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Good luck with your recovery.  Patience is a virtue when dealing with this injury.  Follow your physicians orders to the letter for the best outcome.  What have you been doing in PT?  I was not able to begin PT until 8 weeks post surgery.  I have a ways to go, but today my ROM was 110 degrees and my strength is improving every day.  Keep us posted.



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what kind of injury did you have?  mainly for p.t. she applys heat for 15 minutes after that she wraps several towels and puts it under my leg, causing my leg to hang in the air.(because it wont bend) after several minutes of ths it becomes very painful,, she straitens it back out,,,woah... that hurts even worse....  she puts me on a horizontal step machine for 10 minutes  it has handles too so i dont put weight into the right side... then she ices it...  thats been the routine foe the last 4 weeks...  any suggestions on exercises??? 

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well the quad tear happened to me on christmas day 2008-was taken to the emergency room and diagnosed with a sprain--gave me a walker and told me to put ice on,. i had sold my house in connecticut the movers had packed everything. i figured i better find a doc in naples jist to check it all out becasue iwas unable to lift my left leg off the ground an MRI was done 85% tear ito the hospital feb 2 today is april 1 i go to see the doc this afternoon. he says 4 months in this brace--maybe i will be able to put a little weight on it after today as it has only been toe touch. in ready so many of these injury records, every doc seems to have his own plan. this one is very cautious and after 8.5 weeks i am going crazy. CPM machine 4 hours a day at home and a PT three times a week. he let me try to get ito my car straight leg and all which i was able to do with no trouble..so with it being my left leg at least i will be able to drive if he lets me. you seem to me moving along now ok..talk about a freak accident being such a major thing. best wishes Paul

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i went to physical therapy this morning..  doctor said i was allowed to do quad strengthening exercises now...  i can not pick my left leg up sitting on a table.. my main concern is the lack in ROM i have,,  she measured it today at 45.. the physical therapist showed me my xray from mondays visit to the doc.(3/30). it shows that my kneecap is up very high. so when i go to bend it is interfering with the motion.. she told me to wiggle it while im sitting around at home and continue to massage the scar tissue..  im thinking in order to get my knee to bend i will have to get that patella to move down (stretch the quad tendon)  anyone have suggestions on how to do this other than "wiggling" my kneecap around?  

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Brent - Sorry to hear about your injury.  It sounds like its more complicated because of the broken femur and the damage that resulted.  These injuries are all different and we're all going to have to follow our path to recovery where it leads us.


Your PT sounds pretty similar to mine, but a little different.   I've been doing the "wiggling" of the patella.  My PT spent some time showing me how to do it.  Basically I alternate between pushing it inward and then outward -- holding it for a second or two each in each position.  I only push it as far as is comfortable, no pain.  She also showed me how to masage the incision, basically using a thumb or finger to push the skin toward and perpendicular to the incision on each side.  The purpose of both of these exercises is to keep scar tissue from forming.


Another group of exercises is to activate the quads and increase ROM.  One approach is to hang the leg over the side of a chair and let gravity do its work in bringing it down.  Goal is to eventually reach 90 degrees.   You have to be careful to keep the exercise passive - not use your quads to bring the leg back up to horizontal.   My PT preferred I do heel slides.  I put the leg out straight on a sofa, table or across two chairs. The slide is easier if you put your heel on something like a cookie sheet to reduce friction.  You use your hands to pull the knee up and introduce flex (this is a passive exercise - no use of the quads).   I bring the knee up until I feel the tension, hold for 5-10 seconds and ease the leg down.   The other exercise is that I put the leg out straight, point my toes toward me as far as possible and then flex my quads as hard as I can.  This acts to pull the kneecap down.  She also has me keep the leg straight and put a pillow under the heel for 5 min., which introduces negative flex.  I'm not sure what these exercises are called.


What's right for me may not be right for you.  It sounds like you're seeing your PT frequently and you could ask if any of these exercises might make sense for you to try.  Its important to be careful - doing the wrong things can do further damage to your injury and set you back.


Good luck - and we'll look forward to hearing about your progress.

