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Wachusett, what-you-said?

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Don't know anything about this place, but I am considering spending Pres. Day weekend there. We were to go out West, but everyone decided to not toast that kind of money this time around, so a more local place was decided upon. Jiminey Peak was first choice, but they have no NASTAR, nor any adult race training, so no good for me. So then I went to the NASTAR site and saw Wachusett, seems to have something for everyone, prices for lodging are cheap, only 3hrs from me, etc.

So for those that have been there what to expect, what kind of terrain, trials, lines, and all that jazz?

A bit of info on the group:
1 person is a beginner, magic carpet.
2 are easy greeners.
3 are easy blue runners.
1 is just a step below me (blacks)
Then there's me the wanna-be Bode Milller (fast, groomed, steep).

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Wachusett? President's Day Weekend? I'm having trouble imaging a place that would be MORE crowded. The place is insane on any regular weekend. I have trouble convincing myself to drive an hour to get there, let alone three.

Skiing there for three days in a row would tax anybody's ability to stave off boredom.
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Yeah, what Kevin said...

Wachusett will bore you to tears if you're there for 3 days. Why not shoot up 91 to Mount Snow? Pricier, yes, but it'll hold your interest (I think they have NASTAR)... It's really not that much further if you're coming from NYC.
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Thanks guys, thats enough to convince me. I know and like Mt. Snow, but we want to try new places as well. How about Jiminey Peak?
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Jiminy would bore me for more than a day, but Paul Jones has been skiing there for years and he seems to like it. They have a detachable 6-pack chair that eats lines pretty fast and it does have some fast, steep runs.
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