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Grandma Needs Skis - Recommendations?

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Grandma Needs Skis - Recommendations?

Level 3 skier (snowplows on green runs)
65 years old
5' 6", 165 lbs
Strong and athletic, but lacks confidence on snow
Looking to ski more in retirement (5-10 times a year)
Makes a mean rhubarb pie

Any model and/or size recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!
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No ski suggestions...but major props to her for slaying the mtn at her age and still having fun. That rocks.
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I'm not an expert but I would think something like a Rossi B1 or B2 would be a good choice. For size ??? maybe the 158. I think you want something fairly soft and easy to turn.
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I don't know enough to recommend, but that's so great your gma is taking up skiing. My mom is 68 and I wish she was athletic enough to ski. Enjoy the time with her.
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Fischer RX4
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Seriously, I'd look at Nordica's Olympia line. They have some good skis with some great properties for any level of woman skier.
Depending on how much she may ski in powder, crud and groomers, I'd recommend these for her demo list:
Nordica olympia Drive, If she's more of a solid intermediate, or the Nordica Olympia Mint if she's more in the beginner range.

Its always best if you start with good boots first and then take her to demo some skis.
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I am not an expert or even close.....

I second the RX4.

I have a pair. I am the same height weight but a 40 year old bloke.

They are grand skies, they rattle and pop on fast ice, but they are soft and let me get away with murder. It could be luck not I am no longer catching an edge and falling over. ( my old skis were dynastar big max 2 so it could just be that anything else seems great now).
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Line EP Pro's

the end/
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Does she already have properly fitting boots?

My first thought is Fischer Vision Aspire in a 155.

Can she get out and demo? If possible I'd put the Fischer Vision Aspire, Fischer Vision Exhale, Dynastar Exclusive 8 and 9 on her short list.
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Thanks for all the suggestions, folks!!!

By this time next year, she'll probably need something suitable for inverted aerials.
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Head iXRC800, probably 156 cm.

How about posting that rhubarb pie recipe???
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Atomic Royal Minx 159 or Foxy Mama 157
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