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wannasail,,,  sounds like we are in a similar boat...   when was your accident?...  what is your range of motion now?..  i think i have quite a bit of scar tissue because of all the trauma associated with my motorcycle slaming me into the door of a car at 45 plus mph..  anyway...  i feel kind of a locking sensationat 40 degrees or so..  even the pt can not force it to move any further with me relaxed... i dont get it... i just hope this is not permanent..  i am not a very patient person, but i am aware that this requires it..  it just feels like im hitting a wall even though its early... IT WONT BEND ANYMORE AND ITS VERY FRUSTRATING,,, 

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You'll find that all of us here have the dreaded QTR of varing degrees.  I myself suffered a complete rupture of the Quad tendon along with a fractured patella.  My repair was tendon to tendon, tendon to patella, and patella to patella.  I was in a splint for 8 weeks with no bending of the knee.  My range of motion once I got out of the brace was around 40 degrees.  It has since progressed so that now at 13 weeks post op I'm approaching 120 degrees ROM.  However, I still have extreme weakness in my quad.


Be patient.  This is not an injury that you will quickly get over.  Reading the complete thread (what else did I have to do while out of work for 4 weeks) I found that the recovery, PT, treatment has varied for many of us.  It sounds like your injury (with the broken femur) may be about as bad as any here.  Be patient, follow your OS and PT directions, and exercise as much as your allowed to and can stand.  IT will come...Eventually.  Keep the positive mental outlook.


Best of luck,



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welcome newbies, sorry for your luck.  Monday at pt therapist said I may be finished with pt after fri.  I have reached my goals she had made for me, ie: strength, rom, steps, squating.  I also see the os on friday so i will know more after the doctor's visit.  It feels better each week, stronger, less wobbly, less pain.  Now grant it doesn't feel like my non injured knee but i can definitly tell its improving.  yesterday  worked 13 hours on it.  felt a little weak this morning but had to get back on it.  Today at pt I got to actually do some JUMPING!  I jumped on the shuttle slide with a few bands on for resistance and jumped off of a 8'' step block to the floor.  I have to admit I was a  little nervous on the first jump but after the first landing it was actually fun to do.  I think at this point alot of things are going to be now a matter of mentally doing things with out the fear of re injurying the tendon.  well keep working and improving everyday thats all we can do with this horrible injury. 

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Hi all -

I had my 5 1/2 week follow-up with the OS.  No more crutches and my PT will work with me to start opening up  the flex range on the leg brace and do leg strengthening exercises in order to have me out of the brace in two weeks.  My ROM is a little over 100 and the OS is pleased with the way everything looks. My new goal is to be walking normally in 4 weeks.  Longer term we're shooting for a 100 mile "Century" road bike ride come Labor Day.   He's a little more hesitant on committing to when I can get back to sailboat racing or even go to the boatyard to get it ready - but thinks I may be late, but not sitting out the whole season.  Nothing like good news!


I was able to have a short conversation about the QTR and why the recoveries are so variable.  He said that the QTR is a general term that includes a wide variety of different injuries.  In my case, the rupture to the central quad tendon was 100% and I had a relatively long period of 3 1/2 weeks between the injury and the repair.  On the positive side I had no history of other knee problems, there was no damage to the knee except for the central quad tendon and my knee and leg were in good shape from bike riding.  He said that the specifics of the injury make a big difference in the recovery.  Brent, my story is on post #1003 on p. 34. 





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Hey Wanasail,


Teriffic news!  Am pleased to hear.  Keep us posted on progress.



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I'm wondering if anyone else has had this experience.  I sometimes have a substantial tightness across the quad on top of my knee which significantly constrains my ROM.  When fully loosened, my ROM is around 120 degrees but when tight like this, I have a hard time getting beyond 90 degrees.  Heat makes a HUGE difference.  The heat before PT or even just a few minutes in a hot shower loosens things up completely and gives me the full ROM.  I'm just wondering whether this will be a persistent situation or whether at some point, things will loosen up so that I have the full ROM at all times.  And if this is a persistent situation, has anyone tried something like a neoprene sleeve to retain the body heat?


