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TR: bf's CenCo bounce '08

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Left Ann Arbor at noon on Tuesday. 43 degrees. By Chicago it was 53 and raining, torrential at times. In the space of ten miles it went from 53 to 33 and the wind (I believe the same wind Bob Peters referred to in another thread) was a steady 50mph from the north. Changing lanes to the right was a physical manoeuver requiring strength and patients. Lane changes to the left required a flick of the wrist and care not to cross onto the shoulder. I truely feared for my Thule box but it held tight.

Made it all the way to Lincoln, Neb.

Departed about 4:30am and made awesome time across Nebraska. Denver was 35 degrees and bright blue sky. As soon as I got into the foothills I was under clouds. The snow started as soon as I passed Hwy 40. By the tunnel it was snowing heavily and the roads were treturous.

Made it on to the American Flyer at Copper at 12:05 after picking up my pass! I hadn't even planned to ski until Thursday. The snow at Copper was wonderful, it's GREAT to be back in the mountains.

I went to snap my first pic and my battery died. Did I mention it's pretty cold?...... so no pics in this post, sorry. I'll do better next time.
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Someone had to do it!

BF, First thing Terry Said when we got back to Michigan was, "When is Bumpfreaq going to be out there so we can ski with him?"
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Alrighty then, here's a pic!

When I turned on the TV Wednesday for the scoop on the weather and such... it was -14* Good day to spend half the day (or more as it turned out) at the boot fitter's.

My day with Jeff Bergeron was... well I just can't (pun intended) say enough about the expertise, and dedication to service that I experienced. I tried on a bunch of boots in a few different shops and ended up with these:

I didn't think my old boots were so bad... I mean, they were comfortable These Dalbello Krypton Pros rock! Good boots out of the box, but thanks to Jeff I won't be needing these anymore.

Thursday I didn't so much need the TV for a
weather update.

It snowed! I like snow

At noon it was still 'neuculating' (term overheard on the lift)

Copper was in fine shape (except for the bumps). I did have one not so good moment. Maching down Rosi's Run in a lot of crud I was just diggin' how the PEs blasted through it. Yup the skis did great 'til the pilot caught an outside edge. I lost both poles and a ski, garnered a bunch of concern from the lift but happily, was unscathed.

Ended the day with a little trouble with my Thule box. At least it afforded me the opportunity for an impromptu quiver shot

Powder boards, rock skis, do it all sticks, haven't liked 'em too much don't know why I brought them planks and bump tools.

Got into Winter Park after dark and guess what? They've been getting a little snow too

Today I had an awesome day in the bumps. Sorry, the camera never came out of the pocket.
Nighty night.
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Cool Boots!!!

BTW, you didn't see my phone at Copper did you? :
I think I lost it on my way to the Enchanted Forrest.
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Nice pics.
Nice snow.
I love the mountain west.
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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post
Cool Boots!!!

BTW, you didn't see my phone at Copper did you? :
I think I lost it on my way to the Enchanted Forrest.
TC: I thought you said it was in the Enchanted Forrest. All that time I wasted

Originally Posted by mollmeister View Post
Nice pics.
Nice snow.
I love the mountain west.
Thanks, I may even get a few pics of actual skiing before it's all over

The snow is very nice and I love it too
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God, I can't wait to move out there. Excelent TR....so far.
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Where else are you skiing, bumper? I'll be at Copper tomorrow and Wednesday...
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Best husband or most foolish skier ever?

Well, I've been out of touch for awhile. Yeah, been busy packing down a lot of fresh snow and movin' those bumps up the hills.

I did a bunch of riding with some of the mogulskiing.net crew and had an absolute blast.

Oh, and I've also begun to recognize that action photography is not nearly as easy as I thought it might be. I haven't attempted to take very many pics of peeps skiing, but of the ones I have taken, most were crap Above is the best of them and I must say it doesn't do the skier justice.

