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Looking for some advice/opinions. I'd like to buy a mid fat ski. Although most of my skiing is done in the east I will be going west a few times a year and would like to take along my own skis. I've read a lot of the posts on this site as well as on realskiers and am interested in the Dynastar Mythic riders and the Nordica Afterburners. If you can offer opinions on these (as well as others) and what size you think would work it will help me decide. I can't demo these where I am at present so it will have to be a best guess. My stats are:

55 Years old
6' tall
220 lbs.
Level 6/7
Not overly agressive but do enjoy cutting loose once in awhile.
Stay out of bumps if possible (knees).
At present I'm considering a 178cm length.