On the plus side, rehab continues to go well.  With this ROM, the focus now is on strength and I'm spending 15 minutes per session on the exercise bike (at increasingly lower seat heights), 15 minutes on the eliptical and 10-15 on the treadmill.


We haven't talked much about it here, probably because it's not "manly," but I find there are some real mental hurdles to overcome too.  Before my surgery, I removed the brace to take a shower and, not surprisingly, ended up slamming onto the bathroom floor.  It was really only a few weeks ago (two months post-surgery) that I felt comfortable taking a shower without someone within screaming distance.

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Howdy folks,


Aredhel, I'd be all over my physician for a referral to an orthopedist and an MRI. Why risk further injury to a partially unstable knee?


Brent, I'm so sorry to hear about your injury. Just thinking about the nature and severity of your injury, I think I would counsel patience with the rehab. In terms of where you are, did the surgeon talk to you about additional muscle damage due to the femur? How much damage was done to the bone? I would suspect the dual trauma might necessitate a longer recovery.


Other thoughts, being nervous should be expected. All of us should have at least some moments of trepidation about what things are going to be like on the other side of rehabbing this injury. Right now, I'm nervous about what the next week holds. If the follow-up visit on Tuesday goes as I think it will, I'm going to jump from the brace being locked at 40 degrees to 70 degrees. I know from my last PT visit that my current ROM is about 55 degrees on my own. It's the first leap into territory where I'm going to have to work to reach the limit that the Dr. allows. Until now, it's been steady progress. I'm happy with how things are going, and two weeks ago I wanted to be at 70. Now, it's a little scary 'cause I know PT will probably now have a pain element for the first time since surgery.


My other question to the group may sound strange, but here goes. What do y'all dream about? For the past few nights, I find myself dreaming about playing tennis. My injury happened on-court, and I'm really feeling an itch to play. Has anyone one else found that their subconscious seems to be heading back to the activities that you love but can't do at the moment? I'm almost at the point of taking lessons to work on touch and angle at net to use my hands while being immobile ... I'm hoping that I can start to get on a bicycle as soon as my ROM allows. That should ease up my need for physical activity ...


Speaking of cycling, it sounds like a few folks on the forum do it. How much of a change to seat position will be required for the initial rides on the road? Did you ride on a trainer indoors before outdoors? Did you use a MTB on the road before using your road bike? I'm wondering about the gearing and about any advantages of a more upright position ....


Best wishes, good thoughts, etc. to you all.



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Hello all,


7 wks post surgery this Friday, and made some further progress with ROM at the PT.  Got to 105 degrees and was able to spin on a stationary exercise bike.  Knee was somewhat sore afterwards, but seemed to respond to ok to icing.  Did a hot tub session as well, and as others have reported, that really seemed to loosen up the knee.  Although have gotten to 105 deg relatively quickly, am having trouble moving much beyond there.  Hope all are having a good weekend.



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12 Weeks Post Op Today - Rgt Leg QTR


Good Morning All,


Trust everyone is doing great! 


Groundhog Day has become Groundhog Week for me.

NO change, NO improvement, NO progress to speak of. The knee remains swollen, stiff (or tight as you have stated Jon) and numb with a ROM of around 80* but only when warmed up and pushed. Must still walk with a straight leg due to the tightness.


Jon, what you describe is my experience but my ROM isn't near yours and the heat hasn't had the positive results that I hoped it would. My tightness starts at a very limited ROM. The sauna at the club and the therapy pool doesn't even help it much. :( 


I rehab every day, working on both passive and assisted ROM, leg strengthening to a limited degree and aqua therapy, still NO change. Welcome back Dr. NO, but a different NO!


So, the million $$$ question is what's going on inside my knee? While I remain hopeful this is just a plateau, my gut based on everyone else's progress and the way my leg feels is telling me otherwise? I will continue pushing for some answers.  


Welcome to the club Brent and PSJR. Super progress stevefin, wanasail, falcon, steveinpa, jakster, jon and garland. I hope to join you all on the progress front in the not to distant future? 


