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Where to demo in Michigan?

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Can anyone recommend a shop that has a good selection of demo skis? Someone asked me and I am at a loss.
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You can try Bill and Paul's in GR. Or you can rent demo skis from Lee's here in Kalamazoo.

Check with Cannonsburg, the Boynes, or even Crystal.

Trekchick may have other options for you as well.
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Originally Posted by kzoo1 View Post
You can try Bill and Paul's in GR.
I work at Bill and Paul's. We do not demo. We rent, and our rental skis are a few seasons old.

A customer came in and wanted to know where to demo a couple of this year's models and I didn't have a clue. I can demo whatever I want by contacting the rep but someone off the street doesn't have that option.
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Chad hit that right in the bulls eye.
The best demo spots are those who are located at a ski hill.
Nubs is one of the best for variety and easy access to the hill.
Boyne also has a nice selection, as well as Crystal Mountain's KP shop.

Nubs, tho, has the best selection hands down!!
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Just went through this whole thing myself, Chad.

Personally I think the best thing to do is demo at the hill itself. Not sure about the other contenders mid-state, but up North you have Boyne Mtn. or Nubs, not sure about the Highlands. At Boyne I know they have Head, K2, Atomic, and I think Rossignal, maybe Nordica. You've got the link for Nubs.

Boyne will put the $50 against any ski purchase at Boyne Country Sports; not sure if you have any on your side of the state. Nubs has an arrangement with various ski shops around the state, where they will give you some kind of voucher with the demo amount ($45) on it; the pariticipating shops will then basically discount the ski purchase by that amount. If you have a local favorite ski shop you can ask them if they participate with Nubs demo program; they will know what you are talking about even if they don't participate. You can also call the Nubs shops and ask them if they have any GR shops on the list; they keep it handy and get asked this question all the time.

Both demo shops are right at the base of the main slopes and are very easy to access, and both had good personal, and quick change-outs of skis so you can demo as many as you want or as is practical.

Hope that helps.
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Jerry, you're correct on the demo fee going back to the purchase. They also do this at KP and are at the base of the hill. The last time I demo'd at KP/Crystal, it was 25.00, but may be more now.

Still Nubs has a great selection and is easy to switch out if you want to try other skis.
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