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Stockli Stormrider DP / XXL. Comments gentlemen?

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Am a forum newbie,
need a new ski, an allmountain/off piste ski. I ski telemark. Both on piste/ resort off and top tours off pise in Norway. in the alps and norway.
Am physical fit, 6 feet, 170 lbs

Dont really ski trees, and prefer longer turns, but want the ski to respond when I need to change rythm and go into short turns.

Have loved the other stocklis I have tried so its down to these two stormriders, the DP and the XXL

Allready have a dedicated piste ski (the stockli laser GS)

So anybody wanting to share their experience, please do so.

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Hello Peter and welcome. I cannot comment on the DP, however I have been skiing the XXL since July and use it in an AT setup (originally Freeride +, now Marker Duke). It is an excellent off-piste performer, works very well in mixed snow, bashes through crud and sastrugi without being deflected. It skis in the snow rather than on it, but some of my best days skiing last Australian winter were on this ski in knee deep untracked. This ski had me grinning from ear to ear. My only criticism is that it is not that light (especially with the Duke), so I will be limiting its use to side-country trips and on-piste (when not on a narrower ski). I cannot comment on is performance as a freeheel ski, but do a search here and you will find a number of threads where this ski's praises are being sung. Further, despite Stockli's reputation as a burly ski for advanced skiers, I have no problems with this ski despite my modest ability.
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I would go for the DP over the XXL. The lastest generations are alot softer than the old DPs were, making them easier to ski and improving the float, but they still rail turns on hard man-made snow. The sidecut is much better for doing long turns and skiing powder, compared to the XXL, but the softness makes it easy to bend into shorter turns when needed.

As the above poster says they are relatively heavy though, if touring is high on your list of priorities.
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There's a big difference between these two skis - namely 14mm in the waist (DP = 94 and XXL = 80). A better comparison might be the DP and the XXXL at 89.

That said, I think the choice depends largely on what you want this ski to do. e.g., if you want something that is a bit wider than the GS but offers more versatility for variable conditions then the XXL is an excellent choice. If, however, you're also looker for something that performs in softer snow yet retains the stockli feel and edge hold, then I would go for the DP.

The XXXL is kind of a compromise between the two. Its wider than the XXL but skis more like a really stiff GS ski. The DP is also a lot softer in the tip than the XXXL.
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After going through the responses again, I think torfinn nailed it. The added softness of the DP gives it a lot of versatility.
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