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This seems like the most appropriate forum fr this question but not sure.

First of all I am quite severely supinated...or at least my natural stance is! In street shoes my ankles roll to the OUTSIDE and my weight is on my heels. I know...just great for skiing! The wear on my shoes is very noticable. I am currently using my Full Tilt Bumble Bee them...Intuition Liners are amazing.

I have had them properly canted from the soles...and finally I can really get on my inside edges. The difference is remarkable. Now my natural stance...weighting of my heels is more noticeable to me. In fact, due to snow conditions I removed the forward lean shim I was using in the boots and to my surprise I was better able to keep my weight centered in the boot, the reverse of what i would have expected but it still requires too much focus.

Do I use a heel lift in the boot? Do I grind the soles near the toe to pitch me forward? Do I put a lift under the binding heel piece?

I am so impressed with the change due to canting...I am anxious to go to the next step.