Cheers to all for a successful rehab!  



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Tigger44: I feel your frustration and been there when my ROM was stuck at 100 degrees from week 10/12 up to my second surgery week 20. I remember my frustrations (was in tears at one point) I was throwing every fricken rehab trick I could find at my knee to get it to bend and just would not bend past 100 degrees. Remember at one point I was lowering 200lbs on the leg extension machine and lowering 400lbs on the leg press machine to get it to bend. I would make a little progress and could hear and feel scar tissue adhesions snap but it was pretty much stuck. I knew around week 8 that I was having scar tissue/swelling issues and doc even told me he was more than likely going to need to go back in a clean/break it up.


More than likely you have excess scar tissue (aka arthrofibrosis). I have scope pictures that I would

upload if I had a scanner from my second surgery showing the scar tissue adhesions in the suprapatellar pouch (pouch right under your repaired tendon). I had one fairly large piece of scar tissue that pretty much had the tendon glued down and was limiting my ROM. The scar tissue binds to the tendon and the soft tissue in your knee and is strong and not flexible.


Good news that if you need a second surgery its a simple quick painless surgery where they go in arthroscopicly with two small holes in the bottom of your knee and cut/breakup the fibrosis scar tissue and bend your leg for you while you are under. Key for me after the second surgery was to keep the knee moving so I spent 8/10 hours a day for a week and a half in a CPM machine and was rehabing the day after the second surgery.


It was a major relief to get my knee bending after my second surgery and almost a year after my inury my knee is doing great and can see 100% recovery here soon, just got some more muscle mass to build and the tendon is still a little bit tight/springy but getting better.


Have you talked to your doctor yet?


Hang in there things will get better and you will get your knee and life back, it just might take quite a bit of time.



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Hi ladies and gents.


Well it's been almost eight weeks post op and about a week and a half into physical therapy and my knee is  stuck at about 70 degress when sitting and letting it hang off the table. It almost feels like thats the max ROM. After that it really hurts when attempting to bend further.


In2falling, i am going to ask my OS if i may be having an issue with the scar tissue. I know that its a lengthy recovery but im getting restless.


Brent 78, i can feel your pain. Hang in there.


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Hi all -

I got to start on the exercise bike and do a couple new exercises.  No more crutches and I can unlock the leg brace to 40 degrees.  That at least lets me walk.


I opted to use my mountain bike on the trainer versus my road bike because the bar is lower.  That makes it easier to get my leg over.  My PT didn't like the idea of my using clipless pedals and bike shoes, but she finally said ok.  I think its working out well because I feel more comfortable and stable than if I was fooling with something new and unfamiliar.   I didn't change my seat position at all.  Of course, I'm still on the trainer.  My PT told me to expect that I'll only be doing ROM indoors until the end of April.  If all is going well, they'll let me start to spin aerobically around the beginning of May and transition outside sometime later.  I'm planning to switch back to my road bike.  I feel very comfortable on it and it has a PowerTap that will allow me to monitor my progress.


I could write volumes about the mental gymnastics I've been going through.  Both my OS and PT have agreed to support my goal of working back up to a century (100 miles in a day) bike ride around Labor Day.   I've been working with a great bike coach for the last three years.  She reminded me that my goal wasn't to ride the 100 miles, but to do it in under six hours.  At first I thought she was nuts - as in I'm struggling to just spin the wheel on the trainer for 10 minutes with no resistance and she's talking a new PR - but then I remembered that was my goal going into the season.   There was no guarantee I would reach it then, and there is certainly no guarantee I'll reach it now.  Irregardless, it will be my goal until I achieve it.  It will give me a reason to push a little harder.  


I think my experience is almost the same as jakster.  My PT told me that building the ROM from 100 to 140 was going to take longer and be more painful than getting up to 100.   She's having me use a strap with the heel slides.  Once I slide the heel as far in as I can I wrap the strap around the lower calf and pull it until I feel the tightness/pain in the knee.  I'm comfortable pushing harder as long as everything feels ok after I ice it down.


