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Anyone Skied the new Kastle's

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I've been waiting to hear feedback on these too, especially the MX98. I noticed at Wildsnow.com that a review may be coming soon.
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I have skied the RX in a 176cm and the MX 88 in a 188cm with the Marker Jester.

RX: super strong on hardsnow. carving machine with excellent acceleration out of the turn. The aluminum plate dampens very well and creates precise edge grip under the boot. Don't be afraid to ski this short.

MX 88: Pretty strong ski for a wide body. it shares the same constuction as the RX (wood core, 2 sheets of metal, superfast sintered base). at this length you need to work this ski for quick response. I think most skiers will want to go shorter - maybe 178cm. the Jester is great match for this ski - the wider binding platform works well. You can take this ski on groomers but it wants to go off piste - nice and light for a wood ski.

The MX 78 will be the most popular choice for most skiers - good frontside/backside ski. I haven't skied it yet but hope to soon.

Kastle is back and will be the choice for skiers looking for high-end no bullshit skis.

Hope this helps.
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Kastle MX98 184cm

I was fortunate enough to try out a pair of the MX98's at Snowbasin. These boards are absolutely amazing. From the top, we hit knee deep pow, chopped moguls, groomers and tree skiing. This ski performed perfect in every condition as well as rip the most amazing carve I have ever felt. The weight of the ski is a little more than I expected, but sure proves the thing was meant to plow through anything without hesitation. Even though I have been really happy on Rossignols for years, this board stepped up my level of skiing in a single run. It just sucks that the wont be available till next year...I've been dreaming about riding a pair every night.


Though I rode on the 184, I found out they also had a monster 194. This is the board I will track down for next year. On another note, Griffin Post won the Freeskiing Open in Telluride on this exact ski.
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I've skied the MX 88 in a 188cm and the MX 98 in a 194cm.

I REALLY liked the 98. It was really surprising easy to ski. the ski has a very long shovel that causes it to ski shorter than I expected. I thought I was in for a freight train and ended up with a balarina. The ski has a light feel and a fairly forgiving touch. It carved well and absolutely destroyed spring like wet granular, it's nice to ski a square tailed ski that isn't built like a Head iM103. It felt a lot like Stockli's ISO core skis, smooth and earily quiet (like skiing on velvet) yet still light and somewhat lively. I'd ski the 194 here in the east... but I'm defective.

The MX 88, less love here. The same smooth quiet feel, but something was missing. I'm not sure what I wasn't impressed by, I just wasn't really impressed. At this width I'm looking for a ski that will handle cut-up soft snow, crud and groomers at warp speed. I don't want a knife at a gun fight, I want a howitzer... this isn't a howitzer. I expected a Kastle with vertical sidewalls, a square tail and a tip cut out to be an Austrian power house, it was... I don't know, kind of bland. In short I've skied better 88mm wide skis. They do look really cool, I guess...

The 98 i liked because it was smooth light and playful for a big ski. The 88 I didn't like because it was smooth (in a soft sort of way), light ( in a 'knocked around' sort of way) and playful (in a not burly enough way). The 98 is the B Squad Rossi SHOULD have made.

Just wait until they release the MX 108... it has tip cut outs at both ends.
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Two reviews in the Gear Review forum.
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Originally Posted by Whiteroom View Post
I The 98 is the B Squad Rossi SHOULD have made.
off topic but did you ever get out on the 191s/196s from a couple of years ago. Softer, more sidecut, widest point at the tip of the ski (no shark nose)?
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I have been skiing lately on the MX78 in a 176cm and it feels like a slalom ski compared to the 88 and the 98. This ski has a ton of energy and rebounds in and out of turns. I am skiing it with a Marker Jester so the weight of the system is very light.

Super fun on groomers and crud and in the woods. I haven't had a chance to try it in powder yet but I can say that this model will be the favorite for most skiers looking for a one ski quiver (at least in the East).

If you want more speed and edge grip on the hardest snow - look for the MX 78 with the KTI plate or for the most aggressive carvers go with an RX 70.

Awesome skis!!
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billhill, what is your height and weight?

I am considering the 78 as a replacement for my current all mountain skis, but I am 6'1 and 220, I feel that the 176 length will be too short for me. I am usually on 180+
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Originally Posted by PowderChef View Post
billhill, what is your height and weight?

I am considering the 78 as a replacement for my current all mountain skis, but I am 6'1 and 220, I feel that the 176 length will be too short for me. I am usually on 180+
Sorry for the slow reply - I have been traveling allot lately.

I am 6'2 230. I would look at the MX78 with the ALU plate on it if you want to get more hard snow edge grip and a smoother ride. The 78 does not come in a length longer than 176.

Some people have been getting a smoother ride on MX88 in a 178cm.
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Tfavro got on one pair of 88s...we should have more rides and possibly some photos of the new skis this week !

MX88 review at:


Kastle MX 88 168cm 128-88-113 (17.5 Radius)

[click image for larger view]

Manufacturer Info:
Kästle GmbH
Edisonstrasse 2 | 4600
Wels | Austria
Tel: +43(0) 7242/207011
Fax: +43 (0) 7242/207011/70
Wels, Austria
Suggested Retail Price (MSRP):
$- ?
€ - ?

Usage Class:

High end all mountain expert skiers

Your Rating (with comments):
(1="get me off these things"->10="I have to own a pair")



Kastle is back! If this model is any indication of what is to come from this company...just hold on! This may be the best intro of the year! There is nothing at all bad to say about this ski. An incredibly,smooth and responsive rocket ship. Float along at slow speeds and carve effortlessly or just rip at high speeds no matter the turn radius. Could not find its top end, it just wants to go and go. This ski has unbelievable edge to edge quickness for its width. It was mounted with Marker Jesters. You could draw out long, smooth railroad tracks, and then just jump on it and it would come around quickly and smoothly in the shortest radii I could make. Total Perfection. Typical wood core dampness, perhaps the Hollowtech Technolgy adds to this damp feeling as well and cuts down on the swing weight. What it all amounts to is a ski that will do anything, at any speed in most conditions. If any one gets the chance ...open up your mind and try them! I also skied on the MX 98 and will review as soon as I get a chance

Ski Designer (if known):

Austrian designers...supposedly from the race department at Fischer.

Technical Ski Data (if known):

Titanal top and bottom sheet, fiberglass base sheet,top rubber dampening sheet, ash/silver fir vertical wood core.ABS sidewalls, edge rubber under edges,garaphite sintered base.HOLLOWTECH Technology Tip, reduces shovels mass and helps minimize ski vibration.

Pre-Skiing Impression:

Beautiful to look at. All white topsheet with orange HOLLOWTECH tip. Black Kastle Graphic.Nice and stealthy looking. Nice flex and great torsional rigidity.

Test Conditions:

3"-4"New snow on top of frozen rain soaked base

After Skiing These, I Want To...

Own a pair and not share them with anyone! I want a pair of MX98's as well

Self-Description of Skiing Style, Ability, Experience, Preferences

Age 49, 5'-9", 180lbs. Been skiing since I was a toddler. Expert Skier. Like to arc out long turns at high speeds, looking for nice railroad tracks. Love to go in the woods if the conditions are right.
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