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The first 60'...Gate #1.

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I'm a veteran skier but pretty new to NASTAR/beer league racing.
I have a background in drag racing where most races are won in the first sixty feet.
Ski racing seems pretty similar on a short course.
I have serious upper body strength so I can get out of the gate OK but the first turn is killing my times.
I can't drop in and carve the first turn because I am going too slow.
What is the fast way to make the first gate without killing critical velocity?
Maybe some kind of skate-step turn?
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Longer than normal poles help get that extra little boost off the start. Yes skate like crazy as long as it doe not mess up your balance/line. A good drills is to find a flat pitch and practice racing a friend from a dead stop. Need more challenge? Again on a flat pitch, try it UPHILL.
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Roll onto the edge. Don't "drop in".

Work on your edging on a green groomer, just rolling the ankles. Then as speed picks up, the knees will get involved and finally the hips.

None of it needs you to "drop in".
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Not much good advice here about the subject I posted.
Fortunantly, I was skiing yesterday with a friend who is an ex racer and PSIA examiner and we worked on the first turn some.
The move I was missing is the outside leg ankle roll/skate leading to a semi carved slow turn on the outside ski at the first gate.

I'll bet you can perdict most NASTAR times based on mph at the second gate.
Just like you can perdict most drag race times by the 60 foot time.
A bike and rider that will do a 1.6 second 60' will run at about 9.5 seconds at 145-147 mph in the quarter.
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