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Unlike last year's Gaper Fools trip (major thunderstorms in Dallas nearly prevented us from leaving) we arrived at the Jackson airport without issue. We ended up with a great condo at the Snow King - here's a shot of it from the bus stop.

Turn around 180 degrees and you see the gang waiting for the bus. That's my girl in the foreground.

So it's Friday morning and one of the first things we do when we get there is go up the AV Quad. And c'mon, its Jackson Hole in 2008 - of course it's snowing.

I don't recall too much more specific about Friday. Spent too much time at the Mangy Moose that evening.

Moving on to Saturday... Another pic of the girlfriend, in full ski regalia.

A couple friends dropping in to say hi.

Looking from Casper towards the gondola, you can see the snow on the trees from the recent storms, plus the low cloud cover.

But even with the clouds, there were still a few breaks in the clouds at time, like in this shot when the sun marbled the valley floor.

From the top of Casper, unfortunately this shot doesn't give enough indication just how low the visibility was. This is a wide-angle shot, so the trees you can see are actually rather close. The girlfriend actually had a moment of vertigo over on Amphitheater when both sky and ground were a uniform grey.

Happily, we got some great light towards the end of the day.

Sunday morning dawned promisingly. We knew that the next storm was rolling in later that day, so we wanted to make the most of the light while we could. Here's my friend Mike ready to get on the bus.

Getting off the bus at the base, I noticed the wind whipping up some of the recently fallen snow. (The object that got into the frame on the bottom right is the new Tram building under construction.)

Some more friends on Casper, with Corbet's in the background.

Another pair of friends...

I had really wanted to run the NASTAR course on Saturday, but they closed it down before I got a chance to. And then on Sunday they had races all day, no public runs.


After lunch at Bridger (which was pretty intense since the storm had moved in by then) I was too tired to do much more, so I headed down the mountain to cruise around and just goof off. Here's some random people having fun on Bronco.

So that night, the flight from Dallas to Jackson was supposed to come in. Instead, the flight got to Jackson, did a few circuits in the holding pattern, then diverted all the way back to Dallas. The winds were just too strong for the plane to land. We were supposed to leave on that plane on Monday morning, but obviously that was out the window. Instead, we woke up to the booms of Snow King doing avalanche control. The storm wasn't constant. We had a nice view from our condo at times...

But we also were watching the news, and knew that bands of bad weather would be moving through. Here's the same balcony, an hour later.

That's about it for the photos. We spent some time Monday walking around town while some of our group worked their way home on a later flight that connected through Chicago. The finally arrived home at 1:30am Tuesday morning. We were scheduled for the same flight the next day, and just our luck, three of the cities with major weather worries were Jackson, Chicago and Dallas. (50 to 60 mph gusts in the latter two - I don't know how we managed to survive delays, cancellations and diversions, but we finally landed in DFW at 2:20am. Made for a long, long day.)

I'll post more about my impressions of the actual skiing experience, but I'm just a low intermediate so I'm not sure you all will be interested. But I must say that except for the trip back home, I had a great time. That just means I need to find a job in Jackson that'll support us. A home that costs $200k in Dallas seems to go for about a million in Jackson, which just blows my mind.

One final note - all photos were taken with a Nikkor 18-200 VR on a Nikon D50. I mostly left it in Program mode, ISO 200, with manual white balance when I remembered to adjust it.