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Hmmm - they seem to be getting relatively warm conditions every third-fourth day in the Swiss and Austrian Alps at the moment. It is making that elusive "much needed" dump seem........well....elusive. I know things change VERY quickly, and we are not even in February, therefore the best conditions should still be to come.

The ski reports, and weather charts, and 7-day forecasts have been suggesting a good fall(s) coming, but sure enough, weather swings to the south, it warms up, and any predicated 25cm fall turns into a 1cm-2cm trace. The pattern has been that way for nearly 3 weeks now, and looks likely for the next week as well.

Anyone out there with less amateur-ish weather analysis skills than me, who has a better grip on what is going on and can reassure me that all will be fine? Yeah, I know it is impossible to predict conditions more than a week out, and that I should just get a life and stop worrying so much! But with our arrival timed for Feb 6, tell me you wouldn't be getting a little bit anxious as well.....