Hope everyone is hanging in there.   

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One Year Post-Op / One Year + one month since injury.


Greetings all, it's been a while since my last post.  It's good to see so many members using the forum.  I notice that the new format has stripped out the "titles" from previous posts; generally it's useful to state the length of time since surgery in the heading of posts to provide a quick reference for readers.


My leg is feeling pretty good overall.  I am very happy with the surgery and recovery, especially since my surgery was done 28 days after injury.  I have been building the muscle strength back ever since the 6-month post-surgery point.  I do weekly leg workouts where I pyramid up to 225 lbs squats and 630 lbs on the leg press.  I think I could lift more but have decided not to push it for now. 


Residual symptoms include numbness around the incision, occasional aching when the leg is bent for too long or when doing squatting movements, and sometimes "clicking" sensation when bending the leg.  I haven't tried any "high level" sports yet but hope to get back into floor hockey later this year. 


Good luck to everyone. 



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Hi Gang:  It's been quite awhile since I've swung by to see how all are doing.  Glad to see that the forum is getting the traffic.  When I first wrote 14 months ago, I was desperate for information about this horrendous injury - it seemed that there was nothing out there that could help me to understand what I was about to go through and what I would need to do to rehabilitate my knee.  It certainly has helped my recovery to read about all of your experiences and bounce ideas off you, thank you all.


Wannasail:  I hope you can do your century.  I did my first century after the injury at the beginning of August last year after the surgery in February.  I was unable to keep up the speed for the entire 100 miles, but I had no doubt throughout the ride that I could finish - keep after it, stick to your plan, and it will go well for you also.  This year, I am able to stand up and go for it on steep hills (both road and mountain), but still feel a little residual instability and weakness.  The good thing is that I still feel as though I am progressing and getting stronger - week by week, and month by month.  This will happen to all of you, too - just keep in mind that the rehab of this injury is an ultra-marathon, not a sprint.  Next winter, I fully expect to be laying down arcs at the local ski area, and to be precariously balancing on steep, dangerous terrain at Jackson, in Utah and in Canada.  This will happen for all of you, too - as long as you keep rehabbing - all the time.  Good luck all!



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11 months post injury


Hi all,


It's interesting to see all my fellow QTR sufferers, especially those of you who are early in the process.  I had my surgery last May, began running again in the Fall, and training in earnest in January, so I'm 3 1/2 months back into something that resembles "training."  A few thoughts:


First, on PT, my opinion is that it should not hurt.  Maybe a little but with some massage to breat up scar tissue, but I cringe when I read about people getting their legs jumped on to achieve ROM.  My PT was very patient and worked on strength and motion exercises, but never, not once, pushed me on the ROM.  My leg had a very clear end point as far as how much it would bend, and it has come back over time.  My #1 recommendation for PT is to be engaged, don't let them hurt you, and take your time on ROM. 


Second, bicycling is good exercise but hard on my QT.  Something about the depth of the knee bend has made that harder to manage.  I'm back and commuting about 6 miles each way on my bike 2-3 days a week, but it took 10 months before I could do it without feeling tight.


My right leg has a nice 3" scar straight down the middle, starting at the top of my patella and heading up.  There is still scar tissue underneath and I have the impression I'll always have a QTR "bulge" there.  My inner quad muscle is also noticeably smaller than the uninjured one, and my Dr. said that will probably be true for the rest of my life.  I do squats and other exercises but I don't think it will ever be 100% as strong.


That being said, I'm running 35 miles a week and can keep up with my training buddies, something I was worried I'd never be able to do again when I first got hurt.  It's a long road back, I'm interested to see how it feels at 12 months.  I'm now combating age and injury, so I will probably never get back to the level of performance I was before I got hurt, but I'm still more active than 95% of the folks out there.  If you were an active person before, you can be again, just be steady and patient and you'll get back to the things you did before.  You might be half a step slower, but you'll still be in the game.



