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Tuning Shop in Breckenridge

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Can someone share the experience and help me make the choice between Colorado Free Ride (AKA A Racers Edge) or Lone Star Sports in Breckenridge for tuning of Fischer RX8 and Head skis. Thanks. Want to make sure the job gets done correct without damage to skis and detriment to performance on snow. I have heard storries of people having the skis taking in for tuning just to get them back in weird acting way on snow( edge bevels out of wack...etc). Thanks.
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A Racer's Edge (CFR) did a sweet overnight tune on my Karmas a coupla seasons ago.

They carry high end gear (Vist bindings/plates, Movement skis) so I'd go with/trust them not to F anything up.
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I have no experience of LSS; I have been very favorably impressed with ARE/CFr on several occasions.

The work was on Atomic and Rossi skis, re-molding Intuition liners, replacing Head and Salomon boot buckles, and freebie wax advice when the stuff we had wasn't working right. I have never hesitated to send friends there.
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Thanks guys.
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A number of years ago, wife & I had tunes at A Racer's Edge. This was maybe the best tune we had ever had. Waited until the next trip to have them done again. They were awesome and I believe many on the board still recommend them. Also, Precision in Frisco is supposed to be equally as good, though no personal experience.
Good trip on 'ya.
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I have used Precision in Frisco for a long time; I now have good reason to not use them anymore. Racer's Edge in Breck is superb.
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X2 for Racers Edge, and that was about 6/7 years ago. The guy is great.

Fixed my skis after my normal season tune shop couldn't after trying.

Saved my week of skiing.
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colorado freeride does a solid job
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Originally Posted by raspritz View Post
I have used Precision in Frisco for a long time; I now have good reason to not use them anymore.
Ditto this. I used Precision for almost as long as they have been there till I got two awfull tunes in a row last season.

I also used Racer's Edge from 81-86 (frequently) and a bit thereafter (as I had moved away) and found them to be excellent. I would be cautious of any management change that may have gone along with the name change though.

At the end of last season and early this season I tried Christy's in Dillon, after they did a really nice tune on SugarCube's skis. They did an AMAZING job. (and most of you know how picky I am about that stuff)
They are now my new shop in the area.
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