I've seen a few interesting ski vehicles. Here are a couple:

This has been such a good year so far. At least a bit of snow nearly every night. I'm used to liberal application of sunscreen but so far I haven't seen much of Ra. The times it did peek out from the clouds I tried to be quick with the shutter.

Did someone mention copious snow? I love these things, what are they called?

So.... I woke up today in Frisco. We had gotten some *surprise* snow last night. ABasin reported a foot and all the highways and passes were closed due to winds and avalanche danger. Uh... this was also the day that I was scheduled to meet my wife in Winter Park. Oh man:::, to do the right thing or to do the right thing. Everyone on TV and the radio, everyone at the hotel and the restaurant, everyone I came into contact with was saying the same thing, "You can't get here and you can't leave."

Well, hopefully I'll have lots and lots of pow days in my future and only one wife. I knew in my heart that my morning would consist of powder turns that originated from the steering wheel. Yup, 9 to Kremmling and 40 to the train station in Fraser

Here's what I left:

Here's Beyer's Canyon:

I did get a few hours in this afternoon, even found a bit of untracked Not many found their way to the Jane today. Chivalry is not dead and does not go unrewarded
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good TR, bumpfreaq! :

and we don't want to let a worthy pun go unrecognized....

Originally Posted by bumpfreaq View Post
... well I just can't (pun intended) say enough about the expertise....
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I've been waiting so long for you to add to the TR, I nearly gave up.

Glad you're chivalry was rewarded.
Its been an epic year for snow, nearly every where. Even the east coast got a huge dump the past few days.
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Saturday my in-laws arrived in Winter Park. Even though there are now five adults and two children in our party and I'm the only skier, I'm sooo excited to show them this place I love so much.

We were worried that Berthoud pass would still be closed when they got here but the storm lifted and the pass had been open for eight or nine hours when they needed it. The matriarch of the family is such a nervous traveler that she just doesn't travel. I really thought that if the plane ride didn't kill here the drive to WP would, but she made it just fine

Here's our digs for the week.

So Saturday and Sunday were bright sunny days. The bumps were in pretty good shape.

Drunken Frenchman:


Needles Eye:

View from the bottom of the chutes:

Even Outhouse baked long enough to be nice and soft.

Monday morning we paid dearly for the beautiful weather. It was.... crusty. I've switched from Chubbs to K2 Cabrawlers from bumps to very nice affect in these hard 'icy' bumps. But still, who wants to ski hard bumps when you're used to soft creamy ones..... Pierre?

Around noon a decent storm blew in and it started neuculating. The wind pushed most of the few skiers that were there into the lodge and pushed the snow into the troughs of the bumps... on the right trails.

As I said up thread I just got new boots. The left one has been a dream... awesome fit and I just loooove the flex. The right one has been a nightmare. It's over a size too large for my (obviously smaller) foot. I've had four boot fitters work on it and this morning it finally got to the point where I could ski for more than three pain free hours.

I had a really good day getting the hang of really hanging on the tongues and using them like a spring. Man, I can't wait 'til the right one is as comfortable as the left...... I swear this will happen.

Here's Frenchman today. Look hard and you can see a sweet zipper line

It's been snowing all evening, quite hard at times. Tomorrow is shaping up to be a pretty good day
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Nice, freq! I'm really sorry I missed you last week... Next time!

Looks like you're having it pretty good, eh?
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Originally Posted by ssh View Post
Looks like you're having it pretty good, eh?
No doubt

I've enjoyed quite a few less than spectacular snow years here recently. This is really great!

My skiing and my equipment (boots) are taking great strides this year.... in no small part due to the knowledgeable posters on this site. Thank you all
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Bumpfreaq, those bumps look like a great reason to wear yourself out!

