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Targhee v Steamboat

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after an almost comic amount of research, i've narrowed down a late feb/early march trip west to either targhee or steamboat, driven largely by what I can do with frequent flier miles. It will be myself and my son, age 9, and a pretty good boarder. 4 days skiing, 5 nights lodging, we'd stay on mountain at either.
cognizant that i really can't go wrong with either ...
tempermentally it looks like I'd be more suited to the laid back atmosphere of Targhee, low crowds, chance of maybe some empty slopes and of course all of Harkin's postings have worked their magic.
But i'm kinda wondering about Steamboat for these 2 reasons: all the tree skiing, and the chance to take in a neat western town a night or two.
From my very far distance, Steamboat looks kinda built up, and I wonder if the crowds ski out that sweet snow in the aspens pronto.

I know we should all have such problems, but... anyway: thoughts?
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Tough call, both are fantastic. The only drawback to Targhee is if you are looking for the nightlife found in a "Western Town". If that's the case, Steamboat will offer you more.

SB doesn't really have "crowds" like you see at the Front Range resorts. My last trip there was the week of Fat Tuesday (first week of March) and there were no crowds of any kind. After the 34" dump we received we were skiing fresh lines all over the place until last lift.
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Taylormatt is correct. Both are nice places to ski. I was at Targhee for the first time in December and I’ll get back there soon. I’ve been to Steamboat several times and am going again next week.

For western town experience Steamboat wins hands down. Targhee is a nice quiet little base area and Driggs is down the road but Steamboat offers much more. No crowds on the hill at either. Each offers a good variety of terrain for all but those looking for the extreme stuff.

Either would be a great choice for a father son trip but if you want a little western town experience choose “the Boat.”
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steamboat definetely has more nightlife and more to do when not skiing, but while steamboat isn't crowded compared to front range resorts, targhee is in a different league when it comes to crowding. i spent a week in december in targhee (first time) and really enjoyed the mountain and laid back feel of targhee. when i arrived back home in the boat, the amount of people on the hill compared to targhee was very noticible.

i will say this about the weather. steamboat is an easier mountain to deal with on storm days due to the trees and being entirely below treeline. targhee is much more open and visibility on storm days (or foggy days) can be a challenge.

you seem to have done your research and know what you're getting into with either.

i'm 2 weeks out from heading back to targhee for a couple days.
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Can't go wrong with either, SB is larger and has restaurants and a nightlife. At Targee you are pretty much isolated. When I used to take the boys with me they really enjoyed seeing the western town ambiance of SB. Then of course we went and stayed at up at Alta and everything changed.
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thanks for the replies so far.. i'm feeling this is going to come down to an eenie-meanie-minie-mo decision
our last western trip was 4 nights at Brighton Lodge, so Targhee would feel like a party town compared to that!
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Given your described needs, you may prefer Targhee.

The terrain isn't extreme, but you can always made a side-trip to JH over the pass. Targhee is a friendly, easy-going resort with a pleasant, settled vibe. We loved it.

As others have indicated, visibility can be a factor (the nickname "Grand Foghee" isn't without merit). Also, if there's no new snow, the terrain isn't epic.

But, some of the best powder days I've had have been at Targhee. The vibe is great (if you don't need nightlife), crowds are minimal, and if you catch fresh, it's pure joy.

Steamboat can also have amazing powder - especially in the trees. But, it's a major resort, with corresponding amenities, crowds and prices. The town (real Steamboat - not the slopeside condos), is genuine and loads of fun. Weather is generally good.

The two options are very different. It's mostly down to your priorities.
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