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168 gotama's too short for me?

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just picked up a pair of goats on ebay and having a twinge of buyers remorse.i am 5' 10" 192 lbs level 8 skier. i ski a stockli rotor in a 169 as my frontside ski and love it. never thought i would go that short, but it is the most amazing ski i have ever ridden. i have skied it fast on the groomers (6o mph + on gps)and taken it out back and it never feels short. got a pair of 07 mantras at 177cm and they just feel long and a little stiff to me, plus not the big jump to super wide floaty pow only ski i was looking for. trying to have a 2 quiver deal. will the gotamas in a 168 do me right in deep soft powder and cut up crud? i ski 90% of my days in utah, 25-35 days a year, i am not a ripper in the pow or in marginal conditions, but a strong skiier getting my powder and off piste kit together as i get more time off trail....and what reccomends for binding and mounting approach to set these up for my dedicated powder skis...thanks to all,have learned tons here and finally posting.......peace
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yes go with the 183 or 190 the168 is a kids ski.

the gotama are much easier to ski off piste than the volkl mantra. If you get the proper size gotamas mount the bindings at rear most line, none of this silly BOF stuff going on.
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Sadly, I have to agree -- I probably would have chosen 183cm if I were you.
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Unless you wanted these specifically for skiing in very tight trees you went about 15-20cm too short.
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I am not saying it is impossible, but I have a hard time believing you hit 60mph + on 168 Gotamas.
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I'm 5' 11", 180 pounds. My daughter has some 168cm Goats I had mounted up with demo bindings so I could play with them. I found them to be very fun for skiing powder in trees, powder covered moguls and tight spots but definitely way too short for really deep powder, heavy or windblown powder or skiing powder at any speed. I also have owned a pair of 176cm Goats and found even they were too short to use as my primary powder ski.
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I'm 5'7" and I find my 176 Gotamas a bit on the small size. I have 183 Katanas and they're perfect in the pow. For your height, the 183 will work. Sell the 168s before you mount them - it's really for someone under 5'5'.

Regarding mounting, there are many points of view. I've moved mine around a bit and have settled on 2cm ahead of the FR line (4 cm back of the FS line). The new Goats have a different system though. I've tried all the way back and it doesn't leave much tail for bigger drops. Go back, but not too too far.
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took the advice and bought 176 gotamas tonight. will be sending back the 168's.....BTW i was going 60 mph on the stockli rotors, still have yet to ski a gotama, but i love my mantras, and the added width underfoot should make me a happy camper in the deep...again any binding combo that seems to work well and is light i am open to hearing about....thanks.....M
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Look PX12 ti light and works well, imo.
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183 for sure.

And MEASURE the mounting line. The graphics on this years Goats are off. I believe the powder line is at 77.8cm from the tail. I always have mounted my Goats +1cm from the rearmost mark. The Volkl symbol is about +1cm from where the powder line SHOULD be, just use the rearmost symbol on each ski. They should not be off, I would measure anyway...

The above info is for the 07-08 Gold Goats in 183
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There has been tons of info in a lot of threads on these sticks, but anyway.....

I'm your size but 20 lbs lighter and find the 183 short. If you hit up trees mainly then it'll be allright. But if you want to open it up then go 190.

176 is still way to small IMO.
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It is useless to have a short fat ski. You get float and stability from the length of a ski as well as width. A 168 won't flex as well and you'll have tip dive. As far as tight trees? Why then ski a ski that fat?
The answer is yes it is way too short for you and just about everyone this side of 5'4" and 130#'s. Those are snow shoes
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