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I live in Michigan. There's not much powder to float around on, and very little hucking to be done. I've been spending the last few seasons amusing myself by trying to ski in directions and orientations other than front forward and right side up, and I've got a nifty pair of twin tips I've been using for that. I'm making progress there.

So what else do we do to entertain ourselves in Michigan? We try to go so fast we pee ourselves! To that end, I'm planning on blowing my tax return on a pair of ripping fast skis. Trouble is, I know nothing about them.

I'm unlikely to be racing for real with them, so I'm looking for a good middle ground between sweet and cheap (I'm more than happy buying used). I'm unlikely to be pushing these skis to their limits, but I want something I can take reasonably far.

So whats a good race/gs ski for crappy man-made Michigan snow? Also, what length should I be looking at? I'm 5'7" or 5'8", ~150, and I spent a long time, up to 2 seasons ago, skiing my dad's ancient, straight 200's, which I still enjoy from time to time. My Foils are 166's. I'm thinking something in the low 180's?

Finally, I'd love to just use my soft park boots, would it be worth it to pick up a cheap pair of something stiffer?