same leg imbalance on the bike.  I'm at week 11 post-op.  The advice from my PT and the OS is that the PT program will strengthen the injured leg and over time resolve the imbalance.  For the next 4 weeks they are having me focus on daily PT that is progressing toward more intense strength training, begin 3-4 sessions per week of aerobic workouts on the trainer and just do easy rides outside for fun.  They adviced that I'm not strong enough to do the level of aerobic workouts I need outside, at least for the time being.  Hopefully, in about 4 weeks my aerobic fitness will have improved and the injured leg will be strong enough that I can transition my bicycle training outside. By that time, I will be alternating days between bike training and PT / strength training.  My goal is a century around Labor Day.  Complicated!!


Isn't it great to be riding!!

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Hey all

I am five weeks post op.  First PT session today.  I have 75 degree ROM in my left leg and PT was easy today.  Didn't do too much but teach me some things to do at home and cautioned me to not do more than 90 degrees ROM.  So, it is just good to start moving forward.  One day closer to getting this brace off!

I hope you are all doing well. 

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Thanks for the tips wanasail

I started a working on a 4 inch step last friday with the pt.

And he also said that the limp will fade away with strengthening.


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Hey y'all,


While the weekend was exciting to be at home sans brace, the week has been less so. I need some input from you. I've really been working the quads harder and trying to start catching up on 12 weeks of chores around the house that are now pretty immediate. I might also have done roughly 2x more cycling than I was doing during the week .


Anyway, I've been getting enough swelling around my upper knee that it's causing some discomfort and caused me to back off my PT regimen a bit. It's not painful, just uncomfortable. The knee doesn't feel unstable. I can still do stairs and have the ROM I did last week. Have any of you experienced anything similar? My OS (or his PA at any rate) didn't seem too concerned and thought it was normal to get swelling as my activity load increased. I'm now not sure how to proceed, as I don't want to re-experience any parts of the past 12 weeks. The OS's office didn't suggest backing off my exercise level to ease any inflammation. They only recommended RICE, and this now worries me a but.


Any feedback (esp. any that assuages my paranoia that I've pushed too hard even though it felt great just a bit) would be hugely appreciated ...

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Hey Garland, no experience there, because I am just 6 weeks post op at this point.  I just started PT on Monday and my PT did say that it is normal to have some swelling at the end of the day especially after working the knee hard.  She said just to keep at it and that I could ice 20 minutes every hour to help with the swelling. I think if the doctor isn't worried, you shouldn't be worried either.


Good luck with it. 

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(7+ weeks post-op)


Wow, a lot of changes in the last week.


I can do cardio-type sessions on the stationary bike (i.e., with resistance, sustained periods, etc.).


Started doing more aggressive stuff at gym on my own (i.e., leg presses with more weight and sets than we do in PT, stairs/stepping work, etc. ) And I can move on and off benches, carry weights, etc. much better for my upper-body workouts.


Still a fair amount of constant swelling, but I'm told that's normal.


Starting taking small walks in the house (e.g., from bed to bathroom) without brace.


Then yesterday at PT, some great stuff: I have 118 degrees ROM! (But that was pushing it...probably more like 100 in everyday life). And the PT sais the brace was mostly psychological at this point, and I could take it off whenever I wanted! So starting yesterday I kept it off around the house, in the gym while training clients, etc. I wore it to go into work today on the subway. But yay! I feel so much further than just 2 weeks ago!


Without the brace, I do limp probbaly more than with it, but I think that's because I instinctively move my leg less, out of fear.


Without the brace, you can really notice the atrophy. My bad leg is probably not that much smaller than many people's, but hey, I'm a bodybuilder, so the contrast between my "shrunken" leg and the "big" one is quite noticeable. I wil have to try to not be too self-conscioius about this (and the swollen knee) at the gym, beach, etc. I think it will take months to really build up again.



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