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Best Deal- Mojo 90, Atua, Mythic, Big Trouble

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Which deal is best for me? (aka, another "what ski should I buy" thread but with a bit of price info on skis that have received mostly good reviews here that someone else looking for a deal in France might find helpful).

$450 w/ binding
'06-07 Head Mojo 90, 186 cm + Tyrolia LD 12 silver
'06/07 Dynastar Big Trouble 186 cm + PX 12

$350 flat
'06-07 Fisher Atua, 186 cm

$620 w/ binding
'07-08 DYNASTAR LEGEND MYTHIC RIDER FLUID + LOOK PX 12 FLUID (184 or possible 178 cm)

With lots of good advice from posters here, and some additional days at Les Arcs, I adjusted my focus from trying to find a Perfect 2 Ski Quiver to finding the most versatile off piste ski that I can use as a "most days" ski (for now, with the possibility of adding 1 or 2 more skis later). Acceptable mogul performance is a secondary consideration although I don't take more than a handful of bump runs in any one day and opt for soft snow when I can find it. On piste performance is not critical, but I would pick a ski that is considerably better on piste if it is close to another off piste.

I would value a ski that is good in almost any condition (even if not great in any) that will promote/encourage me to become a better skier without punishing me for the mistates I make from time to time. Although I consider myself a pretty good powder skier overall, my worst falls this year have come from hooking a ski in heavier powder, so help here would be appreciated.

I am not into bombing runs often and consider carving turns on firmer snow and clean mid to shorter radius lines in powder to be better skiing.

I liked the feel of the 178 cm Mythic for the 1 run that I did with it on piste and felt mostly confortable the half day I did on the BTs. I plan on trying both of these out more extensively in softer conditions, but we haven't received much snow the last two weeks.

It is unlikely that I would be able to ski the Mojo 90 or Atua before testing, but hear that they are both very versitile and handle better than their width would suggest with the Mojo getting better mogul reviews and the Atua likely better for deeper powder.

If I went with the Atuas, I would be very tempted to try to pick up some Fischer RX8 Fires (or another versatile on piste ski with a railflex binding) for under $400 and then mount some railflex plates on them to be able to move the bindings back and forth to save space/weight when travelling. along these lines, does anyone know the difference between the FS 11 and FX 12 Railflex bindings (besides din range)? Also, does the flowflex allow for some mounting adjustment like the railflex?

For those who haven't read my Perfect 2 ski Quiver thread, here are my stats:

ME- 6' 3'' (190cm), 190 pounds (86 kilo), moderately agressive level 8 (advanced to expert), 40 yrs old getting out about 3 days a week this season living in the French Alps. Next year, my home area is likely to be either in Tahoe or Eldora- the only Colorado resort East of the continental divide which can get dumped on, but can also be windy and icy with man made snow.

Off piste here includes powder of varying weight, tracked powder, wind & skier packed power, dust on crud, crud, ect. in wider bowls, narrower chutes and trees (lower down).

Additional info about how/what I ski and am looking for can be found at

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Would most of you agree with the following:

Mojo 90- Very good manueverably all mountain that skis narrower than 89 mm. Best in group for bumps and durability. Good edge hold on groomers, but probably worst in group for deeper powder. Has a speed limit. Not sure where it stacks up for heavier crud and windblown powder?

Big Trouble- Very good soft snow ski that does not feel narrower than its 92 mm. Can hold a good edge on groomers and is adequate, but not ideal in the bumps.

Fisher Atua- Very versatile off piste ski that will probably handle deeper powder the best in the group at 96 mm underfoot. May not feel as wide as it is, and can hold a decent edge, but not first choice for bumps or groomers.

MYTHIC RIDER- Versatile, predictable all around ski that is good or very good in most conditions without being great in anything. Only non-TT in group so this takes away park/switch options (which is not my first priority, but something I would like to try a bit when conditions on the rest of the mountain are not that great.

With the expection of a few hours on the BT (not much in the way of newer snow) and a run on the Mythic, the above is based mainly on what I have read/heard here and elsewhere.

Do I have it right?

Can anyone that has skied 2 or more of the above skis make some direct comparisions?

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