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Crikeys wheres ma baby !!!!!

I do not agree with babies in backpacks on skiers. Shit does happen very, very quickly.
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Originally posted by Subterainium:
Only three times in my ski life have I ever seen someone so utterly clueless..it is difficult not to use the more correct language...and this makes it the fourth. If there isn't a law on the books in the states , then there should be. If there are any lift attendants reading this then please do the right thing and prevent morons like this from getting on the lift. And I can't believe there are words of encouragement here.What is wrong with you people? Yes, obviously you and your child need to be protected from yourselves. It doesn't matter how good of a skier you think you are. You can catch an edge on the bunny hill and down you and the precious one go. It's inconceivable that someone can put their child in harms way on the slopes like this. You're not thinking (obviously) about how much fun little one is having but about how you yourself are not going to get trapped into the traditional babysitting mode while being deprived of your own passion. Get a brain man and maybe put a helmut on it. Meanwhile I'm going to be contacting ski area heads because I don't think they're aware of the stupidity out there.
Wow. That's pretty harsh. It's surprising that you can make such an informed judgement based solely on a few pictures. I appreciate your concern, but really..... you have no idea how I ski, what the conditions were like, the steepness of the slope, the size of the ski area or how crowded the slopes were.

I assure you, my child is in more danger when I am carrying her in my arms while walking on a snow covered sidewalk. I would bet that most skiers like myself, who ski several times a week, would be many times more likely to slip and fall on a sidewalk than on skis.
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I very strongly suspect that Subterainium was a troll. Note his choice of name and consider where trolls live. Also, note his number of posts.

The less likely possibility is that he/she is a completely over-the-top hysterical overprotective parent who doesn't ski very well and hasn't had a very wide range of skiing experiences (eg, uncrowded little hills) and so will have no comprehension of the fact that by personal choice, you can make skiing about as risk free as any other activity outside of the house. I would further guess that since "Sub" is probably a troll, this paragraph will provide all the ammo he/she needs to keep on truckin with the gag. It will be amusing but predictible to see where this goes.

As far as I'm concerned, about the only bad aspect I can see to what you did is that posting a description may encourage someone who don't have adequate skiing experience and skills and who has the common sense of a loon to do the same thing on one of the crowded return greens at a big resort at the end of the day.

Now that Mr. "Sub" has informed us all of the error of our ways, I realize that I should have never have even taken my daughter out for hikes in the woods in her backpack. Sheesh - I could have tripped on a root or a widdowmaker could have fallen on us. :

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Subterainium said:
If there isn't a law on the books in the states , then there should be.
I take it that you have never visited the UP of Michigan. I assure you its a foreign country. It ain't really part of the states.

You are either born with skates or skis on you're feet. Skates if you're mean and skis if you are not. Anyway maternity labor is difficult. This practice of a baybe in a back pack on skis would not seem out of place at all in the UP. In New England yes, UP no.

The sidewalks are nothing more than an uneven goat path between 2 meter snow banks.
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I guess Sub keeps all of his/her children locked in a 12 x 12 padded room all day!!! There also should be a law that children are not allowed to ride in cars either. Many more kids are hurt and killed each year in auto accidents then riding in backpacks!!! Life is filled with calculated risks. Take one.


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Glad to see some common sense at last.
If I were going to move and I had to stay in the Midwest, my first choice would be Marquette.
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...and we'd be glad to have ya, SLATZ!
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Originally posted by Pierre:
... This practice of a baybe in a back pack on skis would not seem out of place at all in the UP. In New England yes, UP no...
Pierre, I think you hit the nail on the head. My guess is that there will be huge differences of opinion on this issue based not only on the expected differences in personality, politics and skiing skill, but, as you pointed out, also on geographic location due to this variable's influence on slope crowding and how commonplace skiing is in the lives of the people in a particular area.

In Sub's other thread (his poll) he said that he lives in VT. I agree that VT definitely isn't the UP.

BTW, in line with your theory, a couple of seasons ago, I discovered that Greek Peak (NY) doesn't allow even backpacks on lifts in their own unique attempt to protect me from myself. I'm sure they would go completely ballistic over the prospect of a kid in a backpack.

Obviously, I obeyed their rule, but was pretty amused by it since for the past 30+ years, when not at my home area (ie, no nearby locker if the weather changes, may not know where I'll wind up on the mountain, skiing with one or more kids, etc.), I almost always ski with a small backpack, and NEVER ONCE have had it snag in the back of the chair. Of course, I have no doubt that somewhere in history, there was once someone that was left hanging by the straps of his backpack, and this will be duly pointed out.

Tom / PM

PS - "Didelis" commented on the spelling used by Sub for his screen name. In case anyone is interested, the *most* common spelling is "subterranean" (as in Bob Dylan's song, the location of mundane things like sewer lines, etc.). It shows 400,000 hits on Google compared to the 6000 for the more Latin-like spelling, "subterraneum", that Didelis mentioned. The latter spelling seems to be favored in fantasy stories and games where a dark mythical flavor is desired. My guess is that Sub intended the mythic version, but as he said, can't spell - grin. I've got to agree that it certainly was an "interesting" choice for someone whose first post was so provocative.
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