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Need advice for a CO trip to Steamboat

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I am an advanced / expert skier, and ski the East (ice and hard pack are my friends). The most powder I ever deal with is 3"-6". Luckily, I am going to Steamboat in mid February.

I ski on all-mountain Salomon X-Wing Tornados. Will these serve me well out West, or should I plan on renting some equipment?

Thanks for the advice.
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Steamboat is getting a lot of snow right now. The conditions are usually pretty soft in February. IMHO, I would demo a few skis. Try a few different widths depending on snow conditions. If it is really soft, try something fat (~100mm underfoot). If the weather looks like the snow will be more on the firm side, you can always take your skis. They will work just fine.
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Just got back from a trip at steamboat jan 6. The x-wings will defiantly work. I skied my Atomic Sx 12's and they worked amazingly. If however they get a big storm I would suggest demoing a pair of powder skis. Thats what I did. On our last day we were greeted with a foot of new snow, so I demoed the Volkl Gotamas in a 183(which they had a 190) and it was simply amazing. The good and the bad about steamboat is that they groom the majority of their blues and all of their greens overnight. So if they get dumped on i would suggest demoing a pair of powder skis like the Gotamas. And also if you do decide to demo skis do so at a shop in town because it is a lot cheaper than demoing on the mountain. On the mountain they wanted 50$ a day, at shops in town they wanted 30$. Hope that helps.
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the advantage to demoing on the mountain is that you can switch out during the day and if you hate the ski or if there are probelms you aren't locked into it. They groom the blues but rarely groom anything on the pioneer ridge, morningside park and the other fun sections. If you are looking for off-piste conditions, who cares if they groom the blues? Hit the trees and the ton of other terrain that goes ungroomed an hold pow for days. Try a Watea 94 if you get the chance, its a great ski for the boat.
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Completely agree with the advantages for demoing on mountain compared to off, but for me someone who is not looking to buy, and wouldnt know a good powder ski from a bad(because i never ski powder where i ski), and just wanted to try a good pair of powder skis saving the extra 20$ is worth it to me. Now if I was looking to buy I would defiantly demo on the mountain. Just got to determine how important it is to you. Thats not on the top of my list being a 20yr college student.
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you don;t need powder skis or special equipment to enjoy powder. you can get by with good technique but it might be some work!

of course, specialized or better skis might enhance your enjoyment factor but then again, so could an ipod and we know that;s not completely necessary......how much? that;s up to you.

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