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Volkl Mantra questions

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Decided on the Mantra for an AT setup. I see on that Volkl has a custom skin for the mantra.

Has anyone tried these skins? There is no picture so I am unclear on the attachments. Tip and tail I would guess. The other Volkl skins are for some outdated skis. Price also seems high when compared to Ascensions.

Also I am planning on buying the 170 cm skis. I am 5' 6" and 165 lbs. I skied the 170's as a demo and was very happy with them. However at the time I was only able to ski some groomers, some crud, some tree areas but nothing deeper than a few inches. Think I should move up to the 177s? BTW the mantras seem to measure shorter than other 170 skis; still the demo mantras were about a centimeter or two taller than me.

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Skins are easy to custom cut. I think just based on cost and demonstrated effectiveness, you should go with the ascension and STS tails system. The custom skins may be just fine, but I really don't see any advantage.
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