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Remounting bindings??

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I bought a pair of hardly used Rossi B2's (they are 80% blue w/ silver tails) from ski patrol ski swap back in Oct. '07. I bought them mainly because they were half the price of any other B2 that I found in this condition. I had a feeling that the bindings would need to be remounted because at the time I was wearing a size 32.5 Nordica. Come to find out the boot was way to big for me and after getting properly sized I bought a pair of 30.5 Tecnica's. I was really excited thinking that they should fit in the bindings currently on the B2, but I was wrong. It looks like I am about a half of a boot size off from them fitting. This brings me to my first question.

The current bindings are some really cheap looking Marker M1100's, should I have these moved to make my boot fit or are they junk? Also if I was to move them would the shop be able to move them enough so I wouldn't have to worry about the existing holes being to close to the new holes and affecting the the structure of the ski itself?

Now if these bindings are junk I have found that most people recommend the Look PX12 or the Rossi equivilent. A guy at the shop I use said he read a few reviews with my same B2 equipped with a Marker 12.0 PC Turbo and the magazine was raving about the combination. Is this a combo that I should look at or no?

Lastly if I were to go with the Look binding would the shop be able to move the holes enough to not affect the ski? Does each binding manufacturer use a different hole pattern?

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Each manufacturer uses a different hole pattern, many use multiple patterns for their line of bindings. If your boots are REALLY close to fitting then I'd have the shop remount just the toe or heel. I'm guessing that with a size 30 boot you need to move the toe and heel farther apart, so I'd remount the toe to get you centered and leave the heel where it is. I'd probably stick with the marker binding, if you need a higher performance binding then you probably bought the wrong ski. Why buy a used ski/ binding and then replace the binding?
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Did you check to see if the heel piece can be slid back a little on it's track (ie, no remounting needed?). Normally you get about +/- 10mm of adjustment with the heel piece in the track. You could have more or less depending on how the previous fit was acheived. Normally, you can go at least +/- one shell size without having to remount bindings.
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Just sort of agreeing with whiteroom:

That binding isn't junk. It isn't the top-of-the-line, nor is it the current model, but it's a long way from being junk.

A shop should be able to remount the same bindings, or (most likely) another model. The fact that the track has some adjustment also gives you some room to adjust the placement of the screws to keep them away from the old screw holes. If you bring them in to a decent shop, they'll have the boot, binding and everything in front of them, and will be able to advise you and, probably, remount.
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Thanks a lot everyone, I will try to get my equiptment to the shop today and see what they say.

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