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Rossi B3/B83

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Hi all;
Anyone have experience with these skis on groomers? The B83 is the new version of the B3.

The reason I ask is I'm sorta toying with buying one or the other, (big savings if I go with last year's B3), to use as my "out West/spring conditions in the East" ski. When I'm out West I want to make sure I have a ski that'll perform well on the groomed, as you all know there's not always powder. Besides, at my age, I get tired of skiing powder or chop and revert to the front side and enjoy the corduroy.
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I have some B3s. They are a blast on groomers, especially virgin corduroy. They are very good in western moguls, also. Their powder performance is mixed and really dependant on the technique and tastes of the skier. I found them to be just fine in 6" or less of powder. Once you start getting deeper I wanted something wider with less sidecut.

One of the biggest complaints I had with the B3s is they tended to get twitch and hooky in heavy cut up powder. For me that is a problem because I live to screw around in cut up powder, especially when mogul mounds are starting to form. I've been told that Rossignol has significantly improved the B83s stability in cut up powder and crud.

I should note that I know a couple skiers that don't ski as fast as I do and think the B3s performance was just find in crud and deeper powder.
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