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Is it worth it? YES!

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THIS is what it's all about! I took my 13-yr-old sons to Whitefish, MT in January - their first trip to the mountains. They've been skiing in North Dakota and Minnesota since they were 4, but they had never seen anything like this!

Skiing with young kids is a LOT of work, but the effort can really pay off. We spent 4 glorious days at Whitefish, skiing together not because they needed my help or guidance, or because I felt like I needed to watch over them, but because we wanted to ski together. The smiles in the picture lasted for days after we got home!
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That's absolutely fantastic, and I hope it's in my future! They look so stoked!

Right now it is a HUGE hassle to get everyone to the hill, what with various illnesses and spotty potty training and the baby's stuff and trying to schedule so that everyone gets time on the mountain, but the baby still gets QT, etc.

But I am doing it for those smiles. . . and I got the first taste of them this weekend, when older son LOVED the heck out of ski school!

Yay for you! What a great mom!
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Classic pic, AnnKH. What a super story, too! I'm happy for you.

My "kid time on the slopes" gets better each year. I've got two -- ages 5 and 7. Like I said, each year is better than the last. This year is the first year I feel more relaxed and more able to enjoy myself with the kids, as opposed to always feeling like I have to be right at their side on the slopes. My goal is what you report, AnnHK! What a kick!

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I grew up skiing with my folks. My parents would drive me to the hill with my friends when other friends' parents wouldn't. They did everything to expose me to skiing as often as they could... and often when they couldn't they would pull through anyway. Good for you, Ann. Your boys are lucky.
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What a great pic. Glad to hear everyone had a great time.
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Your boys are so cute. Don't tell them that though, right?

My 7 year-old had a break-through this year. Usually he will only ski a few days out of a week when we travel to ski. This year, after skiing with his mom, dad and sister, and not going to ski school; he was asking if he could go skiing. We had so much fun skiing as a family. He will continue to go to ski school, but it's nice that he has seen "the light."

So nice to hear about your experience.
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I've been taking my (now 14 and 16 year-olds out west for a trip-a year for 4 years now. Yes, there's constant hassles (if the little one forgets his gloves one more time, but what memories for everyone.

This year will be Utah (again), and next year is Whistler (shhh - don't tell them). It's also made them not very interested in dealing with the east anymore, but I only have myself to blame for that.

No doubt it's worth every bit of effort - your kids are lucky - keep up the good work.
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