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nice to here of your sucess paulsen..  i just saw my doc. yesterday...  8 weeks post surgery to repair distal femur fracture and quad tendon repair (90% tore off the patella)  ok.,,, so i started working quads, and i can finally lift my right leg off the ground.  i do feel some burning in the top of the knee after a second or 2 so i drop it quick...  i am concerned on my rom..  doctor explained to me  out of the 350 similar injuries to mine he has seen, mine would fit the top 5 most serious. He told me the cartiledge that is between the femur and tibia is mostly gone,,  so i dont know if this will limit my rom or not.  ive got 45 degrees right now...  he says ill be lucky to get 90..  i did not feel he was very positive...   i need my knee to bend...  all i can do is work hard at pt and give it time...  this is very frustrating/..

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Fellow QTR's


Injury 12/29/08 Operation 12/31/08


Good to hear from some of the old vets.  IDG, Duncan, your progress gives us all hope.  IDG, especially thanks for starting this forum.  It's the only one I've found that gets quite a bit of traffic.  I know I would have been lost with out it.  My PT even prompts me now for what is latest on the thread.


Brent,  I think most OS paint a negative picture.  Then when you do better than expected, great.  IF they told you you would recover fully in 2 months, then it takes 8, then they would look bad.  Hopefully your OS is just being extremely cautious.  I'm missing most of my cartiledge in my right knee and I have 130 degree ROM in it.  The only problem I have with it is it can get "bone bruised" from jumping or standing on concrete for long periods of time.


As for my left leg, I reached full ROM today (left matches right).  I also went down steps in the normal fasion.  After completeing my one leg squats, deep knee squats, and step downs, my PT declared there was not much more she could do for me.  I have two more PT visits scheduled for next week, then I'll be on my own.  ROM feels  pretty good with only the last 10 - 15 degrees feeling tight.  Quad is still very weak, but getting better.  Knee still swells each day.  Also, the more I move it the better it feels.  If I'm stuck either bent or straight for a period of time, it will begin to ache.  Hope that works itself out in time.  Overall I'm pleased with how well it's gone. 


Keep up the good work all,








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Injury :02.19.09

Operation :02.21.09


Greetings All from a "Newbie"! I've been reading this forum since my op. : there seems so little information otherwise.I've found the threads helpful & would really appreciate your comments. I last saw my consultant on 10March to have the 'staples' removed & a check of my progress. When I asked about physio he said 'No: he didn't want to 'undo his work'.'  I next see him the beginning of June.

I am now walking most of the time with one crutch, & after 8 weeks (after 18April) he advised I would probably be managing most of the time without crutches.  I wonder if any of you could suggest gentle exercises I could do now I am more mobile. .My knee & ankle are very swollen, also the instep of my foot is painful.  Would a massage help: I have massaged the knee area with oil every day, after I read your advice. Again, thanks for setting up this forum: I do appreciate its support for everyone. Looking forward to your replies.


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13 Weeks Post Op Today - Rgt Leg QTR  



Good Morning,


"Lucky" 13 Weeks!


Happy Easter to all, a time for some serious reflection. 


Very little change here, the knee remains swollen, stiff and numb with, dare I say, a slight increase in ROM when I warm it up and really try to push it through.


In2falling, thank you for your response. I have re-read every one of your posts and our situations are quite similar, even close in height and weight. The primary differences I have noted is your incision of 3.5 inches is half mine and you appeared to have fairly loose ROM up to 100* while the ROM I have is very tight. It really does help with my frustration to read your reply and re-read your experience. 


I see my OS on Wed and I have my first appointment with my new PT a week from Tuesday. I will discuss in detail scar tissue and try to gain an understanding of what's going on inside my knee? 


In the meantime, I continue daily with aqua therapy in both the therapy/swirl pool (temp 92*) and the regular pool (temp 84*). My club unfortunately does not have a hot tub. Hanging my leg in the cooler deep water while being supported by pool noodles sure feels good after working the leg and seems to help with the swelling?


