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Feedback on Fischer WC boots?

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Has anyone tried the Fischer WC boots? I was considering ordering a pair for demo purposes, and was wondering how they skied in comparison to regular, non-adducted boots. I tried on the RC boot, and it felt roomier than my Raptor 120 RS. How is the fit of the narrower plug boot. Heluva, what do you think of yours?
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At first I was worried about these boots being too roomy. They are slightly higher volume than the Raptor and the Dobermann despite being supposedly the same last width. The forefoot is a little wider but seems to be shorter (not as tall) as my Dobies. I kept the same shell size as my Dobies, but I think I could have gone down a size possibly. More than likely it would have required A LOT of work to downsize further, but I think the resulting fit would have been pretty snug. They do make a great tech boot - meaning they turn (carve) like crazy. I also have mine canted out 1 degree on each side to make them even more "edgy" so my opinion on their quickness is probably related to the canting. The boots also have a lot of forward lean in comparison to some others. Depending on how much ankle flexion you have this could be a good thing or a bad thing. I had the toe on mine raised so I was standing a bit more upright. I really like the strap setup on these. When you install a booster it will actually never touch the shell (sits above the shell on the tounge). These boots seem to suck off groomers but I don't know if it is the canting, or the stance. I plan to replace my Dobies next season with an Aggressor or a Raptor, but will be keeping these for slalom and other tech-type skiing. The way I have them set up has really improved my skiing.


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This year I picked up a pair of WC 150. I bought them from a Fischer rep, they are the are a stiffer version of the WC 130 non-plug boot. I am guessing that HS is skiing the plug and you are looking at the non-plug version.

I have a pair of Head WC M103 that were replaced by the Fischers. At 230 to 240 lbs, I was looking for a stiffer boot. I had the boots punched to accommodate my wide foot, added Intuition Liners and a WC Booster. I have the boot set to the forward setting and have the spoilers installed. I have short thick strong legs.

I really like the boot. It is not as stiff as I thought/hoped, but maybe no retail boot is stiff enough for my weight. It is very quick and responsive.
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