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Monashee Powder

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Anyone catskied with Monashee Powder Adventures?
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This will be my sixth year in a row there. I was just there in Jan. and am going again in the end of Feb.
What would you like to know?
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Any and every. How steep, how strong are the skiers, how much tree vs. open.
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Lots of both open and tree runs and alot of runs that start in the alpine and end in trees. What you ski depends on avalanche risk and visibility. There is really great terrain even if you cant go into the alpine. This place draws good skiers. Only on a couple of trips did we have a boat anchor type that really held us back and usually they figure it out and sit out some of the tougher runs. MP also has alot of snowborders but most of them have been good enough to keep up and the guides have them go last if there are flats on the run. In 25 or so days we have have only 1/2 day where the snow was crud and we couldn't ski, all others have been very good to epic. The guides don't won't let you ski the really steep ski movie stuff but what you do is plenty interesting. there are lots of little [ and avoidable] cliff bands, rollovers, pillows ect. The Monashee mountains get tons of snow so the odds of untracked are excellent. The food is really good and so is the staff. Bring your fat skis. I'l try to post some pictures in a trip report.
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Cool, thanks. I've generally skied White Grizzly, but may go to MPA this year. Any idea how terrain/snow compares?
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