No, to the better question.........what does a skier do in Colorado with a condo full of NON skiers?
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Well, we've been playing 'spoons' at night. Lots of cooking and eating, and of course the internet takes up a little of my time too

My 9yo niece is going for her first lesson (full day) today. I'm pretty optimistic that tonight I won't be the only skier in the condo I'm really hoping that tomorrow or Thursday we can go out and ski some greens or maybe blues together

I've never introduced our fine sport to anyone who caught on to it before. All of my friends and family think I'm crazy for doing what I do but I think she might just 'get it'. I'm psyched
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Well it's been awhile since I've updated this TR. That's because there hasn't been a lot of good stuff to convey After an interesting day in the bumps on Tuesday (more on that in a bit) I was hit hard by...in the parlance of the NBA... flu like symptoms. I had a runny nose, watery eyes, sore throat, severe body ache, cold sweats, the chills, the runs, the shakes and the heebeejeebees. Now, I'm not the guy that never gets sick, but I am the guy who rarely gets sick, so why, oh why now? I thought I had good karma I skipped Wednesday, skied a couple of greens with my niece on Thursday then skipped Friday. This is really killin' me.... these are the weeks I look forward to all year:

Sooooo. Monday night was snowy and windy. Tuesday morning Winter Park reported 7". This was on top of re-frozen ice bumps. Many of the runs were pretty much wind scoured while some were transformed into a smooth, creamy looking surface that was actually an inch or less on the peaks and 15"-18" in the troughs. It was nearly always challenging, often fun, sometimes frustrating and once in a while painful.

Here's a shot of one of the nicest runs of the day, Short Haul:

My niece had fun in her never ever lesson and she says she wants to keep skiing. My fondest wish is to have a ski partner in my family and in a few years time I'll just grin every time she kicks my a$$

This morning I didn't feel great, but I'm pretty sure I'm coming out from under this foul weather in my blood, so I went out for a few hours before heading to Steamboat. The scenery was beautiful, the snow was good and the lines were long, long, long. On days like this I often do a run on the backside of Parsenn Bowl and head down to the Pioneer lift. On weekdays it's rare to see another skier at this lift. On a normal weekend it's rare to wait for more than two chairs. Today: 25 minutes!

The truth is though, without those long lift lines I never would have been able to last as long as I did.

When it's all said and done though, I'll take a sick day in the mountains to a fun day at work any time
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So my week in Steamboat is at it's halfway point. The snow here is unreal.

After a day or so of navigating way too many cat tracks I've been finding some pretty good runs, and I know there are many more that I haven't found..... but I do miss Mary Jane. The bumps here are fun and soft but for the most part, the sweet zipper lines that are ubiquitous at MJ have alluded me.

Steamboat is known for it's tree skiing.... yup, it's pretty darn good.

Here are a few shots for my friend Lars:

Lars, I think you were wrong.... this BBQ Pork sandwich was bigger than my head: A good portion of it is in the fridge. I may have it for breakfast

Well I just can't get enough of these ultra snow loaded pines, so I'll leave y'all with this one:
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Da' Boat, looks like a bunch of fun, but where are all your ski buddies and face shots!
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You my man Bumper!

Thanks for the shots of two of my favorite bump runs. Drunken Frenchman and Whiteout.

They are awesome aren't they?

I'm sooo jealous and drooling but I'm sure glad you're having such a good time. I'd like nothing better than to be there with you.

Those Chubbs look awesome too.
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Well, so as not to leave this thing open ended..... I finished out my week in Steamboat. Ala TC I lost my phone on the hill... it must have gotten caught in some sloughs 'cause later that day my wife got a call from some kid that said he found it in the park. I felt quite lucky

My impressions of Steamboat (I'd been there several times but only logged a single day on the mountain before this year): The snow was some of the nicest I've had the pleasure to ski. The bumps stayed soft even after a couple of days in the sun. A fun mountain to explore... I think I rode all but two of the lifts. The trees are just too much fun there, mosdef the highlight. Way too many cat tracks. It seems like every decent run has three or four intersections with cat tracks I guess I like the mountains where the timid skiers go to one section and the intrepid to another. The bumps abound here but I found a definite lack of good zipper lines... much like Copper this year. They just don't compare to Mary Jane. I know there are no bad lines, just bad skiers but at this stage in my development, I need all the help I can get.

