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I skied both the Stage one and the Scarab. I'm not much for giving reviews but really enjoy reading them. My thoughts?

The Stage1 I skied was a 170. Conditions were hardpack natural/manmade snow with the occasional ice packed in between. Typical WNY January conditions. Temps started out in the low teens and might have made it into the low 20's but not much higher. I only made three runs on this ski because I felt right away it was too short for me. Three runs won't do any review justice so all I can really say is it wasn't the ski's fault. As I told Phil, I liked the feel of the ski while on edge but it wanted to turn way more than I wanted to turn it. In other words, a 15m turning radius doessn't fit my style and ambition. So, he put me on the Scarab in a 176. Bingo! It was like playing a slot machine and seeing nothing but Cherries come up when I got on this ski. 21m turn radius and 86 underfoot and the ski just did everything I wanted it to do, not the other way around. It blows my B3 away in the conditions we skied in. And what bumps were available were nothing to handle which suprised me with a ski this wide. I skied it all afternoon and didn't want to give it up. I will reserve total bliss over the ski until I ski it in deep powder but I can only imagine how good it could be. If it is this good on Eastern hardpack, how good will it be in Colorado snow? I can't wait. Just let me know when I can get one Phil and I'll pull the bindings off the B3's.