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Breckenridge as of Sunday 27 - in video form

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this is Jon in Breckenridge. It sounds like the entire country is having a great year. Here is a post from my lesson on Sunday Jan 27. Since this video we have received more than a foot ++ of snow. It has snowed from Monday night through Wednesday.

Simply Awesome,
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Thanks for the link. I will be flying out next Tuesday from NY for 3 weeks in Summit County. The snow in the bowls looks great!

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Awesome footage! Thank for sharing. What level do you have to be and how much is the cost for a lesson? I have skied Horseshoe Bowl before Imperial was installed, but not that intuitively! We are heading out there in three weeks! Cannot wait!
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Great video Jon....Looking forward to coming out there on the 24th and skiing with you on Wed. afternoon that week!

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I really enjoy your videos. Was just pondering skiing vs. working this afternoon. I'm going skiing...
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Level 8 and 9 usually get to the bowls. I think group lessons are $95. Group size varies 4-8ish.

Either way the skiing is great. I was up there today, and the snow was like buttah...

Windy, cold, and sunny. I am glad everyone is enjoying them. They are fun to make too.

Frank, looking forward to getting you on the hill.

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Great!! I hope the conditions hold up! I was going to say I am a level 7-8. I know several of our group who would love to do this. Will discuss with them. Can you pm me for ways to get you personally??
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Do you do level 8 lessons for the 169ers? If so, when and which peak? I'd love to take a lesson with you. I can ski Horseshoe Bowl and Imperial bowl and ski them quite often except when there's quite a bit of pow (4-6"+). I am absolutely horrible skiing steep pow and have difficulty controlling my speed. Last Wednesday, I wrecked really hard in Imperial Bowl and now need to rebuild my confidence. Thanks.

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That is my problem too. Never skied really deep powder, but I imagine you would have to hit the bowls just right to find that because of the wind. So, how do we get a lesson with you???
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I've skied a couple of times with Jonathan, and he is a great instructor. Highly recommended.

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info from the hill

I do teach 169 groups on Thurs, Sat, Sun. Fridays are booked out until the beginning of spring breaks, and thursdays may be the same. Let me know when you will be up.

When you hit the bowls right, they are quite nice. A confident level 7 can get down comfortably, if the conditions are right. We skied some stuff today that required high end level 8 and solid level 9 skills.

kdskis, you can reach me at my website (below) and we can put something together. Fortunately, I have been booked pretty solidly this year but with enough time we can get out on the hill and work on your skiing.

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As of the night of Feb 4th. Colorado is getting dumped on! It started snowing @ noon today, and has been snowing at 1-2"/hr steadily all night. I plan on shooting some good footage tomorrow. The Ski School Trainers have a skill/task verifier on Tuesday. It should provide for some good ski videos.

Those who are planning to getting out to Breckenridge this season... We are laying out the White Carpet for you.

howdy to all,
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Fun video! Just what I need to see this snowy morning in Denver! Makes me wish I could ski today, but nothing can stop me tomorrow!:
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