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Skiing in Colorodo

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I do not want to sound stupid, but......I have no clue. How late into the spring is skiing an option in Colorodo? I plan to be in Denver late spring and can travel to a resort if snow is still available.
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Most of the major resorts close in mid to late April. A-Basin is typically open into June. Loveland also is open late.
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A-basin and Loveland are only about 1.5 hour drive. How late in the spring is your trip?
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The anual AAO meeting is scheduled for May 16-21....very late. I thought I may get lucky.
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A-basin will be open, although Pali, East Wall and Montezuma Bowl will most likely be closed. Loveland should also be open. Good spring skiing. Use lots of sun screen. You'll enjoy it. Nothing like a spring day on the Beach at the Basin! :
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Loveland may be open at that time as well, although they closed early last year.
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Er, Loveland traditionally closes the first weekend in May. They've been doing that for some time. You can always hike up once they are closed.

A-Basin will be open then so plan on going there. The terrain will be limited but fun.
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