Before I go into the pools, I work the knee and upper body in the gym area. My favorite machines at present are the recumbent cross trainer and the Sci-Fi total body machine recumbent bike. It is the only bike where I can get the seat far enough back to do complete revolutions. I spend around 45 minutes on each of these machines doing both passive ROM, assisted ROM and some strengthening. I've tried the arc trainer, the elliptical and the treadmill but my favs are the other 2. I then hop in the sauna before the pools.


Keep plugging away Benny, let us know what yr OS says about scar tissue. Great progress wanasail and Falcon71. Great to hear from the vets Duncan, Idaho Guy and paulsenw. Prove yr Dr wrong on the ROM Brent. Welcome to the club nabo, just 1 newbie this week so I suppose this is good! There are numerous previous posts that detail exercises that you can do but you may want to consider PT if this is an option for you and push your Dr for exercises that you should be doing.


Post number 10"44", my lucky number, good things to come! 


Have a great week all,



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80% right QTR Jan31

Surgery Feb13


Hello all,

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend.  Passed the 8 week mark post-surgery on Friday, and improvement seems to continue.  Schedule prevented me from going to the PT last week, but am guessing that ROM is now around 120 degrees.  Am pretty much walking normally and as of this week can both go up and down stairs normally.  I frequently hesitate in going down stairs and leading with my good leg, but was thinking about something else the other day and found myself going normally down a few steps in my home before even thinking about the knee.  Have been doing eliptical trainer and exercise bike, and can now get the seat on the bike down very low and still rotate.  Reading about some of the rehab challenges people here have encountered, I feel very fortunate.  One exercise I've found helpful is to take a rubber surgical tubing exercise cord (handles at both ends) and attach one handle to the foot on my injured leg.  Standing on my good leg, I bend the injured leg up behind me and put the cord over my shoulder on the injured side and pull down in front of me so as to pull the foot up adn  bend the injured leg.  The rubber cord produces good tension, and I pull to the poin that it's painful and hold for 30 sec.  Doing this for several sets.  Hot tub also seems to loosen things up alot.


Hope this is helpful.  Keep up all the hard rehab work.



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6 1/2 weeks post-op


Happy Easter all!!  Nabo19, sorry to hear about your injury but welcome aboard. We're starting to attract a "Class of February 2009".   It is a good time to reflect.  Its a beautiful day and hard not to be out training on the bike or getting my sailboat ready for the racing season.  The Wisconsin outdoor season (at least the part that isn't frozen) is so short you hate to miss any of it.  Instead of feeling sorry for myself I tried to come up with a list of things to be thankful for.  The big one for me is that I suffered the injury and not my wife or friends that were with me.   As skipper, I was responsible for my crew's safety.  Accidents happen, but I'm thankful it happened to me.  I'm also thankful that this injury is something I will recover from and will have a relatively minor long-term impact on my life.    At 57 I'm fortunate to be out playing as hard (but maybe not quite as fast) as I did when I was 30.  After this, I'm not going to take my health and fitness for granted.  I'm also thankful that I have access to the care that will allow me to recover.


Anyone else want to join in?  Best wishes for the holiday.

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Injury 10/26/07  Surgery 11/12/07 tendon to tendon.


Welcome Newbies!  But sorry you had to join this thread! :-(


Nabo19.  We all are cautious on recommendations because we do not know the extent of the injury/repair like your OS.  You have seen from all the posts that there is a wide variety of OS/PT recommendations.  My OS told me he usually does 3-5 of these repairs per year but in the 6 weeks after my surgery he did 6!!  I suspect that may be due to the fact that this injury usually affects mailes 40 yrs or older and there are more of us in that category these days. And the vast majority of posts in this thread are from that age group.


Having said that, the first exercises I did were leg lifts lying on the floor (I was shocked and disappointed when I realized I couldnt do one leg lift for almost 2 weeks post-op!) and quad sets. When I started PT (15 days post-op) one of my earliest exercises was a heel slide. I laid on my back with my heel on a cookie sheet (helps slide on carpet) and simply slide the heel/cookie sheet towards my butt. I was advised by OS/PT not to exceed 40 degrees at first. 


Be careful, your OS has inside knowledge of the repair.


