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New Twintips

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I am looking into investing in some new twintip skis. I am a ski racer and i like the stiffness of race skis, i ski on Fischer Worldcup SL and GS RC4s. I also enjoy skiing the powder and the mountain when i go out West. I am looking for a pair of twin tips that are decent in the park but also will take nice turns when i tell them to like race skis do and that can ski powder. I am a very good skier and am 5'7'' 145lbs. My current twintips are Rossignol Scratchs and they are way to soft and dont turn like i want them to. Any suggestions are appretiated. Thanks
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PE 174cm for a mid fat

gotama 176 for a fat.
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I think you'll find that a lot of twips are soft.


I believe the Volkl Bridge is pretty stiff (it's the successor to the Karma, which was pretty stiff).

You could also dig around for some old Karmas. They ripped. But they also ski short due to the twin.

I would also suggest the Lib Tech NAS. They are a twin and they are stiff and they rail groomers. They also float nicely in the pow thanks to the 99mm waist and a halacious shovel.


Don't let the crazy design throw you off. I bought a pair on a whim and finally got them mounted and have ridden them the past 2 days (1 @ Keystone on groomers, bumps, and chuff and 1 @ Grand Targhee in chop, leftover pow, and mank) and they are SWEET.

Stiff, nimble (19m turning radius), and the funky wiggle edges grip like a mofo when you need 'em. I am loving this ski tremendously. Definitely worth a looksee.
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