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Berkshire East Sunday 1-27-08

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Ice Queen and I did a day trip to B'East last year and really enjoyed. On Sunday we were able to get up there for the first time this year. Our first impression was reinforced, B'East rocks. There are no high speed lifts but lift lines are short and skier density on the trails is low. The blacks off the main triple are real blacks. There's some nice mellower terrain. The lodge is pretty basic but the dining area has huge windows that look out at the skiing. The place just has a low key, friendly, warm feel. We met SkiMangoJazz for lunch and did several runs with him and a few other locals in the afternoon. SMJ was very gracious waiting for a slow poke like me to make my way down. I could happily ski B'East with some frequency. Berkshire East is just fun. Hope to make it back soon.
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As one of the resident Berkshire east fans and frequent promoter, I'm always happy to read another ringing endorsement for the 'best little hill' in the East.

And Yesterday was really good day-the snow the second half of the day (and the inch the night before) gave just enough softening to the trails to keep them very pleasant. Still, we could use an 8 inch (or more) shot of snow and that would re-open lift line and all the glades (there pretty close-but just not there).

Unfortunately, I believe a little RAIN ( is on tap Tuesday night into wednesday...but I'm praying for some unexpected backside snow!

Hope to see ya on hill again!

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RISkier and Ice Queen, it was great to ski with you, just because I tend to get going fast doesn't mean I was "waiting for you." Just taking a breather and enjoying the day - and your company.

Berkshire East does rock, and on a weekend I can't imagine a better place in the East to be.
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I was there Sunday morning and the conditions were great! I also see that the features in the terrain park are coming along, which is pretty cool. I also skied there Saturday night (my first time night skiing) and that was fun too though pretty crowded and somewhat skied off.

My kids have no school on Friday and were were planning to come up for the day, but the weather forecast is yucky. Will be back on Sunday, either way.
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