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I originally had a set of Head Edge 8.7's and they were my first boot pair which I impulse bought without any research. As you could imagine they were a terrible fit and I progressed to a strong dynamic parallel skier but they were not holding up on black diamond terrain when I needed more precise control and I was overcompensating and overbuckling with ankle tipping and bending my knees in order to pressure the sides of the boot to get on edge. Not to mention they had no flex whatsoever and in order to get forward I basically rubbed all the leg hair off my shins.

I went to a recommended bootfitter from this site and I have to say I was amazed at what they guy was able to do for me. He spent well over a hour working with me and brought me down 2 whole sizes and comfortably got me in Technica Vento 2 8 (08's) in a 26.5.

I read reviews that this boot is soft - are these reviews in comparison to racing boots?

I'm sure the boot upgrade is a step in the right direction based on fit but I'm looking to get more opinions on the flex? I have no experience or knowledge of when you want more or less flex. I know this boot has a flex and lock position so it can be stiffer if I need to to be.