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ski poles ??

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I have 2 questions. First I purchased a pair of Goode carbon poles about 5 years ago and I have really enjoyed their light weight and even more the natural shock absorbing qualities of the poles (makes landing the big air much more enjoyable). Here is the question: I have seen in prior postings that carbon poles are prone to breakage; is this due to the ski breaking the pole or the poles breaking due to the bending stresses they are put through?
My second question:I have cut my ski poles to 46 3/4" since my days skiing freestyle mogals. I ski mogals less now and I am wondering if I might benefit from haing a second pair of poles at a longer length? I have a pair of adjustable poles which I could play around with to see how it feels. I was wondering if people skied different length poles depending on the conditions.
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Yes, I benefit from having two sets of poles.
I ski the shorter ones in the bumps on my conventional set up. When on my Fischer GS skis with plates and lifters I need much more legnth just to touch the snow without throwing my body out of balance.
With my new plate and lifter set up, I was out of fore-aft balance due to my short poles. I had to reach out and down causing me to hunch over, bending at the waist. I bought longer poles and problem solved! My skiing was back to normal.
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I ski two different lengths of poles too. 48" on days that I know will be predominately spent on packed, mogulrd, groomed terrain. 50" on powder, junk days when I expect to be doing more hiking, traversing, etc.
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as far as breaking carbon fiber poles is concerned, I don;t think you have to worry too much. I bought my first pair of carbon fiber poles in 1996 an they lasted me until last year. They were subject to the usual torture such as landing on them, planting and running over them with a ski, accidentally brushing trees with them, but had I had a set of steel poles they probably wouldn't have made it through the 1st day on hte hill. My original pair finally broke last year whne I landed on one of them coming off of a rock(it was a fun crash).
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Me and carbon poles don't get along. I like them, they don't like me. I went through 4 sets in about 2 years (Goode and Leki)
Just stupid things, planting them in 4 feet of powder, hitting them with an edge, etc.

Since I went back to alu (Smith) I haven't broken anything in 2 years.
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I had great luck with carbon poles until somebody else broke one for me. He didn't apologize either, I felt like smacking him with the jagged end. : Oh well, better my pole than my knee.

I generally ski with longer poles in soft conditions than on the hardpack. Also, considering you don't typically plant, or dab, a pole when racing in speed events, I used a longer pole for super-g and downhill. My logic for doing so was to get a longer and stronger push out of the start. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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