For whatever reason, I am always way too pleased or way to irked by the parking situation when I go to a new spot. Steamboat falls into the irked category. I just love a spot where I can toss my skis down next to my car, click in and ski to the lift (Mary Jane, ABasin). I'm not so fond of spots where I have to walk through concrete corridors to get there.

I stayed at the Iron Horse in SB..... can't recommend it. It would have been a fine cheap motel but the common areas just were never cleaned... at all..... for a week. The lobby floor, stair cases and sidewalks were covered in saw dust, crushed cherios, cigarette butts and pet waste. The linens were clean and the room had been somewhat less than immaculately cleaned before we arrived but while we were there maid service consisted one of the housekeepers coming into the room (unannounced) late in the afternoon asking if we wanted clean towels.

Great BBQ in SB Springs though and Freshies was great for breakfast

We stopped off for a final day and a half in Winter Park before heading east. Yup, this is the place that I love! The bumps are so fine, the lines uninterrupted and the snow was great, as usual.

I met up with a large crew for the first annual mogulskiing.net GTG. It was first rate! My third GTG so far this year and all have been a blast Let me tell ya, that crew flat out rips! There were about 25 of us including a few former cometitiors.... I'd say at least half of the crew was skiing at that near competition level. Sorry, I don't have any pics to share, I needed both my hands and all of my concentration to keep up with those guys.

Between SB and Ann Arbor we saw about a hundred hawks, six eagles, a couple hundred deer and mule dear, a few elk and about fifty antelope(or something of the like), tons of cattle, some sheep, llamas and a coyote.... vehicles from thirty six states plus Ontario and Manitoba and zero flashing blue lights in our rear view mirror

All in all a grand trip, if a bit short I'll have to do it again soon
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Nice BF, I'm still very jealous but so happy for you.

When you get this way, look me up.
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Originally Posted by Lars View Post
When you get this way, look me up.
That's easily done Lars, and I'm looking forward to it
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BF, you Rock! Glad you had a great trip!
See you in a few!
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Made pretty good time yesterday, made it to Kearney, NE..... then slept 'til 7:30am:

Got to Mary Jane shortly after 1pm:: But man, the snow was awesome Only four inches in the last two days and.... what? over a week since the last big dump.... but it was soft soft soft. At one point I came to an awkward stop and buried a foot of my pole in the front side of a bump. Slightly more effort and it went in right to the grip.

Sometimes I ski bumps first chair to last. I've got to pace myself a bit to do that. It's kind of fun go for three hours trying to pack in as much as possible. I was able to do a warm up on Trestle, five laps of Golden Spike/bottom of Drunken Frenchman, Outhouse and Phantom Bridge/Rail Bender. Very good day, better to come
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Wow, those are great pictures. Wish I could ski bumps, but those fries look pretty good.

You drove. I so desperatly want to go out west sometime. My nepew is in Bozeman. But with 3 kids and a wife that I would not leave behind, the airfare is a killer. Google say 1900 miles. I might just do it.
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Bump, I sure wish I were there. I'm guessing I'd be a ton better at bumps in a matter of a few days.

Keep the TR coming.
Mr TC is looking forward to seeing you in a week.
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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post
I'm guessing I'd be a ton better at bumps in a matter of a few days.
Well get your family to Winter Park for one of those days Why not get better on the best
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Originally Posted by bumpfreaq View Post
Well get your family to Winter Park for one of those days Why not get better on the best
If you can convince Mr TC, you're a better man than I am.
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Special edition..... pics of actual skiers skiing!

One thing I like about Winter Park is that they really do a good job of holding on to their snow

The last few days I've been skiing bumps, bumps and more bumps.

Bumps in the morning

Bumps around noon

Bumps in the afternoon

Today I met up with Bear drewski180. Here he is scouting a line on Drunken Frenchman

Here he is rippin' it

Ya know, if I had a single pic as good as any one of Jakecast's I'd put up a one pic TR too. But hey, you can always count on me for quantity

Cya next time
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