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Big Sky February 9-12

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I'm heading West to Big Sky next week and barring any unforseen travel delays, will be skiing Feb. 9-12. I'm skiing a 1/2 day with Ursula on the 10th, and would love some company on the other days. I'm an intermediate skier with limited powder and crud experience (who thought ESA Stowe in December would be a warm up for Big Sky?) and a good attitude! PM me if you're interested....
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Big Sky

I usually hit Big Sky one day a weekend, usually Saturday. I go with my girlfriend, who is an intermediate just starting to get into powder. (2 weeks ago she got her first face shots while skiing thigh deep powder at Big Sky.) I'll let you know which day we are there and you can join us. I've skied Big Sky 50+ times which is enough to know my way around the mountain well but still not enough to know it all.....the place is huge. You'll get a good amount of info about the mountain and local lunch joints if you don't mind my chatter on the lifts.

BTW, what skis are you bringing? I've solved much of my girlfriend's powder problems by putting her on some decent fat skis.

PS - I really hope you don't have ego problems being outdone by a female because Ursula is the best off-piste skier I've seen in these parts.
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Hey Rio, thanks for getting back to me. I'm bringing two pair of twin tips with me and leaving my Volkls back East. One pair is 81 width (Solomon Mynx) and the other 92 (Solomon Scarlet). I used the wider ones in Stowe for ESA and they worked out great for me. They're shorter than usual for a pow ski, but I wanted something maneuverable and once I get the hang of things, I'll keep these for one of my daughters and get some longer ones. I ski the Mynx most days as my all mountain ski as I'm working on some freestyle stuff, and it should be great in the soft snow piles that I've experienced at Big Sky before. The Mynx is 4 cm longer than my Scarlet, so depending on conditions, I may ski the Mynx more often.

This will be my 3rd time to Big Sky. First year was '05 when I was a brand new skier. Let's just say the mountain whooped me. Next time was '07 and I had equipment problems (skis were too long and too stiff). This time, I'm ready! I love the mountain and have explored probably 15% of it as it's so vast! Makes Southern VT and my local hill in Western Mass. pale in comparison.

I found Ursula through this site and asked around about her before I booked. She sounds like a great coach and a phenomenal skier. It will be my first time with a coach out there for 1/2 day and between you and she, I'm sure I'll get to see a lot more of the mountain. And I don't mind being outdone by a female, or a male for that matter. I'm female. LOL

Hopefully you and your GF will be up on Saturday as I have the feeling that Ursula is going to tire me out on Sunday! On Saturday, my husband won't have started his Wilderness Medicine seminar yet, so he'll probably join us. He's an intermediate snowboarder who started riding in 04/05 when I started skiing.... Anyway, if travel plans go right, we'll be at Big Sky by early afternoon on Friday, and I'll check the forum. We're staying at the Summit.

Can't wait! :
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Monday & Tuesday you might regret not having your Volkls. You'll find yourself on wide open groomers without a soul around. There is nothing like laying down a bunch of high speed turns on virgin courderoy without having to worry about the skiers & boards around you. Its so much fun I bought a pair of Volkl Superspeeds just for the few times a year I get to Big Sky on weekdays.
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The Mynx are great carvers too, and I can always demo if it's a true groomer day.... If only I could take 3 pair of skis with me! That and demo the Volkl Auras. And stay an extra 3 nights. And bring the snow back east with me.

See ya soon.
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