I am now (as of Easter Sunday) 18 months post op.  Recently I have experienced less of the tightness that many of us describe, which gives me hope that one day that too will end.  I still do pool work (15# weights on legs and "run" from shallow end to chest high deep water) which really seems to help loosen the knee. When I am done, I let the water jets in the pool "massage" my incision and quad tendon, so up and down the incision and left and right on the tendon.  I do not feel limited at all in any physical activity but standing for long periods of time (I do training for my company) is not comfortable.  What seems to help alleviate discomfort from long standing is to do the "step down" exercise where I stand on a step with my repaired leg and do "knee dips" bending  the repaired knee.


While my injury/repair is long behind me (but rehab isnt!), I still enjoy keeping up with the posts.


Thanks to all!


Keep pluggin' !



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2 months Post-Op, 9 weeks Post-Injury


Hi y’all,


It’s very nice to see a couple of the “oldtimers” back on the list. Welcome to the newcomers. February 2009 must’ve been a bad month for quadriceps everywhere. My news is still feels like minor progress in the scheme of what else needs to happen to my knee. Right now, things are steadily improving. My OS authorized 70 degrees of ROM last Tuesday, and I made it there without any undue pain within an hour of re-setting the brace. That felt good, if a bit underwhelming after sort of anticipating not being able to bend my knee that far without some help at PT. I’m looking at 90 degrees and maybe (not getting my hopes up, though) permission to ditch the brace.


The PT appt. last Friday was also solid. I’m still gaining strength in my quads – the inside no longer looks concave when I’m on the table J. I’m adding weight and/or time to my leg lifts. I’m working on balancing on my left leg (still with the brace on) and doing calf stretches standing instead of sitting. The big thrill for me was finally getting on a stationary bike. I couldn’t do a full rotation, but it felt good to be on the bike – even when the gym’s TV flipped over and got stuck on The Price Is Right. My goal for tonight is to set up my mountain bike on my trainer at home and see if I can adjust the seat enough to spin a bit without resistance.


I’m feeling lucky to have made it this far, even though I feel like I’m progressing slower than I could. Is there any way to avoid that feeling? I need a more Zen approach that doesn’t always come easily.


Finally, does anyone else develop pain/ache in your knee when sitting with it bent near your max ROM? If this is common, what’s the cause? Is it something that disappears over time as things heal further? It feels awkward at work to have my leg at full extension still.


Best wishes on a speedy recovery.

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16 Weeks Post- Op   19 weeks Post injury


yes Garland, I still get quite an ache in my knee when I sit with it bent for any period of time. It is hard to straighten it sometimes. I can't wait for this rubber band feeling to go away. I also am having a hard time dealing with the mental part of this injury. My OS said up front that it could take a year for recovery, but it's hard to accept that on a daily basis. While I am making progress it seems to come in spurts. I move ahead and then plateau for awhile. Also I am much older than the rest of you with this injury. I guess I just need to stay focus on a day to day basis. I'm so grateful for this site and the encouragement it offers.

Unless you have this injury, you just can't grasp what we are all going through.

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Keep the faith!  My PT protocol from my OS was "light running" at week 16. There were no further instructions past week 16. At week 16, I could not jog without a serious "hitch" in my repaired leg. As I have written, I was working out next to my PT and cried to him about the hitch. He pointed to his head and said, maybe it is not your leg.  So I began to focus on trying to have a normal gait and that helped a lot, along with the pool work.  The mental aspect of rehab from this injury is as important as doing the rehab exercises, but not as easy to accomplish. Keep working on that part, and it will come.


As for discomfort in the knee, I found that any prolonged position, whether standing, sitting, sleeping, was difficult.  When sitting I would work on ROM.  See my post above about knee bends (step exercise).  I was in France at week 19 last year, lots of walking, standing and I found that exercise to help with discomfort. 


Also, the rubber band feeling has continued for me but seems to be easing some the last couple of weeks and I am at 18 months post-op. 


So my advice is to keep pluggin' !  And yes, noone truly understands the extent of this injury until they have gone thru it.


Best to All!



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