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K2 Public Enemy Vs. Head Mojo 90

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I am looking for input on an upcoming birthday purchase for myself, and I am torn between two sets of planks and would love some opinions before I pull the trigger.
I'm 24, 5'9" and 160 lbs. with an athletic build. I consider myself a type III, or about an 8 realistically. I am an Eastern skier primarily but I take a trip or two a year to Colorado for obvious reasons like Vail, Breck, Mary Jane and Keystone. I see about 30 days a year, and I love pow, tight trees and generally bombing anything and everything on the entire mountain, including backside and BC/hiking/catskiing (When out west). Which brings me to my dilemma. My skis now suck in anything over 6" of powder and have limited usage in the woods and off piste. They don't allow me to ski the way I like to, or they require a great amount of effort in doing so because they're a carving ski. So I have demoed everything I could and during my last trip to Breckenridge, tried the K2 Public Enemies and loved them. They were snappy, light and did everything from moguls and hardpack to trees and the sketched-out horseshoe bowl, fresh pow, not to mention the option to ride switch all with ease. I basically fell in love. The only gripe with them was that they were borderline on their level of float for my pow habit and the topsheet looked like it was involved in a shark attack, which seems normal from everything I've read.
Not one to rush in, I read up and from all accounts the Mojo 90 is just like it- great at everything, tons of fun and even a bit wider for some more float. I've been looking everywhere and can't find someone to demo me a set and so I want to ask someone who's skied them both- If I go with the Mojo 90, can I expect a similar light, snappy and agile experience as with the PE? I know it is slightly heavier but have read that it doesn't ski like it. Park performance is the least of my concern although I like to hit booters now and then. These will be primarily used for fresh snow and pow days. I want something with just a smidge more float and more durability but still really want that agility and fun factor and at a similar price. My question to you is whether or not the Mojo 90 is that ski or should I just stop splitting hairs and just buy the PE... Thank you!
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You're talking a difference of 4 mm in width; yep that's splitting hairs. If you loved the PE's, buy them. Or if you're really worried about float, move up to something in the mid 90's to low 100's, lots to choose from.
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Wow beyond thanks I think I'll get my skis out right now and blast down that mountain of insight. I'm asking someone to compare the two because I can't find Mojos to try. Sorry if I was unclear about that. I want to know if the Mojo is as fun/agile as the PE without the auto-destruct topsheet, basically.
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Just curious, what length did you ski your rented PEs?
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I haven't skied the PE's, but I can tell you I'm not thrilled with the top sheet durability of my 06/07 Mojos.
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You know I am affiliated with Head ... BUT ....

When you find the pair of skis you fall in love with buy them! It sounds like you already know that you will love the K2 so why waste time looking at something else you will probably not like as much?

Rule of thumb - try everything til you find the skis that you "just have to get". Sounds like you have already found them.

And no - I have seen the Mojo 90 in our shop but have never skied them.

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DO a search in the forums...cause I'm pretty sure the same comparisons was discussed before -- I was trying to make the same decision, and it was end of last season and didn't have a chance to demo either. I went with the PE's based on waht I read here...but honestly, I forget what was said that steered me that way.

Love em, btw, but I was coming from a pair of intermediate level skis that I'd been on way too long, were way to soft for me. THe topsheets on the 07 PE's sratch up like hell...but I painted mine...which chips off...so they look like total sh-t but I don't ahve to worry about anyone stealing them.
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very true... I suppose I could always go with the good old duct tape topsheet for that over-the-top classy effect... After all, if you can't duct it, f*** it, right?
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DoWork, for the record, you finished the OP by asking if the Mojo "was that ski" or if you were "splitting hairs." I said yes, you were splitting hairs. By that I meant that the difference in performance of the two, and the difference in float (you also said you wanted more float for your "pow habit") was trivial. Your sacrcasm was unjustified. If it's nagging at you, go find a Mojo to demo; they're plenty around.
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whoa nelly

Hey beyond, I apologize for my sarcastic brand of humor if it hurt your feelings, as I was just busting your stones a lil' bit for the lack of details in your response. I couldn't tell if you were saying I'm splitting hairs just because it's "only" 5mm? You took all of ten seconds to give the most generic answer ever. Yes, I asked if the Mojo was "that ski" and if you have no real useful info about the actual question I asked then most people would just go on to the next forum question. Besides, that was funny!
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