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120 day's on my AC4's

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Last friday night I got bored and decided to see if my base bevel was off. I haven't stone ground these skis since, I can't remember, I think they were done around 50 day's on them. Which would have been appox. late Dec 06.

They have been skiing fine, edge hold fair for a ski with this many day's. The edges have a few, ok more then a few stone hit's, thanks Phil...

I started out by inking one base edge with a black marker. Then put a good file in my 1* base guide. I was surprised to fine the file began to remove metal about 10" from the tip and also about in the middle of the tail. This was pretty much the same on all edges.

The file also removed small amounts in other area's but those 4 edge/places were pretty much the same for about 6-10 inches. I guess the ptex was a bite worn away in thoes spot's.

My base file guide is one of the good metal ones.

The result was a marked increase in edge hold.

These skis still rock. Good in the bumps and good for high speed carves, they love to make railroad tracks for as long a I can handle the speed.
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And guess who shows up today on new ac 40's one week after I skied mine. Amazing what a little ice storm and a hot credit card in a ski shop can do.
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Yea after skiing Friday, I went shopping. Found them in 170cm then had to justify in my mind why I needed them.
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