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I am looking to get new ski boots and although I have an above avg. of most ski equipment, boots is not one of them. Being a bit cheap is there any advice you could give me as far as research or even specific boots to look at. I am an agressive skier who enjoys the whole mountain and is starting to ski more and more mogul runs (trying to become a zipperline skier). I can't afford to dish out a ton of money and am really more concerned with comfort and warmth than performance. I've been renting all year and don't seem to mind the rental boots but think I could do much better. Any advice would help, thanks.
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without a lot more information we will not be able to help you!!!

the best advice i can offer is forget saving a $ or 2 and get yourself to a good bootfitter, he/she can look at your feet, dicuss your needs and point you in the right direction

think about all the money you spend on skiing and then consider if it is worth skimping on your boots to save that little bit....if you get it right then it may be worth it, but if you get it wrong [and it is very easy to get it wrong] then it will cost you a lot mre in the long run.... most fitters may have a boot or two from last season or something coming up in the sale if you really need to save but without seeing your feet it is impossible to point you in a direction as to selection

you may be able to save money by only having an off the peg insert rather than a custom one, and by sticking to the stock liner rather than looking at custom options, but take the advice of the fitter, most of us want you to be comfortable without being bankrupt, and if someone has a buget then i will try my best to work within it[assuming it is realistic in the first place]. Boots are just the one single thing that you need to get right

good luck
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