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Ciao Philippe, my season's over too. Unbelievable how much snow we're "leaving on the table" up there, but my conjugal deal is, once the lifts close, family heads to seaside (eg, no hiking for turns, as much as I'd like to). Have a good one. Check in with you around Soelden, or if there's some news on a Rossi sale. Cheers, J
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Eh, join WTFH in Tignes : The lifts will close may 11th. (And the Glacier will stay open until september... ).

Now, I'm in summer mode.
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I'll be in Tignes as of next Thursday!
With ten pairs of Icelantic demo's in my box
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Wow, that's tempting. I'm in summer mode too, despite all the snow. Got a brand-spanking new mountain bike to ride... not in the Alps, yet, in the coastal mountains.
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Pop over and come and have a beer!
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Schuss, we'll miss each other by a day! (I fly out on Monday evening)

...but I'll be in Belgium at the end of May for a couple of weeks.
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Wow! Come and have a beer!
Or more!!!
My buddies want me to take off earlier but I really can't, Tuesday is the last practice of the season for my volleybal team...
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Nice spring day over at La Plagne today...unfortunately what had been wet powder the last few days (at Les Arcs) had frozen up over night and then it got really warm in the afternoon, but they still have lots of snow on most of the mountain (more than Les Arcs in most areas).

Quite a few slides off piste and one of the instructors who took a group off N Belcote said the highlight was the restaurant (a Michelin 2 star from what I was told).

With Paradiski closing Saturday, I could be up for Val/Tignes on Monday (28th) or Tuesday (29th), but am out of town Wed (30th) through Saturday (May 3).
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"Summer mode" on for me as well.
I was meant to go skiing both Sunday 20 and Friday 25th but I've decided otherwise...
I swapped the two skiing days with cash to buy new skis (so to speak)...
We'll see if I'll find some decent leftover in the shops...
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Les Arcs was in summer mode as well with most of the lifts on the 1600/1800 side closed and it felt like summer in Bourg St. Maurice today, but still some winter snow at Aiguille Rouge with spring snow in between...
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For some unknown reason this thread brings to my memory a scene in Aspen Extreme, the one where the two main characters are biking around town in Autumn and the boy says something about winter coming...
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Kaprun had GREAT snow last weekend!!!
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Tuxer Ferner even better...70-80cm powder! No kidding!
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Now that the contrary to the thread's title has been proved we should be kicking back and let this thread sink to the bottom by now ....
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