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Boots for aspiring female skier

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My girlfriend is an advancing intermediate skier who will be easily skiing 40 times this year & is improving rapidly. She is light weight and will never be a muscular skier even as her technique improves. She needs new boots. She has a narrow forefoot, a narrow heel and very narrow ankles. We are going through the process of trying on boots at local shops and want to narrow it down some since there are so many models available.

In the first shop we went to the salespeople were very Nordica biased obstenately deflecting queries we had about other lines. Of the Nordicas she tried on the Nordica Olympia Speedmachine 8 seemed to have the best fit and the stiffness my girlfriend felt comfortable with. The heel/ankle area was a bit loose with about a 1/2" or heel movement even after heel wedges were put in.

The other lines available in this town are Head, Atomic, Lange, Rossignol, Salomon & Technica. Any suggestions on boot she should try would be greatly appreciated.
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You will find the Lange and Rossignol lines run with narrower geometry then the others listed.
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that nordica sounds too big. how was the shell fit? if the store didn't do that run away fast.

try the lange 110 W FR (that is the HP fit) or the salomon instinct (falcon shape) I'm sure that all the other companies make a narrow boot too, it is just a matter of finding a bootfitter that will do the right job.

look on the who is who list and find someone near you.
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mntlion -

I agree the Nordica is too loose especially since SpeedMachines are known to pack out. I would love to go to a shop with a top-notch fitter but the closest boot fitter listed is 400 miles away via a route that's been closed 4 times in the past 10 days.
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fernie: see Don at Topshelf?

I'm sure that bigsky area must have someone????

or Jackson?

or me in banff?
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This turned out to be quite an odyssey. We ended up going to 8 different shops trying on boots from Lange, Technica, Head, Atomic, Dalbello, Salomon & Nordica. Most of the shops had very attentive staffs but were clueless on the differences between the lasts of the different models in the lines they carried. I ended up spending much of my time doing research on the company internet sites to find out which models had narrower shells.

Sadly the one shop that seemed to know their lines the best and gave the best advice and service (Lone Mountain Sports at Big Sky) didn't have the boot they recommended the most in my girlfriends size. (I really appreciate their honesty and advice and would have loved to have given them our business.) They recommended the Tecnica Attiva Pro and Tecnica Attiva Hotform, both of which Tecnica lists as their low-volume female offerings. I called around and found a shop in Billings (Alpine High which is where ptex1 on this forum works or maybe owns) that had both models in 23 and 24 shells so we could try them on. Both models in the 23.5 size fit well with the Pro being a bit snugger but they were too much boot. My girlfriend ended up with the Flame Hotform with standard footbeds in them for now....we'll address the footbed issue once they pack out some. She's used them only two days but has found them to be extremely snug, comfortable and warm. In fact her toes are staying warmer than mine which has never happened before.....I'm jealous.
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