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Recomendation needed: New Skis

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Hey guys,

I am in the market for new skis and wanted your opinions on what the best skis out there are. I currently ride a pair of 5-year old Fischer rx4's, that have served me well, but are coming close to the end of their lifespan. I am 19 years old, 5'9", and weigh about 135-140lbs. I live in New York so I almost only ski on packed powder. I love steep, groomed trails, (black diamonds predominantly). I'm looking for a good pair of skis that carve well and have a reasonably tight turn radius. Mostly, I just want a good, fun pair of skis. I've been looking at the Fischer RX8's, since I've had good experience with fischer, and they have received glowing reviews, but i was wondering what else you guys recommended. Thanks in advance!!
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I am really loving the Lib Tech NAS


Don't let the wiggles fool you. These things rail on groomers, plus they're wide enough to give you decent float should you ever feel the calling of off-piste goodness.

Worth a gander.

I'm also partial to the AK King Salmon


But hey, skis are personal, so you should go out and try a few models and see for yourself.

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I hear you should really take your skiing to "Hart". Not too long ago there was a “Blizzard” of options, but that has recently changed. I got caught in a white-out somewhere and when it was over ...
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RX-8 or RX-9 would be fine choices if you liked the feel of the RX-4. After owning both skis, I happen to like the added versatility of the RX-9 over the 8.
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Try Stockli

Hi -- Fischer makes some great skis and you certainly won't go wrong with the RX8. I would, however, take a quick look at Stockli. They are handmade in Switzerland and will cost you a little more, but they are absolutely my favorite ski company. The ski I would most recommend is the Stockli Stormrider XL. Several years ago, I asked the guys in my local ski shop what their favorite skis were and three out of four answered the Stockli Stormrider XL -- despite the fact that they didn't carry Stockli yet. It's fantastic at high speed, does amazingly well in the powder and crud and still has enough softness in the front to do well in the bumps. It's a stunningly versatile ski! The turning radius on the ski may be a little bit longer than you're looking for (I think 18.5 m on a 174cm ski), but that will depend on how you ski. You'll need to have decent technique to ski them. If you sit back, the skis will dictate where you're going. And definitely don't go too long on Stocklis. If you're a good solid skier at 5'9' and 135, I would test both the 164s and 174s. But it is a ski that will make you outright giggle at times, it's so good. If you want a shorter turning radius (and don't need the versatility of non-groomer slopes, try the Stockli Laser SC or Laser SL (their slalom racing ski). Both of those are great on groomers and are very quick to turn.

Like I said, it's hard to go wrong with the Fischers (also try the Fischer Race SC if they still make it), but give these a try and see what you think.

Have fun!
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I've been having a ton of fun with my Atomic Metron B5. These are a super stiff fast as hell carving ski. Demo a pair and I gaurantee you'll want a pair.
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Fischer WC, RX8, RX9, Progressor

Atomic SX12

Head Supershape, Supershape Speed

Solomon Equipe, Lab

Volkl Tiger shark

Nordica Mach III Power
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thanks to everyone who replied! i'll be looking for a demo day nearby, and now i have a good idea of what i'd like to try. thanks again!
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A good hardpack ski I've tried was the Volkl AC30 in a 170. I wouldn't try to go off piste or into real pow w/ it, but on groomers, hardpack and ice it absolutely ripped, felt super solid even at top speed and had some wicked grip on its edge even on sheet ice, which I'm sure youre used to as an NY skier. Demo first though, no matter what you buy I'd say. Happy hunting!
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