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X Games 2008 MonoSkier X

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Here's the video of the race.

http://sports.espn.go.com/broadband/...nd =winterx12

Enjoy. It was a great race.
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Originally Posted by T-Square View Post
Here's the video of the race.

http://sports.espn.go.com/broadband/...nd =winterx12

Enjoy. It was a great race.
Man, that was playing at the lodge bar Saturday night, very impressive.
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OMG did that look so fun.
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Does anyone know what went wrong for Kevin? How did he break his ski? He had a great run going!!
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It was a fun race

Hey Guys and Girls

I've found this forum due to some links to my website on this forum.
I'm happy to find this community a lot of info and lot of adaptive riders discuss the sport.:

As far as far Bramble, he was infront of me and what i think happened
His focus was a little going i guess and forgot about the 3th whumptie before the corner and hit it with the front of his ski, to much impact and the ski broke of right under his front binding. Pitty for Mstr B. He indeed had a good run,

Hope to see some of you guys on the X-Course in the future.
Sitskiing is still in progress, push the limits

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Wow, that incredible, very exciting race. Way to hit that huge kicker at the end K-J. Fantastic.
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Welcome to Epicski, K-J! Great run! By hitting the big jump, didn't you take the risk of falling and a DNF when gold was in your hand? Why did you decide to go for it? Lindsey Jacobellis in the Olympics comes to mind. Although I defended her, there was a lot of criticism aimed at her here. If she had landed her air, there would have been a more positive reaction, I'm sure. If she was not American it wouldn't have mattered either. Anyway, I think it's cool that you went big, it made a better show. Impressive skiing!
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"CONGRATULATIONS" You really put the Extreme in the X-Games!
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Welcome to EpicSKi K-J. Its great having skiers of your caliber sign on and post.

Feel free to come back often and let us all know how things are going.
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Thanks for all the positive comments and the welcome.
I placed the forum in my favorites.

As far as the last jump,Chrashing is all in the game but I just like to ride big kickers. There are not much opportunities hitting big ones like the bottum jump.
So I took my chance:. Just lovin it!!

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