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Falcon 10 vs Race Pro 110/130

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Hi, I've been reading a lot of valuable information on this site and was hoping to get some insight regarding ski boots.

I'm currently in the market for advanced-expert semi-race ski boots. I don't currently race, but I have in the past. I've always worn the Tecnica boots (usually TNT series), my latest one being the Tecnica Icon Carbons in size 7.5.

By reading this forum and doing other searches, I think I've narrowed my choices to the Salomon Falcon 10 or the Tecnica Race Pro's. (Lange WC series would also be a possibility). I've gone to about 5-6 different ski shops around my area (MA) and none of them either have the models I'm considering or they don't have my size, which is 25.5 (street size US is 7.5-8). I've read a lot of good info about the Falcon 10, so it's on the top of my list. Because I cannot purchase boots locally, I have to get them online, so I want to find out as much info as possible before I place an order, which includes finding out whether or not the fit is true to size. I know it's not ideal...

I'm 5'8 (173cm) and weigh about 160lbs (70ish kgs). Again, I would consider myself an expert skier. I'm looking for boots that perform like race boots but are also comfortable enough to use for a whole day of skiing. I primarily ski on-piste. Since I've always had Tecnica boots, I'm a bit reluctant to purchase Salomon boots online without trying them first. It would be interesting to find out if the fit of these boots is somewhat similar or if they have stark differences. Given the limited information, what do you consider the better boot? Other suggestions would also be appreciated. Please let me know if you need any other info.

Many thanks in advance.
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semi-race boots

I was recently in the market and looking at these same boots. I'm also a former racer.

I found the Falcon 10 to be WAY too soft, which surprised me given all the great press I'd read about it. The Tecnica Race Pro 130 was somewhat stiffer but still felt too easy for me to flex really deeply. I ended up going with the Lange WC 130, but I got the Surefoot version with the custom foamed liner which also stiffens the boot up a bit too (that liner is more rigid). I'm thrilled; they fit like gloves and just the right flex for my tastes -- i.e., meaningfully softer than the plugs from my racing days but not nearly as soft as a lot of the current high end recreational boots.

Note that there's been some buzz on this site about the 2009 Lange being a breakthrough boot, so you might want to look into that too.

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I think you would be crazy to order a boot online that you had never had on your feet. It's hard to believe there isn't a shop within a reasonable drive that stocks the boots your interested in. Try posting on the boot thread and see what the experts recommend.
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You definitely need to try this caliber of boot on before buying, especially since the Salomon and Lange can be very finnicky fits.

I found the Falcon 10 to be WAY too soft, which surprised me given all the great press I'd read about it.
The Falcon is a new breed of boot for a new breed of skis- since the skis changed the way we ski so much, why are we using the same boot designs? It is extremely laterally stiff with a very forgiving lateral flex that is somewhere between a Lange Fluid 100 and Salomon X-Wave 10. Since we no longer need to really lever on the tips of a ski to get it to bend into a arc, we no longer need a ridiculously stiff boot unless you're on the stiffest skis out there.
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What Take Control said. Own the Falcon 10's and the Sollie race plugs. 10's are plenty for someone our size (I'm 164) even at serious angles and g's, and have lateral response like no other boot. If you're planning on getting back into racing, OTOH, the plug is a sweet sweet boot and not crazy stiff, but feels like different plastic altogether. But too much for everyday.

Mainly, though, it's what fits your foot; have owned Technicas and Langes over the years, they're great too.
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al's ski barn, www.untracked.com, will ship you multiple pairs of boots with return labels for you to try on and return. I've never gone that route, but I do know it exists.

I'm about your size and also an x-racer. The falcon 10 is my first non-race boot. I thought it was too soft at first, but modern skis don't require much tip-driving to initiate turns. I've since learned to like the forward softness with my boosters. But... I ride the 24, which is softer than all shells 25 and up. (so I read.) I'm also a gotama powder skier and only ride my Jet Fuels on arcing days. Personally, I just wish the Falcon had less forward lean. My next boot won't have so much. (I don't live in boot-demo world, either.)

the lateral quickness is nuts. And, the snow-feel is uber-sensitive. fresh snow actually tickles the bottom of my feet when I walk across it. crazy.
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Thanks everyone for the feedback and suggestions. I appreciate it.
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